Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So you thought you had a difficult journey to work then!

Check this out – you need to let the ad play before getting to the ‘journey’.  Well done TF what a fantastic weekend to be on the high fells.  Lucky us.  Back again this weekend but weather looking decidedly dodgy.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rab Mountain Marathon 25th/26th September

Set off on Saturday morning at 5:30am for the drive up to Bampton (approx 5m NW of Shap) with a mixture of nervous excitement and intrepidation, the day finally dawning for the start of my toughest challenge yet. With the promise of some fantastic weather I was hopefully going to get to see some of the views I missed last month on my 'practice go'.

Should have seen the size of the map we were given! I spent a good 15 mins plotting my route for the first day, only some of the controls were active on Day 1 and you had to be careful not to score nil points for finding the wrong control. A maximum of 6hrs was allowed for Day 1 on my course and points were taken off for being late back on an exponential scale. If you were over 30mins late you lost all your points for the first day.

The overnight camp was in the Martindale Common area and my Day 1 route took me from the start at Drybarrows to Measand Beck and continuing along to Longgrain Beck to then up to contour round High Raise and over Rampsgill Head. A drop straightdown (very exciting!!) to Hayeswater and then on to Lingy Crag above Hartsop and then finally onto Beda Head and down to Dale Head with enough time to collect one last control on the other side of Rampsgill Beck. Total time 5hrs 41mins , 150pts and approx 12.5m and 3500ft (ish). One very elated TF. Unfortunately for many, the penalty points kicked in and numerous teams finished with nil points for their efforts at the end of day 1.

Tent up, kettle on and time to study the map for Day 2 in between my three courses of Soup, Chili with Cous Cous and Sticky Toffee Pudding (home made) and Custard and of course a half bottle of full bodied Rjioca (had the most alc/vol at 14%).

Day 2 and 5hrs time limit to get back to near where we started the day before. Although you could work out potential routes the night before, you weren't given the sheet with the points on until you crossed the start line. So again a bit of time spent plotting with my piece of string. I sent off back up to Beda Head across over to Hallin Fell and was on my way to a 25pt control near Arthurs Pike when I decided it would put me to far out to get back in time, so bailed out and headed straight up to one on top of Brook Crag (instead of getting both). A contour round the north of Loadpot Hill to drop down to Cawdale Beck round to Drybarrows and a compulsory control and finally followed a taped section to the finish at The Howes. Total time 4hrs 35mins, 95pts and approx 10.5m and 3800ft.

Not as good a day tactically on Sunday as Saturday, but the whole experience was absolutely awesome, got in all the views I missed in August and saw my first Deer in the Lake District (4 Sat, 6 Sun). Can't wait for next year!

So how did I do compared to everyone else? Well a lot better than most, in fact better than half of them. On the standard course with my total score of 245 I finished 133 out of 268, was 5th Female Vet overall (of 20 teams, solos & pairs) and 3rd Female Vet Solo. Results and some photos are on .


Monday, September 27, 2010

An Imperfect Ten

Although Sunday's Swinton Ten was a resounding victory for Horwich RMI as a club, the glory did not extend all the way down the ranks. Courtesy of Martyn Bell (V40) 1st in 55:35, Colin Rigby (V40) 2nd and Rob Jackson (also V40) in 4th place, the club easily won the men's team prize with 7 points, ahead of second placed Salford (sorry TF) with 17.

Horwich also finished a B team in 5th place and a C team, 18th out of 24, courtesy of Gary Chadderton, t'Y (107th in 1:16:51) and yours truly (154th in a yet another PW of 1:25:45). 201 finished.

Well run Gordon.

This Week

Tuesday 28th UTUP, then up to Santon on Thursday, back in time to UTUP Tuesday 5th Oct.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glorious Weekend Weather

Weather forecast lived up to expectations and resulted in an impromptu dash to the Lakes as FSS wanted to recce the scree descent off Fairfield for Mark’s Winter BG attempt in December.  Accepting the request to navigate a leg is something not taken lightly and when the contender states a preference for a specific route, that needs careful attention.  Just the excuse we needed to have a great day out over Fairfield, Helvellyn and the Dodds – as if one were needed. 

