Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday 30th

I TUP'd, but no-one else did ~ lonely.

All together now ~ Ahhhhh!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thurs, Sat, Snowdonia

Not out(It's just not cricket) tonight. Big Sis visiting from far-off lands.Nottingham.
Not sure about Saturday so if I'm not there by 8.30 please don't wait. I'm sure you have no intention of doing so anyway!

Well done to the Snowdonia trio in appalling conditions. YJ may not have been 1st M65 but I'll bet he was first for his age. It's very pleasing to see TF's training start to pay off. Maybe long-distance events are her forte. EtU no doubt went round carrying a barrel of beer from the previous evening, so his time was quite creditable. It all made me feel quite a wimp.
No doubt you're all queueing up with your replies to that last remark!
Tonight and Saturday

I'm not running this evening but I will be out on Saturday UTUP.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saturday 1st Nov '08


Thursday 30th Oct '08

I'm UTUPing (but slowly).

Saturday 25th Oct '08

Watched our heroine on "Catch-up", doesn't do her justice.

Judging from the surroundings and the packed field, I think this was shot at about the 3 mile mark, about 3/4 mile before the top of Pen-Y-Pass.

I was on the telly!

S4C did a programme about the marathon on Sunday night. Having gone on their website ( you can catch-up with past programmes. Click on 'clic' and then go down to 'catch-up' and 'sunday'.

My home computer and the ones at work don't run the video very well, it's all a bit stop/start but just caught a moment when I was on it at 45mins51secs into programme (if run via windows media, total time 48:07). I'm the one with the light blue top (centre screen) to the left of the woman with the bright green one. Think this was just after half-way as I remember the women in green as she had her own support car!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Well done to the Marathoners. Can't wait to join you all, perhaps next year..
We had an enjoyable run Saturday before the bad weather took hold and you were definitely in our thoughts and conversation. Mind you, had to keep an eye on Matt and all those sheep. Not running Saturday but hope to be utup the week after. Nic O
Snowdonia Marathon

What an experience. Thank you everyone for all the encouragement and forbearance while I trained for this event. For me it was a truly memorable occasion and lovely to have shared it with YJ and EtU. Post-race food (prepared by EtU’s wife Anne – thank-you) was meat and tatty pie, a welcome change to all the chocolate eaten earlier and really appreciated.

Asides from running 26.2 miles there was a few notable ‘firsts’.

1) A road race in full fellrunning gear.
2) Last 3 miles of a road race quicker than the first 3 miles.
3) Sore quads and ‘twitchy’ calves whilst running.
4) No toilet stops in 5hrs
5) Back before EtU

I fully expected to be greeted by both YJ and EtU at the finish. It was disconcerting to say the least to find only one of them. So, you can imagine the discussion. EtU's bag, no EtU and I'd been behind him from the start and hadn't seen him on the way round. He arrived back before we could manage to work our way through all the possible scenarios. On his own admission not his best race, but so generous in his praise of me and YJ. Thank you EtU.

Following a post-race discussion it later transpired that I’d tiptoed past him at about the 20 mile point as he decided to take a tour of the facilities of one of the campsites along the route. Presumably trying to decide if it would be an improvement on this years’ accommodation, not ones that either of us would recommend!


Monday, October 27, 2008

A gentle stroll in Lakeland
Sorry I've not been out running much with y'all recently. Went up to Braithwaite yesterday for a gentle mystery stroll with Cumbria LDWA. It was a little bit breezy up on Grisedale Pike and Grasmoor. Heard there's been the odd little difficulty with it spitting a bit - "Everybody In" is what I'd say to that. Mebbe that's why some of the paths were a bit disrupted. Got TT tomorrow and a leaving doo on Thursday so running will be a bit disrupted this week. Mind you taking Wednesday off if anyone's interested.

Not a Lot more to Say...

...other than to repeat "Well done TF!" and that the conditions were dire (it's just that we didn't get as excited about them as the folk in the Lakes did).

