Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Utuping

I’m away for a couple of weeks so will not be out before 15th Sept at the earliest but more probably 22nd. Enjoy your runs.

Not the Eighth!

Apologies folks.

I've had a brainstorm and suggested the trip the the Lakes on the 1st is now on the 8th. It's not, it's on the 1st.

It's a terrible thing getting old, is it really better than the alternative?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It’s all in the name.

Can’t find NLN’s actual picture to check, but, to the best of my knowledge, her bar headed goose is, in fact, a Bar–headed Goose. My reference says that it is an escaped Asiatic goose usually found in the company of other grey geese. I saw one at Pennington Flash, near Leigh on the 4th. May 1999!

BG Recce Leg Two 8th September

At present only four takers for this adventure. Plan at present is to use just one car, dropping TYC (limping) and KLM (navigating) at Thelkeld.

Then Steve and I drive to Dunmail, head direct for Dollywagon and then track north along the route, until the four of us meet.

As ever, the best laid plans...

Anyone else fancy coming, might need another car? Leaving Blackrod 8:00 a.m.

Note to all, it'll be handy to have a home base contact to relay messages if mobile coverage is poor.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Week

A couple of good wfdbwgua group outings:-

Thursday 23rd Aug - NLN, Steve, CW, KLM and yours truly headed for Two Lads, then Winter Hill trig (see NLN's blip for that date), then across Douglas Springs towards the Pike. At the stream crossing CW and KLM headed for home leaving the three of us to take in the Pike. Finally Brinks Row, West View and back to the cars. Just over 6 miles; good to see a bigger turnout than of late.

Saturday 25th - After having neglected the Tower of Terror for quite some time, NLN and I had decided last week to treat it to a visit when next we met. So fairly promptly after 8:30 NLN, Mat, CW, KLM and I set off for Darwen via NLN's "optimum" route. Again, we lost CW and KLM fairly soon after the start, as they turned for home on Spitler's Edge. Despite my trailing behind, we got to the tower inside 2 hours. We returned via a quicker (than the "optimum"?) route (ask NLN) although I broke my journey by returning to my car, which I had stashed at Hordern Stoops earlier that morning. Total time for my outing, including my early morning run down from Hordern Stoops to the barn was 3:51. NLN and Mat were probably quicker? Total distance probably about 14 miles.

Lakeland 4 x 3s - Sunday 26th August 2012

Having enjoyed the run out to Darwen Tower, Saturday morning, it was a quick shower, bag packing and then off to the Lakes.  Stopping off at Bowness for an ice cream on our way to Langdale and supper in the Stickle Barn – highly recommended as its now in the hands of the National Trust.  An early start from Bishops Scale, Sunday morning, to Keswick for the start of the 4 x 3s for Ian and Steve.  Write up on blog if it’s of interest.  Some pics from the day.

4 x 3s weekend-115

The start – 7.00am

4 x 3s weekend-120

Two hours later – things are looking up!

4 x 3s weekend-131

Derwent Water

4 x 3s weekend-144

Leaving Seathwaite in heavy rain for the long stretch over the Scafells

4 x 3s weekend-148

At the Flock Inn, Tea Rooms, Rosthwaite – this little sparra had his eye on my scone!

4 x 3s weekend-158


4 x 3s weekend-173

Cyclists at Honister

4 x 3s weekend-183

Having fun at Honister Quarry

4 x 3s weekend-187

4 x 3s weekend-189

4 x 3s weekend-197

4 x 3s weekend-202

4 x 3s weekend-211

4 x 3s weekend-215

Fleetwith Pike – the via ferrata

4 x 3s weekend-225

Looking down at Buttermere from the climb up to Dale Head

4 x 3s weekend-229

Buttermere through the cloud

4 x 3s weekend-231

The descent from Dale Head

4 x 3s weekend-237


4 x 3s weekend-238


4 x 3s weekend-241

Evening sunshine in Grasmere!

