Sunday, July 15, 2018

Settle Six Saunter

EtU has asked for suggestions as to what we do about Coope's Dozen. Here is a possible run.
Start:- Settle Market Square
Peak 1 Giggleswick Scar 805656 (not named on OS map but a very distinct summit with a large cairn)
then down into Feizor (tea shop), up to Feizor Nick then
Peak 2 Pot Scar 795679
Peak 3 Smearsett Scar 802678
then down to Knight's Stainforth (excellent café run by a runner) then Stainforth up to Catrigg Force then
Peak 4 Warrendale Knotts 834643
Peak5 Sugar Loaf 837636
Peak 6 High Hill 833635
then back to Settle
about 14 miles and 2000 ft of climbing

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Saturday UTUP

Until we are allowed back onto/up Winter Hill again, I will be reporting to Hordern Stoops (SD 655 158) each Saturday morning at 08:30 hrs and setting off to run in a generally northerly or north westerly direction.

I will post any variation from this plan.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Coope's Dozen - 2018 - ???

The date for our annual 'mob' running of Coope's Dozen has, for a number of years now, been accepted as the Saturday one week before the Borrowdale Race. This year this gives us Saturday 28th July.

This post is merely to point out that access to that part of the route to he south of Hordern Stoops, that is, most of it, may still be prohibited, and to ask for suggestions as to what we do.

Some possibilities are could be:-

Forget about it for this year.

Wait until we are allowed access to the full route.

Just do the top five.

Do the top five plus Darwen Tower.

Grateful for suggestions.

Monday, July 02, 2018


Given the dreadful fire on WinterHill, it may be some weeks before UTUPing can resume on a Saturday. In the interim, if anyone fancies running in the Dales instead, you are most welcome. I can offer tea, coffee, showers, and if anyone wants to stop on a Friday night, we have spare beds. If not, it is one hour from Jn 6 on the M61 to my house.