Monday, September 29, 2014

Bowland Fells – Sunday 29th September

Good conditions for a run out over Toridge Fell, passing Langdale Castle – more details here Smile


Langden Castle






Friday, September 26, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Langdale Marathon - 20th September 2014

In conditions perfect for running and just three days after his 75th birthday, YJ stormed round this two lap hilly course in just 4 hours and 37 minutes and in the process left all the V65s and all but two of the V60s trailing in his wake (there was no other runner older than 69).

As he crossed the finish line in front of the New Dungeon Ghyll, his younger brother still had 6 miles to 'run'!

I think the only time I smiled (except for Josie's photograph) was when I asked the whereabouts of the electric sweeper car and was told that when fully charged, it was good for 28 miles. Fine for the marathon it was thought, but no allowance had been made for the distance from the charging point in Ambleside to the start of the race some distance up the Langdale Valley. Seems like our Duracell Bunny carried more charge than theirs!

Ladies will no doubt be pleased to hear that one Katherine Cousins, of Lancaster and Morcambe AC, placed 5th overall, beating all the senior men. Vets took the first four places, with Steven Prentice the outright winner in 3:05 and Glyn Kay of Horwich second in 3:11.

Not a lot more to say other than to repeat my congratulations to John and to return once more to the drawing board - I'm wearing a path in the carpet!

Full results on John Schofield's website.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Three Shires Fell Race - Saturday 20th September

With FSS nursing a poorly knee, we opted for a hill bagging day collecting a couple of Wainrights and nine Birketts.  Crossing the path of the racers gave us the chance to snap a few locals more details here if it’s of interest : )








Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Lake District Mountain Trial Sunday 14th Sept

Me and KLM and a posse of local Lancasterians travelled up on Sunday at 'bleary-eyed-O-clock' to do battle with the Cumbrian Fells.
This year the location was Patterdale. The LDMT is organised so that you have to run a bit, following a taped route before you get to the map issueing point. First nervy bit 'am I heading the right direction' to get my map. Two fast lads had set off immediately before me and had disappeared up the lane out of sight.
So it was with some relief that I got the map in hand. The relief didn't last long. The first control looked straightforward enough as did the last, the bit in between - well I'll let you decide which way you would have gone by checking the link to the routegadget site on this page . This is a new version, it's supposed to work better on all computers but I have a conflict on my computers at work, but it will now work on apple devices which it didn't before.
KLM had set off 2 mins before me and I managed to catch up on the descent into the Grisedale valley. We both opted for a route climbing up to the 'Hole in the wall' on the Striding Edge ridge, where we parted company and KLM carried on the climb up Swirral Edge and I opted for the 'duffers' route contouring around Catsye Cam and onto the path around Keppel Cove to then skirt round the summit of White Side. Our 2nd control being a sheepfold about halfway down Helvellyn Gill. KLM had already said hello to the Marshalls nestled in its walls by the time I arrived.
By the time we both reached the 4th control KLM was still ahead (check the 'winsplits') but I managed to claw back some time by doing an 'up and over' whilst he took a contouring route to the 5th control. All the courses had this control and the next one as their last 2 controls. I note that a couple of runners on the long course have plotted an 'up and over' route to the last control - that definitely deserves some respect!
I think the % of non-finishers over all the courses shows how tough a day it was. For myself given the lack of training over the last 2 months (distracted by having new kitchen done) I was chuffed to make it round in one piece. Having plotted my route I got 17.5m and about 6500ft climb, as you can imagine stairs are tricky at the moment.
Can't wait for a fortnights time when I get further 2 days in the Lakes of map reading and route choice with an even heavier rucksack!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Lake District Mountain Trial Sunday 14th September

Some familiar names on the LDMTA 'medium' course results. Well done folks!

Photos anybody?

