Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pike, Two Lads and Winter HIll - Saturday 28th February

A little dull, but mild for an almost ten mile trot for EtU, TM and me with YJ and KLM joining us for the first part before heading back to rest their legs for upcoming events.  A few more pics here if you have time Smile


Into the mist




Emerging from the clag onto the mast road


Bomber Memorial




A monstrous find


Friday, February 27, 2015

A Recent Report Suggests That...

...six out of seven dwarfs are not Happy.

Saturday 28th February

I'm UTUPing tomorrow.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Equinox Do 'Plus'

I have booked several tables at the Rivington for Friday 20th March - I expect a good turnout!

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Over the years the Haworth Hobble has been popular amongst members of the group. Last year I entered but didn't even drive over as an accident at work the previous day put paid to any chance of running 32 miles, even driving over would have been difficult.
So this year I am determined to complete it as I certainly need it as part of my preparation for the LDWA100 in May.
I'll hold off entering till later in the week if anyone wants to run as a pairing. I'm not too bothered about a very fast time. I would hope to run under seven hours but getting the distance is more important. For any first-timers, I do have the advantage of course knowledge.
Let me know by next weekend if interested. No UTUP for me this morning as I'd foolishly arranged a dental checkup : I should have waited for a cross-country Saturday. Lostock 6 tomorrow.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Witch of Pendle

A few weeks ago, the TF and I did a first recce of the Stan Bradshaw round. We found all the checkpoints ok but were not too happy with our route choice, so TF arranged another recce last Wednesday.

 The plan was to meet at Barley at 9am. I arrived at 8.55 to find the TF and EtU already there (NLN sadly had a cold so couldn't join us) and we were about to set off when my phone beeped. It was t'Y saying he was en route. Now clearly time keeping is not t'Y's strongpoint, and the  TF quite rightly pointed out that 9am does not mean 9.20am. Luckily for t'Y, the TF is a nice person; if she had been one of the local witches, she might have turned him into a frog.

The recce was a big success. We tried a short cut along the summit wall but decided that the 200m it saved was more than offset by having to run on tussocks. We found a much better line for the long stretch down to the reservoir and also up the long hill. All told we did just short of 9 miles and 1700 ft of climbing. A good day out was finished off with a nice cuppa at the café.

So thanks to the TF for arranging it, and to EtU and t'Y for the pleasure of their company. The race is on March 7th and entries close on March 1st. I do recommend the course, so if you fancy entering, I will see you there.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Saturday 21st February

I'm UTUPing, anyone else?

Monday, February 16, 2015

A weekend in Bolton

I stopped  over in Bolton on my way back from working in Reading and took the opportunity to get out on the fells on Saturday morning with JtE. It seems that all the regular UTUPers were ambling ( and in the case of t'Y, rambling), so we had the local fells to ourselves, and very pleasant it was too. We did an anti- clockwise round of the summits and then followed the Pike race descent to the school before returning to the barn. It was great to see JtE again, and despite his protestations to the contrary, he is running well. A good morning all round.

Sunday saw my good lady wife make a return to racing after a gap of nearly 20 years, when she entered the Bolton 5k. It was a good spectator event, and there was a good Horwich turn out, even if the only one I recognised was EYJ. So if anyone Horwich runners ask who was the bloke with a cockney accent cheering them on Sunday, you will be able to tell them.F or the record, SWINW did a few seconds over 30 mins and was 3rd in her age category - but I am not allowed to mention what that is.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A good workout on the Amble