Plus a few stats. (I'll quote gun times, rather than times from the line (chip times) as it would be possible, using chip times for the second placed runner to post a faster time than the winner, because he (she?) took longer to cross the line (strange but true). So gun times rule OK.

There were 1,133 finishers and, remarkably, only 34 DNFs! YJ, in a time of 4:17, placed 583 overall (just outside the first half of the field) and 4th V65 out of 6, Julie, in a time of 4:40, placed 787 overall and 21st F40 out of 43 ~ not bad for a debutante. I maintained my current form with another PW, in a time of 4:53, placing 895 overall, 16th V60 out of 27.

We at first thought there was no V70 finisher (or indeed no V70 entrant) but there seem to have been a small handful, with the first one home being a Jack Humphries in 4:38; so John, if you can maintain your current form, and Eric Sidebottom, doesn't move up a category with you, you might just make it a hat-trick of category wins in 2009.

One final statistic; although our records are incomplete, it would seem that YJ ran the last 3.2 miles in about 37 minutes, whilst TF (who memorised most of her splits ~ OK so women can multi-task) ran the same stretch in 30 minutes! Pity it wasn't a 30 miler, Jules.

If you think we looked a sight at the start, you should have seen us at the finish! (Note to self ~ ditch the silly grin for photos).

Finally, taking a leaf out of the boxing referee's handbook, YJ confiscated my running shoes after the event ~ to save me taking further punishment?


Snowdonia, wet and windy

I'm sure a fuller report will eventually appear, as modesty prevents me from going into too much detail. Conditions were horrendous, gale force winds gusting to severe gale force (the Beaufort scale doesn't have a category at which the wind brings runners to a halt) and unremitting rain, sometimes torrential.

Times were:- YJ 4.17.11 (chip time)/4.17.51(gun time); TF 4.39.09/4.40.52; EtU 4.51.36/4.53.02

Congratulations to TF on a brilliant debut performance. She was one of the few people smiling at the finish.

We all came away empty handed. I was fourth O/65, 12 minutes behind Eric Sidebottom. Training to put him in his place next year has already begun, the target being under four hours and first O/70.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Snowdon Marathon

Come on someone, give us the news!

Friday, October 24, 2008


I'll also be Utupping tomorrow. That doesn't mean I'll be charging female sheep all morning!
Part of it?
Good Luck for Snowdon

Bags all packed for a week's walking/climbing in Mallorca, so looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks time.  Will be checking blog while away to see how our Marathoners got on so please post!  Wishing you all the very best on the day - hope the weather is kind to us all.  Don't fancy the prospect of gale force cross winds on take-off from Manchester.


Hi everyone. EtU has allowed me to enter the club. Was that wise? Anyway, good luck to the intrepid marathon runners, glad the hair is sorted TF. Probably too late for anyone to read this but I am intending to be at UTUP tomorrow. Thanks to NLN for run AND coffee last Saturday. NicO

Thursday, October 23, 2008

No Play, Thursday

Cannot come out to play tonight. So just to wish the Snowdonia trio all the best for Saturday.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thursday 23rd. and Saturday 25th.

I'm unlikely to turn out on Thursday and so, if I'm not there at 6.45 please go without me.

I'll be at the Lower Barn on Saturday at 8.30 as usual for a run on the moors.

All the best to TF, YJ and EtU on Saturday. Have a good un as they say.
YJ learns the awful truth
You do all that training, run all those miles, climb all those thousands of feet and finish up with an empty tankard!
Wait till Ed finds out. Saturday 23rd May 09, may just be free after all.
Wot NO Beer!
Snowdonia Marathon

In the latest missive from the organisers they appeared to suggest that 'loved ones' could follow the progress of the race from the comfort of their armchairs (deck-chairs for my M&D) as they would be using an innovative GPS tracking system. On closer scrutiny it appears that they've only bought enough for 10 runners and the lead and sweeper car.