A Run out from Kettlewell - Sunday 14th September

A few more here it it’s of interest


From Kettlewell-57-1

Heading down to Starbottom

From Kettlewell-62-2

Along the path back to Kettlewell

Sunday, September 14, 2014

t'Yorkshire-man 10k

Original plan this weekend was to do Hodder Show Fell Race on Saturday and then drive over from there with Julie to York and on Sunday support Diane in a 10k.
Logistics in the end meant that Hodder Valley would have to be missed so I'd did the UTUP on Saturday morning with EtU, TF and Rachel (Ed, have you a publishable nom de plume for your daughter?) After a very sluggish climb up Two Lads, I decided to call it a day and return to the UP. I had it in mind to enter Diane's race on the Sunday but was a little apprehensive as I suspected I still had tiredness in my legs from the GRP - certainly felt tired on Thursday's 3 hour run.
Diane was quite happy to have her dad in the same race, so after a rushed breakfast and good few glasses of Rioja the previous evening, we headed over to Newby Hall to give us an hour before the 10.30 start. Registration was somewhat hectic as some glitch meant that many of the pre-registered had to register again.
After a few minutes delay and the 2k fun run, I lined up with Diane somewhere near the back of the runners, planning to run the first few hundred metres alongside Diane. By the time I reached the start line, which I now know to have taken 13 seconds, I could hold back no longer as the pace around me seemed a little slow (and I was last after 200 metres at Henderson's End earlier in the year, so it must have been slow). I managed to weave my way around the other runners and got up to my planned pace over the next kilometre.
I'm used to the rest of the runners being strung out around, thinned out in my customary position at the back of the field. This was now happening but with a subtle difference - I wasn't at the back of the field.
I passed one bloke who I thought may be in the same age category and thought of the possibility of a paucity of V55 runners ahead of me. The final kilometre came and the tiredness must have affected me as I lost six places, including  to my potential rival. However, the finishing clock did make me happy, a few seconds over 46 minutes, some four minutes quicker than my last 10k, the supposedly fast course of the Manchester 10k last year. My garmin, showed the course as marginally short by 80 metres but as it was 70% off road, that is hardly surprising.
The prizegiving came but was very limited, no category prizes, think it was just first three m/f and first veteran under 40!!! I did manage to get a peak at the results which showed that I had finished 40th with a chip time of 46:00.
The full results are now up and include age-related performance which make pleasant reading as my result was 8th best amongst the men, with three women having better results, out of 262 finishers. So for once, this tail-end Charlie is quite happy with his race - and looking the age-related performances think I must have been first V55. It also puts me in the Runbritain top 100 V55 10k in the North West - still a long way to go to match the likes of anyone called John though.
Oh, the race was called the Yorkshire 10k, although I don't think it could be classed as a championship race.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

This Week

Thursday 11th - Fielden Cup (handicap) from Jolly Crofters/Georges lane - guests welcome.

Saturday 13th - UTUPing.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Settle Up

At 8 o'clock last night I was running(?) up Pen y Ghent on my own in the dark! No I am not completely mad but I must admit that I hadn't planned it at all. I had contacted the local running group, Settle Harriers, and having been told that Monday night sessions were slower and easier than Wednesday's, I duly turned up at Helwith Bridge at 7.30, expecting to meet lots of other runners. Exactly two other runners as it happened, both of whom were much younger, much fitter and much more used to the fells than me. Where are we going I asked: up Pen y Ghent they said! OK it is only three miles to PyG from Helwith Bridge but also about 1700 ft of climbing and it was going dark. I managed to stay with them for just over a mile but was clearly holding them back, so they went on ahead, promising to meet me on their way down. Things improved after that: I don't know if I relaxed or just got used to the gradient, but I managed to get almost to where the path on the 3 Peaks route joined my path, when I met the others coming back. They hadn't made the summit, turning back at the first rocky section instead. The descent was interesting: my head torch which was fine in the Thames Valley, was as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike at 2000ft on PyG. Fortunately, one of the others had a very powerful torch and we got down without mmishap. A very welcome pint then followed and they asked if I was going to turn out on Wednesday. I said I would but if that was the easy session, I think more embarrassment is in store tomorrow.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Clan Kavanagh v The Rest of The World - Now With News From The Front!

A much increased field for this year's Tri Winter Hill:-

From the left:- Allan, Dave and self (RoTW), then Mary, John and Margaret (CK).

On this beautifully sunny day, Dave went into the lead followed by the CK, with Allan and me following. John dropped back temporarily due to a rucksac malfunction, but soon moved back into second place.

We had decided that without a support team, the logical swim direction would be east to west so that we would then run barefoot back along the bank to re-shoe ourselves before returning to transition for the bikes. John obviously didn't fancy going barefoot and swam back, completing his full swim in a remarkable 14 minutes and 6 seconds - I'd been told to expect something special from his swim, and he didn't disappoint.