For the second year running I managed to devise my own alternative route across Darwen Moor. I wasn't the only to deviate from the prescribed route, as TM and friends decided to do a lap of a field somewhere near Belmont and goodness knows where Andy went : we wait to hear.
Despite being up with ample time, I managed to be on the last minute and parked up at the UP rather than trying to find space near the hall. Further delayed by a chap who followed me into the car park and just as I was heading out, asked me if I knew of an LDWA Challenge Event that he was looking for. So I waited while he sorted himself out and escorted him to the hall. See, some people can become TM  even before they start the event.
Eventually away a good five minutes late, my first encounter was NLN heading down from the Rivington Green to the hall, obviously less concerned with a fast start than even me. Multitudes of walkers to navigate past up to the top barn then queues on the way up to Pike, by which time I had caught up with a few runners (or maybe hybrid walker/runners?). And onto Pike Cottage and up to Winter Hill with sections of walking whilst chatting with friends from LDWA.
On the climb near Belmont Reservoir, I recognised the style that I correctly identified as TM so ran with her and her friends, asking if she's seen YJ and EtU to which she replied "there's John", only 10 yards away. So we generally ran together to the feed station at Entwistle Reservoir where EYJ was helping(?) out. YJ took a flyer whilst we had the compulsory 20 minute sit down second breakfast (lots of nice cakes). I eventually caught up with YJ, stopped for a pee, caught up with him again and turning off Blackburn Road, he then had a pit stop, also refuelling (I of course had no need, having taken in plenty of nourishment at the checkpoint). So I continued, thinking I ought to make an effort, having been fairly languid so far, With nobody in sight, I somehow managed to miss a turning and the path I was on petered out. Checking where I was, I decided I was too far south, so headed north, traversing over fields over horrible tussocks and barbed wire fences. I eventually hit a road up to a farmhouse and realised where I was so picked up the Witton Weavers Way, knowing that I would eventually get to Darwen Tower, no doubt some time behind YJ and TM. I saw no runners until I hit the ridge path from Slipper Rowe to Darwen Tower with the first encounter being with KLM. A good run along the path brought me to the tower which I encircled to find the clipper and return the along the route I had just run. A relatively quick feed at Slipper Rowe followed by a laboured climb to Great Hill where two runners passed me, which disturbed me into making an effort which I did and caught them up on the way down pass Tom's Cup then they passed my on the muddier parts. I decided to take the alternate route to White Coppice for a change and for me, at least at this time of year, the quarry route is faster, as I retook them on the descent.
I rejoined the route from the cricket club just as TM as arriving. Then ten minutes later, they were with me - they'd skipped the food!!! A good run in brought me home in 6 hours exactly with TM arriving 3 minutes later to have good conversation and an excellent hotpot and peas. NLN and FSS were already on their second or third brew. Shortly after YJ arrived but no sign of EtU. I assume KLM must have just gone. And no sign of TLoB whatsoever - thought you were going to do it?
Comparing my strava upload with TM's, I was in fact slightly north of where I should have been, and managed to find a much more direct route across Darwen Moor, though I would not recommend it.
It was by far my longest run of the year so a bit stiff today but a good build up for the 100. I've got 12 days holiday booked between now and the end of April so hope to get some long midweek runs to build up the mileage.
Anyone interested in doing t'Hobble and Spring Into Lakeland?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

You've Met the Cast... buy the location:-

The Amble - 14th February

Good outing, enjoyed the short route and glad I wasn’t on the long one.  A few more here from the day









Monday, February 09, 2015

KWL - Fairmile

After a very foggy drive up the M6 I was relieved to find a clear view of the tops when I arrived at the race parking. Unfortunately by the time I'd got out of the car and got my phone out the mist had rolled in and the picture above was the best I could manage of the first 'climb'. The route took you to the left of the stream in the centre of the pic. It rolled in even further on the approach to the 1pm start time so felt a bit disappointed that I wasn't going to get to see much on my first attempt at this race.

However couldn't believe the pre-race instructions when we were informed it was 'cracking the flags' on the top, so stubbornly kept my jacket on under my vest. 20 mins later wished I hadn't. Given that it was such a short race I knew I wouldn't have the time to remove it so had to put up with 'boil in the bag' feeling.

But it was worth it. Views on the top stunning. The race route was just my cup of tea - steep up and down grassy stuff. I think I have a new favourite KWL, although my legs may not agree. Results are on the Helm Hill website. 

18th Feb Outing

I now have 2 passengers (Etu & NLN) in my car so room for one more. TLoB is meeting us at Barley. 


Saturday, February 07, 2015

Who will be Ambing?

Who will be on t"Amble next Saturday. I know that FSS, EtU and mi'sen have entered, YJ? KLM? TF? JtE on the 17? Anyone else?

Back in Business - Saturday 7th February

Great to be back on the hills for a run with the Saturday Squad made up of EtU, YJ, JL and new girl in town B.  Just under twelve miles for three of us with JL heading down to nurse his knee after Two Lads and EtU retracing his steps back over Spitlers in disgust after I instigated a random detour over tussocky terrain!  A couple more pics in the usual place if the following is not enough Smile


Heading up to the Pike


JL back from the Spanish sunshine


Approaching Two Lads – Pike behind


At Two Lads


Heading to Winter Hill


Avoiding a slip on the ice on Winter Hill


Heading down to Hordern’s Stoop

Friday, February 06, 2015

Saturday 7th Feb

I'm UTUPing tomorrow.

By my reckoning, we're just about coming out of the darkest quarter of the year, I'll celebrate with a pint (or two) tonight - it would be churlish not to.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Mid-week run in February

I'm planning a mid-week run on Weds 18th Feb (half-term week for some). My plan is to recce the Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round again. I've now acquired the official race map and both myself and TLoB felt a further go was required to sort out our racing lines!

2 options for meeting points.

a) Car Park @ the David Lloyd gym just off jcn 8 M61 (east side), suggested meeting time is 8:15am, aiming to arrive in Barley Car Park approx 9am. Travel in my car to Barley, leaving other cars in the DL car park. This should be fine so long as cars are parked at the furthest point from the front entrance (can't be too cheeky for free parking).

b) Car Park @ Barley, suggested meeting time 9:00-9:15am

The times above are initial suggestions, happy to adjust to suit, but would like to avoid the rush hour traffic on the M65/M61 on the way back so we'd need to be leaving Barley by 3pm at the latest.

Let me know if you're interested.


Sunday, February 01, 2015

Etu and the Tree Trunk Monster

Here's a link to my blog from yesterday's UTUP...

Around Troutbeck

A fine day on the fells starting and finishing at the Kirkstone Inn.  More details here if it’s of interest Smile