Thursday, September 16, 2010


UTUP for a Tuesday meant Wilderswood, which at least saved some of the climbing. In attendance were t'Y, NLN, EYJ and my good self. (EtU was delayed at work and joined us later). NLN took one look at us three men, decided we hadn't much gumption and took charge. "Right" she said " we will do the same as last week" and mentioned an awful lot of places. "Er, how far is that?" said I somewhat worried, "about 7" came the reply, "but you can cut it short". She had clearly realised that I was in no shape to keep up; and she was right.

The first parting of the ways came almost at once; they went up Two Lads via Pike Cottage whilst I went direct - and they still got there first! Then the quarry and then towards the Trespass stone. At this point, NLN took pity on me (or she was getting cold waiting for me) and directed me straight up to the mast whilst they went via the shooting hut. It was cold and wet and the ground was saturated, but hey, it beats talking to the mother-in-law! Eventually we re-grouped, and joined by EtU went to the trig point, back to Two Lads and back to the cars. When we got there, NLN's fancy watch said 6.97 miles,so off she went to make it up to 7. I was so tired that even the prospect of the mother-in-law didn't seem too bad!

I suppose it will get easier when (if) I get fitter. The problem is that there is no way to replicate running on the moors in the deep south, but that's the price I have to pay for living in civilisation.


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