Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Tour of the Central and Western Lakeland Valleys

I'm planning a tour of six Lakeland valleys starting at the New Dungeon Ghyll and visiting Easedale, Borrowdale, Ennerdale, Wasdale and Eskdale before returning to Great Langdale. Probably about 35 miles and taking approx 12 hours.

A possible date would be Saturday 25th June. Is that date suitable for anyone who may be interested?

All comments gratefully received.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sad Though It May Seem...

...I won't be UTUPing on the first Saturday of 2016, I'll be doing the Haigh Woodland Parkrun.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Season's Greetings

The Lord of Brentford and his Good Lady would like to wish all their friends in wfdbwgua a very happy and holy Christmas

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Run out to Healey Nab

Lovely morning for it, well almost, certainly was for the Baileys coffees at the Bowling Green.  Have a fab Christmas and New Year everybody   :-)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

We made it, just

Saturday's run was started by only three of us though it was good to see TF and KLM making the start for social reasons.

EtU, TM and myself set off to circumnavigate Winter Hill and Great Hill anti clockwise starting via George's Lane and the ramp, at the bottom which EtU was running out of time and had to leave for home.  This left TM and myself to complete the circuit via Belmont, Piccadilly, Roddlesworth Res, Abbey Village, Brinscall and White Coppice.

By the time we hit the bridle path below Healey Nab we were beginning to tire and it was a weary duo that made it back to the lower barn.

The total distance was 18.5 miles and we took 4hrs 6mins, not particularly fast but a useful endurance run.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tuesday meet

I know it's a concept harder to grasp than Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, but the long time slacker from Harwood has a big demand on his time. I'm just a boy who can't say no. If I was a girl I'd be  having a very good time! Anyway, as a result, all things Christmas are behind shed yule, wherever that might be. If I can catch up, something I could never do as a runner, I will gladly attend, though having a coffee at the end sounds a bit cosy to me and has more than a hint of decadence. A drink of ice-cold water after a few hours in the cold and wet amongst the hills is sufficient replenishment for the hardy fell-runner. Well, so they tell me.

Last Sunday YJ, EtU, and I, ran the Longridge7. No prizes for guessing how many miles that race was. The results are not in but I know that YJ posted a time of 59mins nn secs. On a flat course it would have been good, but on a course with so much climbing it was an absolutely tremendous time. I came in about fourteen minutes later. But I am a year older!

Every finisher received a medal of small consequence and a Christmas Pudding of even smaller consequence. On the label it said "Microscope not included". Why do they give a medal for finishing a 7 mile race? That said, some race organisers on seeing the state of me, have given me a medal just for turning up, and then told me to go away. Or words to that affect.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Saturday  Dec 19th

I will be UTUPing tomorrow. I need a long run but am struggling to recover from last Sunday's Longridge 7.

My plan is to circumnavigate Winter Hill by road, track and moor via the Pike, Two Lads, mast road, the ramp by road to Piccadilly, round the reservoirs to Abbey Village, road to Brinscal and then via White Coppice the bridle path to Yew Tree and up by the Cascade and down to Rivington Green .  This would give options for short cutting across the middle from either Belmont or Piccadilly.

On the other hand I may turn up short of energy and just tag along behind everyone else.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Anyone UTUPing this Saturday?

...if not and I don't see you before, merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Invitation –Tuesday 22nd December, 11.00am

Good to report that SN is suffering less pain and is up for joining us for coffee next Tuesday at the Bowling Green Cafe, Rivington Village at 11.00am.   The suggestion is that those capable of jogging along slowly meet in the car park adjacent to said cafe and just beyond the primary school overlooking the Reservoir at 9.00am for a sociable run, possibly over Healey Nab.  All most welcome.  Be good if you could leave a comment or email me if you plan to join us. The addition of a tipple in the coffee may be made available on the day. Be good to see long time slacker from Harwood if he’s about and any other’s not confined to wage day slavery! 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

UTUP Saturday 12th December

Just me today (albeit a few minutes late). The conditions were unpleasant and I decided that actually turning  out was bravery enough, so I just ran for an hour before returning home. But not before a chance meeting with JtE. We chatted briefly before continuing on our respective ways; John onwards and upwards, me back to my car.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Lee Mill Relay 29th November - A Day to Remember...

...or a day to forget?

Anyone brave enough to draw back their curtains last Sunday morning was left with an impression of an unusually wild day. Anyone who was anywhere near the Top of Leach (elevation 1,555 ft and the highest point reached during the Lee Mill Relay - but see later) will bear witness to the true ferocity of the winds and rain on that day.

Horwich had entered three teams:- an MV50, an MV60 and a mixed V65. Our V50 team finished first in their category. Our V60 team, along with 3 other teams, failed to finish due to one team member collapsing with hypothermia. Our mixed V65 team, of which I was a member also failed to finish, the next few paragraphs give some details about our experiences.

Mary White ran our first leg and reported being blown off her feet several times, clocking a very respectable time of 1:28:33.

John Parker (EYJ) ran the second leg and clocked 1:46:41 - I can imagine John was more in danger of being blown into the next valley rather than merely blown over.

Next was Pete Scott, the second of our septuagenarians. Now, Pete is a long time Horwich Harrier, 33 years according to my membership records, but he would be the first to admit that fast times are now far in the past. However, he managed to clock 1:04:54, but as he explained to the finish marshall, at one point he lost sight of the course markers and just headed towards a group of runners he could see, not far in the distance. It appears that he must have missed most of the course.

Leg four was scheduled for a mass start at 2:00 p.m, so as I went out on the course at 1:10 to watch EYJ come in, I thought I would have plenty of time to nip back to registration to finish my preparation for 2:00. However, due to the severity of the conditions, the RO decided to bring forward the mass start to 1:30! Mary ran out to find me, but, as ever, I didn't have enough time and missed the start and was left behind by the sweeper. The first indication that I had a serious problem (apart from nearly being blown off the quarry top) was when the CP 1 marshalls descended towards me collecting the flags! I asked them how I should find the way and they gave me directions.

The next indicator was meeting the CP 2 marshall on the same task. He said that his checkpoint (Top of Leach) had been abandoned and the MRT should have re-directed me, and I shouldn't have even been where we met. I explained that I wanted to finish the course regardless, but he said that without the 3Ms (markers, marshalls or MRT) I would be putting my life at risk and he would rather I retraced my steps with him. It was his worried face, rather than the risk to my life that decided me and I reluctantly jogged back with him, helping to collect flags as we went.

So, sorry, Team, mea culpa, but still a day to remember - or to forget.

At least we finished three runners, the 'Judas Priest (etc!)' (?) team is recorded with DNS against both their leg 3 and leg 4 runners - Mat and Martin (more Ms).

There is an evening race over the same course during the summer, I may go back and give that a try.

Friday, December 04, 2015

Saturday Dec 5th

I too will be missing the UTUP run tomorrow, choosing instead to do the Preston Parkrun, hoping for a flat fast course.

I will however be out on Sunday for a run out to Roddleston via White Coppice, Brinscall and Abbey Village and return by the same route (16 miles). If anyone wants to join me let me know. Early start preferred but timing can be negotiated.

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Saturday 5th Dec

I shan't be UTUPing this Saturday, I will be doing the Haigh Woodland Parkrun - my last one this year.