Guessing that us three won't be amongst the favoured '10' and If you can't wait for a phonecall/text/blog report you can follow the link from for news on how we all fared.

I'll put in a brief appearance on Thurs (and I mean brief).


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thursday 23rd October

I'll be UTUPing in road shoes, but you'll have to be gentle with me 'cos it's the big "S" on Saturday.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Night to Remember

Sorry that the pictures appeared without captions. The occasion is, of course, The Joss Naylor Presentation Dinner with YJ receiving his trophy from Joss and holding the tankard in triumph.

A great night out!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Have a nice run everyone. I'll be relaxing in the hairdressers - have to look my best for next week.

It appears I have managed to avoid nos 13, 118 and 666 for next saturday, so less excuses available now.

Update on plans for Saturday 18th October: Matt and YJ will be leaving the lower barn at 8.00 am, running the tarmac circuit in an anticlockwise direction. Pace and any extra loops will depend on how they cope with injury problems.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bog Hoppers!

No not an endangered species, however these may be located in a Site of Special Interest by folowing the link below.  I know YJ expressed particular interest at the end of last winter and you will not get a better bargain at half price.  FSS found these and having made the purchase can recommend them.  The ladies version seems to have sold out 'though.

Also this Thursday Aldi have their winter running kit in store - you won't find thermal socks at £1.99 in many places - check out specials for Thurs 16 Oct.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Lady Enjoyed it!

Just a quick note to say thanks to you all for Saturday (4th Oct). I really enjoyed the run and it was great to see everyone. Look forward to many more cold, wet, winter runs.


Sorry for late posting, it's been sat on my PC for a few days.


Monday, October 13, 2008

A Journey of a Thousand Miles...

...well forty something, starts with a single hill session. I had already made arrangements to turn out with Peter Ramsdale's group, even before yesterday's disaster, so with that behind me, tonight's session could be seen as the start of my Joss Naylor campaign.

Having seen the benefits of NLN's multi-group training methods, and having almost literally bumped into Peter's group last Monday, it seemed a good opportunity to add another dimension to my training. Generating winter enthusiasm with limited access to the fells has always been a problem.

The good points were:

1. It's just less than 20 minutes from home to the meet ~ a good warm-up, and no need to use the car.

2. It makes a change to run with folk who aren't drawing their pensions.

3. They're a fit lot, so I had to work hard to stop them disappearing completely out of sight.

The downside was ~ it hurt!

I'll hang on in there and see how it goes for a few weeks; perhaps someone will want to turn out next May and carry a rucksack.

Despite his date with an inscribed tankard at the Joss Naylor dinner, on Saturday 18th October, YJ is planning a last attempt to improve stamina for Snowdonia with a repeat of last Saturday's tarmac run, including the original Jubilee route in reverse (Horrobin Lane, Nickleton Brow, Yew Tree, Anglezarke Res., and back down Sheephouses Lane - plenty of steep climbs for tired limbs) which I calculated added four miles onto the 14 mile Bolton 40 circuit. Last Saturday's total time was 3hr 30 min which would indicate a PW marathon time.

Apologies to the ladies who probably have other plans. Should anyone want to join me, departure can be 8.30 from the Lower Barn. If I am on my own I may start earlier.
Saturday the 18th.

Sorry girls, YJ, Matt and I are at the Joss Naylor Dinner. YJ gets his tankard from Joss. I will post a picture. EtU will be away on a Ruby Wedding jaunt so far as I know.

Have a good run. Just think - no hanging about for us!
Two Saturdays - Two different Worlds!