Coffa Pike (1 of 10)

Pausing at Lake Windermere on the way to Dunmail Rise

  Coffa Pike (2 of 10)

Fairfield from Seat Sandal

Coffa Pike (3 of 10)

Grisedale Tarn

Coffa Pike (4 of 10)

FSS contemplating the path up to Fairfield

Coffa Pike (5 of 10)

Looking across to Striding Edge from the approach to Helvellyn summit

Coffa Pike (6 of 10)

… and another one (click to enlarge to see the numbers traversing)

Coffa Pike (7 of 10)

Looking down on the final approach to Helvellyn summit – the orange netting is where a pitched path is being constructed

Coffa Pike (8 of 10)

The hoards on the summit of Helvellyn

Coffa Pike (9 of 10)

Looking back to Fairfield summit.  The scree descent where we were earlier in the day, can be seen clearly descending from the col to Grisedale Tarn (out of shot).   This has most likely been created by BG aspirants and their supporters over the last ten years or so.

Coffa Pike (10 of 10)

… and finally me trotting down Seat Sandal to Dunmail for a very welcome cup of coffee.  Fantastic day out on the fells amounting to little over 11.5 miles with 5,134ft of climbing.

UTUP Tuesday – weather permitting!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Morning

Just EYJ and yours truly toed the start line for this morning's run. We decided to test his retention of the Winter Hill Race route details that TF had etched on his mind last week, and he passed the test with flying colours.

It was a gloriously bright cloud free morning, and earlier I had had to clear ice from the car for the first time this back end. Out of the wind we nearly got warm a couple of times but the wind was chilling and we struggled to keep warm for much of the outing. We covered all of the route except for the descent to the knoll and clocked up a little over 11 miles.

A good bracing outing.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Taking advantage of the good weather to have a long run in the Lakes.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dean Brooks

With my appitite whetted by the Cigarette Tunnel, I did a little research to establish the name of the stream that flows from Hole Bottom, just to the SE of Two Lads, alongside Burnt Edge, down through the tunnel to Barrow Bridge.

It's called Dean Brook; and further research (more Googling) revealed that it shares this name with the stream that drains the moor between Great Hill and Round Loaf. It's this second one that we join on Coope's Dozen after leaving Round Loaf on our way to White Coppice. The following scene should look familiar:-

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Green with envy..

Can't begin to tell you how envious I was when I saw the pics from Tuesday evening. I'd gladly swop my nurses uniform for running gear any day!
The patient is making a slow but steady recovery from his back op. Just coming to the end of two weeks lying flat and about to begin "gradually increased mobility". Don't think that includes any utups for him, but I'm hoping to be back next week.
Still working on a babysitter for the 8th, provided that "gradually increased mobility" leads to being able to walk to the bar!

Hasta luego

No Trespassing!

Although on Tuesday evening we went within half a mile or so of it, unusually, NLN didn't insist that we visited her favourite landmark.

Also, we went even closer to, but didn't actually see, the Cigarette Tunnel, which passes under the low point of Walker Fold Road, close to Walker Fold itself.

From the direction of the water flow, this must have been taken from the Bolton side of the road; wonder if that pool's deep enough for swimming?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tonight’s Run on Winter Hill

Just EtU and me out tonight, although we did bump into EYJ and his daughter Linda at the top of the Ramp which was very nice.  Just got to the trig in time to capture the setting sun, having gone over Two Lads via Pike Cottage, above the quarries to Burnt Edge out to the Road – too tired to look this up on map so EtU will oblige I’m sure.  Then back up to Trig Point and over Two Lads to cars at Wilders Wood.

8.03m +1,407ft

 WH (1 of 7)  WH (3 of 7) WH (4 of 7) WH (5 of 7) WH (6 of 7)

WH (7 of 7)

Track tonight, where I'll have a few quiet thoughts

I'd planned to go down to the track tonight and I've just heard the news which will make the session somewhat more reflective. Track sessions is something I associate with one man - Norman Matthews. I've just heard the news an hour ago of Norman's passing, so when I get a track I shall think of the sessions that he started with EtU, JtE, Gary Harold, and (after a few weeks, YJ). It was probably 1991, initially at Rivington School grass track then Robin Park, Witton Park (while Robin Park was renewed), back to the new facilities at Robin Park and finally our own track at the Arena. I've always been a long way off ever being an elite athlete but Norman would ensure JtE, YJ and I got equal benefit to the international level athletes who would later join us and come and go.
I'll not be able to get away from my lectures on Thursday for his funeral but his encouragement will live on in me and I shall be thinking of him.
Rest in Peace, Norman

