Sunday, September 30, 2007

First Impressions…

…were ~ "turbo-charged Last of the Summer Wine"! Let me explain, having married someone who morphed into a fellrunner I too have undergone certain changes. However, I do have some difficulty in changing my perception of myself as anything other than a long distance walker and so it was with great trepidation this week that I rang Ed to accept the open invitation to join the gang any Saturday morning for a circumnavigation of the major summits of the West Pennine Moors.
My anxiety grew as Saturday approached, would I be able to stand the pace, the climbs, the distance and so on. I made it clear at the outset that knowing the area I would be more than happy to bail out and return under my own steam if necessary, not wishing to interfere with the training plan. As it turned out I was lucky that this Saturday’s run was planned around Ed and John’s half marathons the day after, so my initial fears were unfounded as an easy run was the order of the day.

The route was thoroughly enjoyable, particularly if you’re a muddite, ranging from the Lower Barn over to Round Loaf from which splendid views could be seen. The approach and arrival at Great Hill heralded a slight change in the weather which closed in a little but then brightened on the descent to White Coppice and a return to sunshine all the way back to the cars. The technology of the day confirmed 11.6 miles with which everyone was pleased, although Ed’s total for the day would include the run to and from home.

Great company, eminently sociable, excellent route planning - highly recommended. I’ll be back for more.

NL Notarunner

You're too kind!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thursday 27th September

Just a reminder that we agreed to meet at 6.15 to give us a chance of a bit of fell before the sun sets.

Suggest we revert to 6.30 in October.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Gathering at the Thatch & Thistle Last Friday

Those of you that haven't tried the 'comment' option (and also those that already have), to save me doing a write-up, how about offering some comments?

All you do is click on 'comment' below and do your stuff. Apparently, if you don't have a Google account you just sign in as 'anonymous'. John the Elder managed it (or perhaps it was Joan), so the rest of you should be able to cope.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Q - I'm a Lady Pot Hunter. Should I go to Langdale or Snowdonia?

Ed says - We have to make to make some assumptions here. Let's assume the average standard of competitor is similar for both marathons. Let's also assume that the number of prizes at both races reflects the number of entries. Let's also assume that the lady in question is an average performer (let's also hope that this assumption doesn't get me into trouble). With more competitors our average performer will be positioned in the middle of her age category, and unlikely to get a prize. At Langdale she may be the only one in her age group and will therefore pick up a prize. On this basis, head north.
However, Langdale is a two lap course, and fan of the Lakes that I am, it's got to be said that Snowdonia is a far better course, and if you are not an average runner, then a win at Snowdonia carries a lot more kudos. The choice is yours!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Young John Beats 20 Even Younger Runners
On a day when a group of Horwich whippets were taking the team prize in the Langdale Half Marathon, our John, on the day before his 68th (yes 68th!) birthday, placed 35th out of 55 finishers in the full marathon. The winning time of 3 hours 9 minutes puts John's 4.32 into contex; it's not a race for softies. John was the oldest competitor and placed himself more or less midway between the only two other over 60 runners, thereby taking the over 65 prize (was there a prize?). First lady was 50 year old Ruth Warren from York, who ran 4.05; anyone for 2008, ladies?
Well done John, we'll be interested to hear your view on the long running (no pun intended) discussion regarding how Langdale compares with Snowdonia.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Three Shires 15 Sept '07

Julie got round, has blisters, no further info. at present.


Autumn Equinox Gathering

Have booked places at the Thatch & Thistle on the A6 for Friday 21st Sept. Arrive any time, but tables booked from 7.30; they're in the pubby bit to the right of the bar as you go in. Format same as usual, place your own food order when you want and settle up independently. No need to eat if you don't want to, but not drinking is frowned upon.

No dogs, except guide dogs ~ Gordon, you'd better wear dark glasses as I don't think they believed you last time.

