Monday, September 06, 2010

Falling sidewards and going backwards

I managed a couple of hours on the Belmont moors on Saturday and was hoping I'd come across the group. You obviously got wind of my plans and kept clear.

Tomorrow we were supposed to be going on a 2 weeks plus caravan holiday, mostly in Scotland. I was hoping to continue to build up my fitness whilst there. However life has other plans. On Saturday whilst on top of the ladders cleaning the top of the caravan, they rather selfishly toppled over without any thought for me. The ladders are a write-off. You'll have your own opinion about me. The outcome is that my back is not a happy chappy. We've had to cancel at least the first part of our holiday, and medical opinion is that running is out for at least two weeks. I was just getting back into a regular running routine so it's a bit of a setback. Don't call me Matt any longer, call me FoH. Frustrated of Harwood.

Good to see everyone moving along so well. Keep going.

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