This Week

Planning to UTUP Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Three Shires Weekend

Great weekend at the Achille Ratti hut in Great Langdale, superb location and a warm welcome made for an excellent weekend.   Saturday night supper with the Bowland crowd in the Wainwright who were on their club camping weekend.    Having had my share of camping this year I didn’t envy them one bit as the weather turned excessively wet overnight and into Sunday, resulting in an early departure for us.3 shires (1 of 6)

Achille Ratti hut

3 shires (2 of 6)

view from the door

3 shires (3 of 6)

Random stretches before the race!

3 shires (4 of 6)

Click to enlarge to see the runners climbing.   Even before the heavy rain on Saturday night, the ground was saturated which may have accounted for an extremely bad fall for one unlucky runner.  MRT stretchered the casualty with a broken fib and tib, down to the 3 Shires Stone where he was helicoptered to Lancaster for surgery.

3 shires (5 of 6)

As I trotted up to the three shires stone, a couple of vintage autos were making their way up Wrynose without too much difficulty

3 shires (6 of 6)

Rather more wine consumed for me than miles run – but hey!  More piccies here.

Planning UTUP Tuesday and Saturday this week if anyone around.


Saturday's Utup

It was just me and EYJ on Saturday. We started the day with some sad news as EYJ had been informed the previous evening that Norman Matthews (Head Coach at Horwich RMI Harriers) had passed away peacefully at home on Thursday following a long illness. I'm sure all of us that knew Norman would wish to pass on our condolences to his wife Brenda and his family.

With just the two of us it seemed sensible to make the most of the opportunity to go and do a bit of recceing for the Winter Hill Fell Race. I've also decided to make it a target race as part of my preparation for having another crack at Edale Skyline next March. EYJ was interested in checking out the section from the trig to the wooden bridge near ammunition corner.

So our route for the morning took us to pike cottage - two lads - WH Trig - Georges Lane. Now my recollection of race day/previous recces was that we turn right and run along to the gate and climb over that. However, it now appears that someone is taking a more direct route to the bridge as the fence opposite the stile has now been cut and a gap has appeared. We didn't use this as not wishing to leave any incriminating footprints, but I'd be curious to know that if the gap is left, will it be a legitimate access point?

From the bridge we climbed back up to Noon Hill. There's now a more definitive trod leaving the cairn heading towards the next cp at the stream junction. Much more so than when I last recce'd it. At the stream junction we opted for the climb back up and round the Pike to drop back through the Chinese Gardens. We had discussed the various route options from the stream junction but we decided that 'time trials' on these options could wait for another day.

I don't think we'll have covered many miles but we did get in a good natter and some useful route finding and at the top barn bumped into the Sweatmans, so further nattering.

I won't be out for Utup on Saturday as I'm off doing my Mountain Marathon in the Lakes. I'll be available for a utup on thurs evening though, if no takers then I may go for a run late afternoon instead.


Thursday, September 16, 2010


UTUP for a Tuesday meant Wilderswood, which at least saved some of the climbing. In attendance were t'Y, NLN, EYJ and my good self. (EtU was delayed at work and joined us later). NLN took one look at us three men, decided we hadn't much gumption and took charge. "Right" she said " we will do the same as last week" and mentioned an awful lot of places. "Er, how far is that?" said I somewhat worried, "about 7" came the reply, "but you can cut it short". She had clearly realised that I was in no shape to keep up; and she was right.

The first parting of the ways came almost at once; they went up Two Lads via Pike Cottage whilst I went direct - and they still got there first! Then the quarry and then towards the Trespass stone. At this point, NLN took pity on me (or she was getting cold waiting for me) and directed me straight up to the mast whilst they went via the shooting hut. It was cold and wet and the ground was saturated, but hey, it beats talking to the mother-in-law! Eventually we re-grouped, and joined by EtU went to the trig point, back to Two Lads and back to the cars. When we got there, NLN's fancy watch said 6.97 miles,so off she went to make it up to 7. I was so tired that even the prospect of the mother-in-law didn't seem too bad!

I suppose it will get easier when (if) I get fitter. The problem is that there is no way to replicate running on the moors in the deep south, but that's the price I have to pay for living in civilisation.