See y'all,


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Trial Finds Julie Guilty

Yes, the Lake District Mountain Trial found Julie guilty of an outstanding run on Saturday 8th September. Placing 65th overall and 8th lady out of a starting field of 97 on this 14.2 km 1,450m course (what's that in real money?) she can feel justifiably well pleased. Although the distances may not seen great, remember that the LDMTA quote straight line distances between the checkpoints, which it is seldom possible to follow, and they don't allow for any mistakes (Julie ~ mistakes? ~ surely not!), and the winner took 2 hours 42 minutes.

Although fell running is not about beating other folk, I'm sure she also took some quiet satisfaction in placing a full 20 minutes and four places in front of Joss Naylor ~ not something I've ever done (ok, fell running is about beating folk).

Julie passes thanks to the folks back home for keeping her company on those long Winter Hill (and beyond) Saturday morning runs which she feels helped her prepare for this, her first long outing on the Lakeland Fells.

Well done Julie,

Also out on the same day was our flying Scotsman, placing 99th out of 153 starters in the LDMTA long course. Ian was out for 7 hours and 1 minute ~ they like to get their money's worth, these Scots. Ian was at the track on Tuesday, complaining of sore thighs, but I still never got anywhere near him. Quite an epic Ian. Brendan Bolland placed 2nd behind Jim Davies of Borrowdale.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Galloping Major Injects Pain Into Thursday Evening

The Galloping Major (aka Anthony Turner) took over the reins of our previously sedate Thursday evening session and dragged the protesting geriatrics over some ground that we hadn't seen for some time and at a rate of knots that some of us had never seen before. Well done Anthony, we must do it again next year!
Regardless of this, same time, same place on the 13th.

Saturday 15th September

I'll be at the Bottom Barn at 8.30 a.m. ready for a longish run ~ but nothing too silly as it's my birthday and I want to have some energy left to walk down to the Thatch & Thistle in the evening.
Is anyone else turning out? (for the run, not the pub).

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fielden Cup Wednesday 5th Sep

You rotten lot, leaving just me and the Flying Scotsman to fly the flag at this prestigious event! However, not fazed by being so much older than the rest of the assembled talent, I accepted what seemed to be a fairly generous handicap. Unwisely, and over gallantly, however, I went on to say that I could not possibly accept the same handicap as Chrissie (whippet) Sweatman and set off 20 seconds behind her. Isn't it strange how long 20 seconds seems when watching the opposition sprint away from the start, and yet how short it seems when the guy behind you catches you up.

To cut an already fairly short story even shorter, I caught up one guy who set off in front of me (and looked like he'd never put on a pair of trainers before, and probably never would again) whilst everybody else stormed past me in fine style, including the Scotsman. Never saw the Whippet after half way.

Outright winner was Neil Wrigley ~ third from the right, looking at his watch and showing a small bald patch in the above "Dozen" photo. Ian knocked a slice off last year's time and I went from 3rd from the front to second from last in the space of 16 minutes and 33 seconds.
Once again, shame on the rest of you for not turning out, see you soon.

Monday, September 03, 2007


Sorry Nick, won't be out until 15th Sept, and Julie's in the Lakes doing big stuff, out next on the 22nd, I think. The younger John is currently away on holiday and then it's the Langdale marathon so we'll not see him for a while. John the elder (Super Coope) has a holiday planned later in the month so it's all ging to be a bit lean for a while. Can folk let me know any changes/correction to these arrangements.


Schiehallion ~ Munroe no. 59 ~ 3,553 feet ~ Cameron McNeish describes it as a "magnificent cone".


Nicole Writes...

Very impressed with blog. Hope I was missed on Saturday, busy bagging a munroe - so to speak. Schiehallion. All very easy on way up tourist route, quite different coming down via "this looks an interesting way to get over there" route. (David's idea.)
Hope we are all running next week. Rely on Saturday to double my miles for the week.

Nick O'Lodeon.

Thursday 6th September

I'll be hanging around opposite Foxholes at 6.30, same as usual.