From here I completely lost contact with the sharp end, so I'll hand over to Mary:-

"I was very briefly in the lead, leaving the car park first on the bike.  Dave soon overtook me.  After the descent into Rivington I caught up Dave again and then John went flying past both of us.  That spurred Dave on I think and he overtook John on the climb up Chorley Old Road. Dave kept his lead from there.  A good contest!"

Dave had the fastest ride in 46 minutes with John just behind in 47, closely followed by Mary in 50 minutes. Dave also had the fastest run with 57 minutes, with Mary and John both showing 61minutes.

Final positions:-

Dave          2:39
John           2:41
Mary          2:44
Margaret    3:00
Allan          3:26
Ed             3.55

Although Dave had some good moving times, he admitted that his overall time suffered due to sloppy transitions. Mary must have given the top two some concern, running them both very close. Was there any change of positions after starting the run back from the swim?

Team Result:- 1st Clan Kavanagh 9 points   2nd Rest of The World 12 points.

With regard to the barefoot run back to the shoes, there has been a suggestion that this added something to the uniqueness of the event, perhaps a good job no-one skinnied!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Up and Above Longsleddale - Saturday 6th September

Turned into a great day on the fells after an unpromising start – more here if it’s of interest Smile


Survey Pillar


Haweswater from Little Harter Fell


Bridleway down to Sadgill


Looking from Sadgill down Longsleddale

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Tuesday Night on Winter Hill

and what a night it was – few more hereSmile












Saturday 6th September

I'm UTUPing on Saturday.

Monday, September 01, 2014

St Bega's Ultra - Saturday 30th August 2014

As a change from all my recent exploits, on this occasion, I am pleased to report a small degree of success!

This 36 mile trail race (advertised as 35 miles but generally reckoned to be anything up to 37) starts from near the lower osprey view point overlooking Bassenthwaite, through Portinscale, down the west side of Derwent Water to the first checkpoint in Rosthwaite Institute.

Then it's up to Honnister Quarry via the old drovers' road, and then up to cross the Brandreth Fence and down Loft Beck into Ennerdale and past Black Sail Hut to the second checkpoint at Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre.

Thence the route continues to Ennerdale Bridge, picks up the footpath alongside the Cold Fell road before striking right along the lovely Uldale to climb Dent Fell and down to ckeckpoint three at Cleator Hall.

Then, mostly following cycle paths, a further four miles to the finish at St Bee's School.

My main concern, before the start, was my usual one of meeting the cut-offs. I was 25 minutes inside the CP1 cut-off, which lifted some of the pressure and also my spirits. 33 minutes inside at Low Gillerthwaite after the climb up Honnister and down into Ennerdale. I lost some of this advantage on leg three, but was still 22 minutes ahead at Cleator. I had been last up to this point, but caught up a small happy band (Liz, Jane, Darren and Richard) here and together we picked up the pace to finally finish 43 minutes inside the 12 hour limit, having passed a couple of other tail-enders a couple of miles out. My final position was 96th out of 100 finishers.

Verdict:- a fine, extremely well organised event, manned entirely by the small but very enthusiastic local St Bees Triers - a smashing group of people. Two drawback for me:- the very detailed route instructions (14 A5 sides of narrative supported by the same number of maps) meant that I 'ran' the full thing in my glasses and also I hadn't realised the extent of the provisions that were provided at the checkpoints, so was weighed down by 35 miles' worth of food and drink - when in doubt, read the instructions!

If anyone is interested, they can have a 'borrow' of the route book.

Thank you TM, for your good wishes, you might have made the difference!

Tri Winter Hill - Sunday 7th September

Yes, I'm afraid that it's another of my "made up" events, back for its second annual running.

9:00 a.m start from Horrocks Fold car park GR 694 132.

Everyone is welcome to participate in all three disciplines, but company on any part is also welcome. I am anticipating a 50% increase on last year's entry.

What would be particularly helpful is someone to help with the swim, transferring kit from one end of the reservoir to the other; if you are a competent lifeguard, that would be an added bonus! You would need to be on duty from about 9:10 to 10:00. It's a self timed event, so no recording duty is involved, other than checking that the same number of folk leave the water as entered it!

If you can commit to the kit move, please can you let me know then I need look no further.