I will be at the UTUP on Saturday 18th, again planning the road circuit of Winter Hill. Last week was disappointingly slow (by more than a minute a mile), very wet and very tiring so I'm hoping for something better this weekend.

Paper chase

If anyone has a pile of newspapers waiting to be disposed of I can find good use for them: can collect on Saturday.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The New Thatch is Hatching...

...under the new old name of The Cherry Tree.

I'm told that the current building is based on an old transport cafe called the Cherry Tree which served travellers along the A6 in pre M6/M61 days. No information yet on exactly when it became licensed, but I am researching.  Since then it has been also been called the Pavilion and the Happy Pig and possibly more.

Strolled in last night and spoke to the fitters. It's opening to the general public this Friday, with a private do for friends, family and suppliers on Thursday.

Not looking as pubby as it was; definitely leaning gastrowards.

Will try the beer Friday, and I have nudged t'Y regarding testing the food.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Very Belated ‘Ben’ Pics

Having purchased the additional space from google – still no go for the last few days, just found out have to sign out and in again – all very difficult for a non-techie, lucky to have FSS to sort it all out!

Great weekend in Scotland, staying at Craigallan - below view from front door.

ben (1 of 9)

Perfect conditions for the runners and spectators.  The runners are piped out of the race field.

ben (3 of 9)

Three Horwich runners at the start –  L to R, Ian Hepburn, Marks Samman and Birbeck

ben (4 of 9)

FSS – will he be smiling at the end ‘though!

ben (5 of 9)

On the way down, first lady - Italian Cecilia Mora completing in 1:56:01

ben (7 of 9)

Mr Birbeck – get a load of those shorts yay!

ben (9 of 9)

FSS still smiling

ben (8 of 9)

The ascent path on the left and the downhill route on the right

 ben (6 of 9)


Race was won by local lad Finlay Wild in 1:35:39, beating Robbie Simpson and Ian Holmes.

Fort Bill’s finest chippy – anyone we know?

ben (2 of 9)

By the way Nic’O – the mystery man ??? on GJ’s Joss was Kevin Davison who was one of our instructors on the FRA Navigation weekend last year.  He’s looking forward to the next one in a couple of weeks time :o) but clearly not as big a challenge as last year, as we won’t be there!

More pics on FSS’s blog Just Us And A Few Friends

Monday, September 13, 2010

I shall be out for a run on Saturday this week from lower barn.

EtU - re Threee Shires - there's a note about changes to parking and a bit of a swim to start the race (be just up your street!) on the fellrunner web site ( You'll probably need to leave home earlier than anticipated.


This Week

Tuesday ~ 5:45 Wilderswood Car Park

Thursday ~ 6:30 Physio Centre/Stocks COR ~ not many weeks left before it gets dark

Saturday ~ Three Shires Race ~ I'm driving.

Can someone please indicate if they'll be at the Barn (UTUP) for a local run on Saturday?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Can't believe I miss so much in a week. Hope you are ok Matt - dangerous as horses are ladders! Managed not to fall off either this week.
Andrew seems reluctant to set a date for the res challenge but says ok EtU, can't see a lot of takers in the monthly winter swim season though.
David, Rafe and I set off on saturday pm, D not being a morning runner, from the info centre at Tof T, and headed to the Hare and Hounds, up past the quarry, Solomon's Temple and onto great Hill via where we saw the man with the Eagle. From there down to Piccadilly and back to the info centre, giving us 9.5 miles and 1700 climb. Quite nice doing familiar routes from a different start. Rafe got in quite a bit of swimming in preparation for his challenge. Missing everyone.

A Run of Two (or more) Halves

Apologies, t'Y, but you were jettisoned for your own good; you would have caught your death waiting for me; good that you had TIM to keep you company.

EYJ was suffering from overtraining, so it suited him to cut it short with TLoB.

Having ensured that both got back to their cars safely (I'm good like that) I returned to the fray and knocked off Noon Hill and Winter Hill, albeit even slower than the first half. On returning to the Barn I was pleased to note that you had all retrieved your vehicles.

Breaking the climbs into two separate runs made me think ~ it could be made into a good extended hill session by splitting it into four, Two Lads, The Pike, Noon Hill and Winter Hill, returning to the Barn after each. Could take some time. Anyone fancy it?