What a difference a week makes. Last Saturday we stayed at High Moss on a Rucksack Meet. Paul Murray had set up what should have been a jolly and fun 'Fell Race' with 12 controls to find in 4 hours. The weather was so bad that Ian, Keith and I could not stand up on Brown Pike (below Caw), one control had been swept away and a further one we couldn't locate as we couldn't stand up when we left the path - you get the picture. After 2 and a half hours we were psychologically and physically battered and headed back to the hut and a cup of hot chocolate - even FSS was glad to pack it in! You may know that conditions were so bad that the Ian Hodgson Relay race and the Coniston Trail race were both cancelled. Later that afternoon, the streams were so high that we couldn't leave the cottage by car, and no-one fancied a walk to the pub. Luckily we were well provisioned with sufficient wine etc to accompany the wonderful meal prepared by Paul and his daughter Ros. This was followed by prizes for the winners of the event (which were further consumed by all present). Sunday dawned, bright and sunny and gave us excellent conditions for parties to depart to collect in all of the controls.

This Saturday saw heavenly conditions for Autumn in Lakeland (LDWA), leaving home just after six, prospects didn't look too hopeful, but on arriving at Keswick a little after eight, the sun was up and remained shining for the whole of the day. Great route out over Cat Bells, down and out to Rosthwaite, big climb up the stepped path to Watendlath (very slippy and slow over this part), up and over Walla Crag with fabulous views over Keswick. Delightful run off down through Great Wood and past Surprise View back to the church at Crosthwaite. 21m just under 5,000ft of ascent in 4hr 57min.

This is what you need Ed - kick start your Joss training with some good LDWA events, you don't need to carry much just enjoy the miles and the climbs!


FSS is booking me in on an FRA navigation course - and he won't come with me because he says he would end up helping me!


Nicole and I are out Sat 18th UTUP - anyone else or are you all tapering for the big one?
I Knew It Was Comming...

...but I didn't think it would be quite this bad.

Having only once run under 40 minutes for a 10k, about 15 years ago, and recently and having clocked up several 49 minutes and several seconds, I knew that an over 50 minutes outing couldn't be far away. But 53:20!

Yes, that was the time I clocked at Waddington last Sunday. Ok, I'm a bit heavier than I have been, my miles are down, I've still got that pain in my right glute, and on reflection, I shouldn't have opened that second bottle of red, but 53 minutes!

So, lots of resolutions ~ more miles ~ more effort ~ less food ~ and less booze.

You've all got a lot of work to do to get me ready for the Joss next May; but in the meantime, Snowdonia could be one long, painful race.


PS Stuart Edmondson (Horwich senior) placed third in 36:08, Andrew Stubbs of CleM V40 won in 34:56 and first lady in 39:12, 14th overall was Bev Wright F45! of Blackpool Wyre & Fylde.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Saturday the 11th.

My proposed visit to Carlisle having fallen through, I will be at the Lower Barn at 8.30.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Piriformis Stretch

Another stretch, with instructions based upon pain in the right buttock.

Sit on floor with left leg stretched out. Cross bent right leg over left leg with foot in line with knee or higher.

Place left hand or better still, left elbow on right side of right knee, and apply pressure to keep locked.

With right hand on floor behind you for support, twist upper body to right as far as you can, 90 degrees if possible.

Hold for 10 secs. Do 10 times.

Another stretch I have found helpful is the squat but with feet fully on the ground. I hold onto a weight placed in front of me on the ground. This increases the stretch, bringing the back of the thighs closer to the calves, whilst enabling balance to be retained. Hold for as long as you wish.

Sorry for the text appearing alongside the photo on the other article(looks amateurish). I assembled it with the text below but somehow in transferring to the blog it moved to the side.
Piriformis Syndrome

Something else you can try is described in this article Piriformis Syndrome

Like the quote at the end of the article " .......remember, they can’t throw dirt on you if you’re moving, so keep on running."


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

For those of us who suffer pain in the nether regions while running the following, copied from Runner’s World, might be of some help.