4 x 3s weekend-246

4 x 3s weekend-250

4 x 3s weekend-256

4 x 3s weekend-260

A day of mixed weather for this classic Lakeland Challenge.  Ian and Steve completed 48 miles and 13,000ft of climbing in 14 hours 38mins, and after all that, the chippy was shut!

Walking in The Vosges

Apologies for not being out on the UTUP's in recent weeks as Saturday mornings have been taken up with various tasks. Hopefully I can rectify in the coming weeks. The last couple of Saturdays were spent driving through France to and from Les Basses Huttes in the Vosges. As we got out of the car at our overnight stop in Northern France, the heat at 7.30 p.m. was quite noticeable and we were glad of air conditioning for Saturday's journey through Champagne and Lorraine. Sunday's walk was our first heading to the Col de Calvaire for our first walk along the GR5. A short descent was followed by a forest climb to reach the open ridge. Nourishment was provided along the way by wild raspberries and then bilberries. As the morning moved towards lunchtime, the area became as busy as Rivington with everyone benefitting from the gentle breeze to make the temperature of around 35°C bearable. More walks during the week and finally on Friday we got caught in some rain but it was still pretty warm. Excellent walking and running country - saw runners on the route and also the odd mountain bike and a horseman who looked to be doing a multi-day trek.

Sustainance heading up to the ridge

Cairns gone mad
Just for NLN - Boundary stones abound along this part of the GR5. These mark the border between France and Germany, as of 1870. On one side is F, on the other D for Deutschland
A couple of views
In the towns
We think this is a lookout post that has survived from WW2

Thursday, August 23, 2012

EYJ Extends His Lead

The following two links tell most of the story. This was the English championship position before Weasedale:-

You'll see that John had another win at Weasedale, three places ahead of Paul Murray.

I've not checked whether all four races count, if they do, it's not over until after the Kielder Blast, in which case, with his current 9 point lead, he'd just need a middling position to secure the trophy. If only three count, he can buy the silver polish now!

Storms at Sea, Fylde Coast - Tuesday 14th August

Taken some time to get these sorted for one reason or another but hope you agree they are worth waiting for.  Not for the skill of the photographer, but just to be able to see what I think is an amazing natural event.  More, and as always, different pics here and on Fleetwood’s fascinating history.

Fylde Coast-120

Blackpool Tower from Bispham

Fylde Coast-121

Clouds beginning to gather offshore

Fylde Coast-144

The North Pier

Fylde Coast-145

Tide’s in

Fylde Coast-147

Patches of sunlight illuminate the sea in between the clouds

Fylde Coast-152

Fylde Coast-157

Storm building

Fylde Coast-172

but Black Coombe still in sunshine

Fylde Coast-183

Storm almost at the North Pier

Fylde Coast-190

and coming right at us – time to put the camera away……     and leg it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Week

UTUPing Thurs 23rd (Kev, UT is 6:30 p.m) and Sat 25th.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sedbergh - Sunday 19th August

A day at the races – rain stopped play for some.   More here if it’s of interest.


Final instructions from RO John Broxap who still holds the record for the

most Munros summited in 24 hours, achieved in 1988 – many have tried, many have failed!


They’re off!


Sedbergh-111It was berries from there on in as the rain pelted down – great to be in Sebergh again Smile




No idea what this is, but it looked rather pretty

Winter Hill and Lytham - Saturday 18th August

A perfect combination for a well spent Saturday!  More pics of Lytham.

Grand morning out, if a little humid, 12 miles enough in those conditions.

WH & Lytham-104

Where did it go then!

WH & Lytham-110

Morning haze over Barrow Bridge

WH & Lytham-115

… and your point is?  Oh yes, the bomber memorial!

Quick shower and change before heading west to Lytham where the sun shone beautifully

WH & Lytham-206

Beautiful weather on the Fylde coast

WH & Lytham-219

Tide’s out then

WH & Lytham-222

The Old Pier

WH & Lytham-232

WH & Lytham-234