With regard to the "do" I'm hoping that the TaT (now the Cherry Tree ~ I'll explain later) will have re-opened by then. Perhaps our (far) roving reporter could give that a try also and score both options out of ten.

Quarterly Dooo Recommendation

Went to the Black Horse last night with TLoB and must say the food was the best I have had locally in a long time. I think we should renew our acquaintence with the hostelry. You do have to wait awhile for your order to come as it is all prepared from fresh ... but it was well worth the wait. There are menus posted on their site -

Slightly disappointed with the morning run in that Ironman Ray and myself were jettisoned off, deemed to be of inappropriate speed (something I had got used to but at the other end of the range) but we completed the route, which was partially new to Ray and I managed to achieve a rewarding timed effort up the back of Winter Hill. Hopefully I can build on that. Don't think I would have done that time had the heavens opened like they did once we returned to the edge of 2 Lads.

Sorry for the tri-part entry, but hoping that daughter Diane has a good race today at Nottingham Half marathon and will be looking for time later on. I need to keep improving so I can stay in front of her. Not sure how much longer I can do that.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Downhill Fast

I am not sure if that is a description of the race or the state of my running!

Being up North to do some mother-in-law sitting I thought I would meet up with EtU for a gentle run on the moors. "It's the Downhill Race" he said, so we drove up to Wilderswood and jogged/walked to The Scotchman's stump. The organiser clearly did not believe me when I said I was an ex-runner as he started me 30 seconds behind EtU. All went well for 5 mins until I forgot it rains up North and therefore what looks like nice green grass is in fact a bog. In I went to the great amusement of Tony Varley who had caught me up. The 40 secs or so that I lost extracating myself were to have disasterous consequences.

Even in my prime I was never a good descender and now coming off the Pike I was reduced to a snail's pace. When I got to Georges Lane there was no-one in sight. I hadn't done this race for over 20 years and I haven't lived up here for over 10 so I was relying on following someone to find the Devil's Steps. Well I did find them - eventually - after blundering about in some woods for 10 minutes. I jogged home about 7 minutes behind the last runner but I can say I enjoyed it. I even got a prize; I am not sure if it was the booby prize, a sympathy award or the prize for the person who had come the furthest to do the race.

It was nice to see some old faces and to take part in a proper Horwich race, and tomorrow I hope to do my 10th run of the year.


Stop Post

Having used up all my photospace on blogger, I have just purchased more.  This will take 24 hours to process and accounts for the delay in posting photos from last weekend.

Having woke up with a head full of catarrh from this week's cold, it was an easy decision to lie in bed and enjoy my pot of tea this morning, knowing that the road runners were out in force!  And looking at the weather just now, it was a good call.

Couldn't resist the lovely evenings this last week and had a couple of good outings amounting to 7.6 miles 1,004ft climbed with EtU and SN on Tuesday and then on Wednesday with Brucie 6.03m and 1,009ft - just too good to miss as there won't be too many evenings like this left in the year.

Hope to be UTUP-ing Tues, but as always don't wait.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Last night and tomorrow

Sorry I didn't make it last night. I would have hoped to have posted my best time for the race as the conditions were very good for me. I also seemed to improve my downhill walking in the later stages of my 7 weeks in the Pyrenees so hope similar in the running.
I'm likely to miss Thursday evening's UTUPs as most weeks we have a seminar from 5 till 6. However, our original documentation stated these start on the 16th so had Dowhhill Race in my plans. Only at 9am yesterday morning did we learn that the original info was wrong. Suspect my running will have to take a back seat but will make an effort to make UTUP tomorrow morning. Will TLOB be there? I realise that the only race I've done since my return has been the Fielden Cup so will have to find something. Have measured that the old Vicky 10 route, but starting at my house and then cutting back down the dual carriageway measures exactly 10k finishing at my home.

Downhill Race ~ Last Night at 7:00!

Fifteen runners were lucky enough to enjoy last night's Downhill Race, thirteen Harriers and guests from Wigan and somewhere south of the Thames ~ possibly Brentford!

The weather was fine, almost too fine, in that the setting sun made focussing on the ground difficult for the long and boggy mile from the Stump to the Pike.