The piriformis is a small muscle deep in your buttocks that rotates the leg outwards. It joins the thigh bone to the base of your spine. Repetitive running can result in excessive tightness within the muscle, meaning a restriction in hip mobility. This might manifest as pain deep inside the hip, lower back pain due to hip misalignment and even sciatica (pain right down your leg) because the sciatic nerve runs very close to this muscle and sometimes even through it.

Try the following stretches.-

1. Lying on your back and pulling your knee to the opposite side of your chest.

2. Lying on your back with one knee bent, placing one foot on the other thigh and letting your top knee flop to the side and pulling the lower thigh towards your chest.

Hold stretches for at least 30 secs.”

Saturday 11th October

YJ will be at the lower barn ready for the tarmac run at 8 30am

Planning Even Further Ahead...

...and inspired by Matt's fine photos (although he obviously only found them, rather than having taken them) I seem to remember that Barry Allman and I put down a marker for a winter round ~ to be run clockwise and unsupported. It would be tidy (honest, I don't have OCD) to do this just six months before the regular summer Dozen, so the last Saturday in January, the 31st, looks like it. Could wait 'til the fell calendar comes out to avoid any significant race that may fall on that day, or possibly, if Borrowdale falls into July again, go for the second last Saturday in January (to preserve the symmetry).

I'll speak to Barry to see if he's got a preferred date, as I seem to remember that only he and I thought it was a good idea, and he might have been being polite (does Bazzer do polite?).

Any views?

Not suitable viewing for persons under 40

I had reason to flip through my SD card the other day and came across these photos of Coopes Dozen which by chance equates to twelve. It could quite as easily have been twenty-five. You know what these Architects are like. You start off with a bungalow and finish up with a Tower block.

It seems to have worked, though I had to move the photos around after the upload. Well you know what Computer people are like. They set out to write you an Accounting system and you finish up with a Warehouse system. And it doesn't work anyway!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Three Score Years and Ten

Just for general info., Matt will be 70 on Monday next, the 13th.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Don't Panic I'm Back!

I made it to the shell garage in just over 3.5hrs, (stopped for newspaper) probably feeling the best I'd felt after completing that similar route on a previous three outings. So a shade over 11min/mile pace by my reckoning, and on target for the pace I'd set for my long training runs. Thank you to everyone who turned out for a bit of tarmac pounding, especially nice to see Nic'O.

Part of my wind down plans to 'M' day is for a 13m road run next Saturday morning. So I thought I'd start from the Lower Barn and run the 13m route going anti-clockwise this time (I've only run it clockwise so far). I'm thinking of setting off at about 8.30am, so can say hello to the off-roaders. Happy for anyone to join me if they can bear a bit more tarmac.

Forward Planning

During yesterday's roll-on roll-off run Matt mentioned that hadn't done much racing recently. A couple of road (!) races that I've done previously and have my eye on this year are the Longridge 7 on 14th December and the Ribble Valley 10k on 28th Dec. Matt and I both did the Longridge race a few years ago, probably because a Christmas pudding was awarded to all finishers (and still is). There's an Ambleside pudding race the day before so this could be a good racing weekend for t'Yorkshireman.

I may be spoken for on the 28th but if not, I'll definitely be doing the Ribble Valley (not all of it)as well. Could be a pleasant little group meet between the two festivals.

Back to yesterday, which seemed to give everyone a good workout, especially TF who would have clocked up 19 miles by the time she got home (did anyone check that she did get home?), but apparently "workout of the day" award goes to JtE as he struggled valiantly (and vainly?) to stay with the chicken farmer as she bounced up the ramp ~ good to have you back, Nic'O, no ill effects I hope.

I'm UTUPing Thursday (road/fell? ~ somebody suggest) 9th and Saturday 11th (fell, as I'm 10king at Wadington on Sunday, although I believe there's another road session for those who fancy it ~ please post details).


Friday, October 03, 2008

I shall meet JtE at the Lower Barn at 8.30 tomorrow. From there we'll run to the village green, turn left and meet you "somewhere along the way"(name of a Nat King Cole song).