Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Very Belated ‘Ben’ Pics

Having purchased the additional space from google – still no go for the last few days, just found out have to sign out and in again – all very difficult for a non-techie, lucky to have FSS to sort it all out!

Great weekend in Scotland, staying at Craigallan - below view from front door.

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Perfect conditions for the runners and spectators.  The runners are piped out of the race field.

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Three Horwich runners at the start –  L to R, Ian Hepburn, Marks Samman and Birbeck

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FSS – will he be smiling at the end ‘though!

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On the way down, first lady - Italian Cecilia Mora completing in 1:56:01

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Mr Birbeck – get a load of those shorts yay!

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FSS still smiling

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The ascent path on the left and the downhill route on the right

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Race was won by local lad Finlay Wild in 1:35:39, beating Robbie Simpson and Ian Holmes.

Fort Bill’s finest chippy – anyone we know?

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By the way Nic’O – the mystery man ??? on GJ’s Joss was Kevin Davison who was one of our instructors on the FRA Navigation weekend last year.  He’s looking forward to the next one in a couple of weeks time :o) but clearly not as big a challenge as last year, as we won’t be there!

More pics on FSS’s blog Just Us And A Few Friends

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