Michelle Sunter was set off first with me 30 seconds after.  Ungallantly I passed her part way to the Pike and managed to hold the lead until just after the Pike, which was ably marshalled by Vinnie Skelly.

Before hitting the tarmac in Horwich I was progressivly passed by twelve of the field, including EYJ and FSS.

Alastair Murray had the fastest time with 18:30, Albert was second in 19:02.  FSS was 9th in 24:53 with EYJ 11th in 26:30, I was 13th in 29:42, followed by Michelle and finally TLoB in 38:40. Wonder how t'Y would have done.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Downhill Race ~ Tonight at 7:00!

Tonight it's the annual RMI Downhill Race, where competitors are set off from the mast at 30 second intervals and are required to make their way to the Pike Tower, which they must touch before proceding down to the RMI on Chorley New Road. Because there's no set route, it's a test of both descending skills and local knowledge. Also, depending on a number of factors, it can also be a test of night vision.

The proper thing to do is to jog up the mast, but weaker souls have been known to get their womenfolk to drive them up. Chris Beasley (TLoB) and I, being weaker souls, but not having biddable womenfolk are to drive part way up (probably to Wilderswood), jog the last mile or so, and then after the race and a couple of beers, retrieve the car later in the evening. If anyone (anyone!) is interested, we're planning to leave the RMI at 6:15.

Fancy it?
Neigh, Lass, not in my field

On what I hope was the first of many outings to recce the Pennine Way in preparation for my 70@70 attempt from Gargrave to Edale, next year, TF and myself had a very worthwile look at the route from Thornton in Craven to Cowling on Tuesday.

Heavy showers had been forecast but never materialised and with TF in charge of map reading and wall height checking we made good progress over Pinhaw Beacon, through Lothersdale and on to Cowling from where we retraced out steps.

The only problem we encountered was an aggressive horse that did not want us in its field, to the extent of attempting actual physical assault on TF first with but with the head and then wading in with its shoulder. There was no lasting damage to body but soul was embarrassed to have to make a hasty retreat.

Fortunately there was an easy alternative route which we took and determined that here was a job for Equine Lady to work her charms come next year's attempt. There's never a horseperson around when you need one!

The out and back course gave us 14.5 miles which we covered in 4hrs 22mins (18.1 mins per mile) and total ascent was just over 3000ft.

My attempt next year will be on the Saturday of the Spring Bank Holiday (May 28th) and I would be obliged if any potential helpers could mark this date in their diaries.

Snowdonia Marathon

In preparation for the Snowdonia Marathon I shall be forsaking the fells in order to improve my tarmac performance, starting with a lap of the Old Bolton 40 course this coming Saturday (Sept 11th). I shall be UTUPing, but wearing road shoes.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

NLN on The Ben

Having viewed the report on FSS's Ben Nevis Race on his blog  I was very impressed not only with his performance, but also with that of his 'better' half.  Having photographed the start, she appears to have sprinted up to the summit to catch some of the leaders, and then back down again for more photos of the descent.

Very impressive, all that chasing after EYJ must be doing her good!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Falling sidewards and going backwards

I managed a couple of hours on the Belmont moors on Saturday and was hoping I'd come across the group. You obviously got wind of my plans and kept clear.

Tomorrow we were supposed to be going on a 2 weeks plus caravan holiday, mostly in Scotland. I was hoping to continue to build up my fitness whilst there. However life has other plans. On Saturday whilst on top of the ladders cleaning the top of the caravan, they rather selfishly toppled over without any thought for me. The ladders are a write-off. You'll have your own opinion about me. The outcome is that my back is not a happy chappy. We've had to cancel at least the first part of our holiday, and medical opinion is that running is out for at least two weeks. I was just getting back into a regular running routine so it's a bit of a setback. Don't call me Matt any longer, call me FoH. Frustrated of Harwood.

Good to see everyone moving along so well. Keep going.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Lots of Stuff

Nic'O, glad to hear you're still out and about, looking forward to seeing you again soon.  If Andrew wants company in the black coffee I'm happy to trail behind him ~ wondered whether to make it a monthly event and see who's still there in January.

Scary Mary can't make the do on 8th Oct as she'll be in Tibet, circumnavigating Everest on two wheels (four including Andy's). However, she and Andy are having a "back home" on Saturday 30th October to which we're all invited; I've got her address for anyone who hasn't got it.

Saturday was good, with the two younger Johns and a very lean t'Y taking in a fairly leisurely Healey Nab, Brinscall Triangle, Great Hill, Spitlers, Hordern Stoops, Ammo Corner and back to the Barn.

Well done TF in seeing off the only representative of Horwich's (un)likely lads on Pendle ~ first half of the field!

Planning to UTUP Tuesday and Saturday, but please, can we have a few reps at the Downhill Race on Thursday.
Capricorn 2010 Pendle Hill

Lovely day out on Pendle Hill yesterday. 3hrs time allowed, start and finish at Barley Village Hall and my route was 109, 124, 111, 123, 113, 118, 128, 108, 114, 130, 119, 120, 125, 115 and finally just enough time to squeeze in 110. Measuring the route it came out as about 11miles and 2000ft

I finished 34/73 and looks as though I was first female vet going off the results.

No Albert S (ill with cold) and finished ahead of Tony V who had a bit of bother with some bracken on his route between 122 and 116.


Saturday, September 04, 2010

Re NLN's ???
He looks familiar but don't know his name. See you are mixing with Lakeland royalty again. Quite jealous. Good luck to FSS on the Ben.
Can't believe you got so near to the swimming pool on Saturday and didn't venture in! Young Andrew is hoping to have a go across the res before it freezes over - I think he was secretly impressed with us.
TF Does it mean that stone walls below the line of assets can be climbed, my walls are in danger of toppling if they get climbed?
Still not up to a utup but had a great run with SN on Friday - our last day of freedom this year - doing a 6.5 circular round Noon hill and the new path I found to cut out ammunition corner on way back from Horden's.
Buzzards gone now, loads of swallows, last nest flew this week.

Friday, September 03, 2010

No Show!

Botters and I were very disappointed last night in that, despite many exhortations, TF refused to demonstrate her wall measuring technique.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I shall be out tomorrow. But on Saturday I'll be joining Tony V and Albert S doing a 3hr score event on and around Pendle Hill.

I've just received the final instructions for this event and this bit made me chuckle

The area has a large number of high walls. Where these are likely to influence route choice we have highlighted them in red. These walls should only be crossed at valid crossing points (see point below). However, to avoid cluttering the map, not all the high walls on the area have been highlighted. You MUST NOT attempt to cross any wall or fence higher than 4ft (1.2m).

So curious to know what would be possible, I've just got my tape measure out and 4ft (1.2m) is just below armpit level (with no shoes on). So if I can rest my 'assets' on top of the wall, I'll be safe to climb over it!


Equinox, Track, UTUPs and Joss

8th October is getting a bit past the Equinox but I usually tend to be busy on the correct weekend (although nothing planned as yet) and shall be moving into the next age category - which of course brings me onto the comment from NLN that I should be doing something following my GR10. Agreed maybe I should but my priority at the moment is my PGCE so will think about it once I'm a few weeks into my course. Whether I am quick enough (especially on the descents) to complete a Joss within 15 hours is another matter.
I am thinking that one year I should maybe do the GR10 again - but run it - 20 to 25 days may be sufficient if the logistics are right for a lightweight pack. I think it would have to be with someone as a pair (or maybe up to four). My knowledge of the route and accommodation options would certainly help make it more feasible.

Managed to get to the track for the first time since early in the year (maybe first time this year). Steve took a session of 5 x 1600 (5 x 2000 for the quickies). Quite enjoyed the times I was doing (6:30 to 40), especially as I don't seem to be any quicker on the fells.

May get out for Saturday morning although I'd like to find an LDWA challenge event to do and there is one on Sunday if not full already. As usual, don't wait but if I turn up, I turn up :-)
All help was welcome

Mention of Ian Roberts turning out on my Bob Graham does take things back a while. I cannot put a face to the name but a number of "guest" supporters appeared during the run unknown to me but obviously having heard that a good day out was to be had. There was one runner who joined us after Pillar and then disappeared shortly after, unable to keep up with the pace. Could this have been he?

Saturday, September 4th

I shall be utuping on Saturday 4th but after last Saturday's dismal performance I shall plan to lead a slower group, probably limited to myself, and probably following the route of August 21st (Healey Nab, White Coppice and Great Hill) to see if the two weeks gap has left any improvement. The distance is about 13 miles.