Monday, October 29, 2012

Stokes Scurry

Finally after 10 months I have done my first race as a Vet 60, and even better I was first in my age category! However, before anyone gets too excited, I must point out that "race" is probably stretching a point. There is a nice young lady who lives opposite me and who is also a runner. She told me about an event called the Stokes Scurry, which is basically a 2 or 4 mile X-Country race held at a local farm.

So yesterday morning Vicki and I ran the couple of miles down to Stokes farm, and I thought that I would just do the one lap as I knew I had to run home again afterwards. It is a nice course, with a couple of slight hills (I use the word hill in the sothern sense of the word) but it was pretty muddy in places.There were only about 20 runners in my event and I got round in just over 17 mins to finish 4th overall and first Vet 60. As I said, I am not sure it really classifies as a race but I will claim it.

I am coming to Bolton this week, driving up on Thursday afternoon. If I arrive in time I willl UTUP but if not I will be there on Saturday.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I've got it!


I've finally got my hands on the trophy I won this time last year for having the most points in the Horwich RMI Road Championship. Having given up hope of ever receiving it, it was hand delivered by the chairman of the club himself. I'm chuffed to bits - it's huge and (the best bit) it's got my name on it! Apparently someone had been hassling the chairman in recent weeks and he couldn't take any more - so many thanks JtE.

Despite being a trophy winner I still think Tour de Scafell is way out of my league - though I'm not sure how many of the other intended participants meet the criteria of being "mature, responsible, have good navigational skills and be able to look after themselves."TF being the exception of course!

Glad to see everyone making the most of the gorgeous autumnal weather and fab photos to make you feel as if you'd been there ( and jealous that you hadn't).

Off to have another hold of my trophy now....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A bright frosty UTUP

Five of us set off from the usual place this morning, TS (The Shadow - see earlier), JtE, Ed and Paul Murray joining me. It was Paul's first outing with us so, as a warm up, he ran over from his Belmont home. YJ sent us off on our run while he commenced his morning walk. I hope it will be sooner rather than later that he is back running with us. Ed was tapering for Sunday's Preston Guild marathon and so only ran to the Pike and back whilst the rest of us continued to Two Lads before TS made his way home leaving Paul, JtE and I to head up to the mast. Descending to the Blue Lagoon demonstrated how poor a descender I am as these two septuagenarians sped off into the distance. We made our way round to leave Paul at his allotment before trying out a a new route suggested by Paul over Edge End to Hordern Pasture. Thence it was a case of picking up the path to Lower Hempshaws and skirting the bomber memorial to return via Alance Bridge, Dean Wood House and Rivington. On the climb near Lower Hempshaws we were caught by 48 year old youngster from St. Annes out for a training run. This gave me a bit of incentive to stretch my legs, to find he was looking for his first sub 60 10k - I think he'll make it. By the team we reached the bridge, what started off as a severely bitterly cold morning was now quite warm in the glorious sunshine and the view over Yarrow Reservoir was wonderful. Ten miles in the end.

Clocks back tomorrow then its maybe a track session followed by a day off work on a 16 mile LDWA walk over Pendle on Wednesday. As it will be Hallowe'en, I shall have to be on the look out for witches.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Joss’s Backyard - Buckbarrow

The morning after the night before with more here

JNC Weekend-516

Nether Wasdale

JNC Weekend-529

Yewbarrow, Great Gable

JNC Weekend-533

…and a couple with lingmell and that sky!

JNC Weekend-542


JNC Weekend-547

the path along Greendale Gill

JNC Weekend-552


JNC Weekend-562JNC Weekend-567

Setting off

JNC Weekend-581

Joss leads the way

JNC Weekend-583

JNC Weekend-609

Buckbarrow summit

JNC Weekend-622


JNC Weekend-627

The Scafells

JNC Weekend-632

Tribute to the Queen Mother

JNC Weekend-643

Enjoying the day

JNC Weekend-648

Heading down

JNC Weekend-652

Buckbarrow Farm

JNC Weekend-655

Shooting the breeze!

Wasdale - Dore Head - Scoat Fell–Steeple Sat 20th October

Great day on t’fells with a bit of a write up in the usual place

JNC Weekend-106


JNC Weekend-132

Dore Head

JNC Weekend-133


JNC Weekend-138

The Broken Tooth from Dore Head with the path up to Stirrup Crag to the right

JNC Weekend-146

Lingmell emerging from the cloud

JNC Weekend-157

Red Pike summit in the distance

JNC Weekend-166

Gable wreathed in cloud from Red Pike

JNC Weekend-211

Scafell from Red Pike

JNC Weekend-514

Monica with Don Talbot JNC completer No. 1

JNC Weekend-515

Monica and Colin – still looking forward to a bit of meeting and greeting

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Shadow

I've always felt a bit guilty in that we've never come up with a nom de cours for Colin W.

However, Colin himself has proposed, and I, on all your behalves, have accepted that in future he be referred to as TS. This will, in the fullness (pun) of time stand for "The Shadow". If you tempt him with alcohol (this will delay the transition) he may tell you to what it currently refers.

Tour de Scafell

There seems to be abit of interest in this, more here:-

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Week

Thursday 25th UTUP - one last trip up Two Lads before the clocks fall back?

Saturday 27th UTUP - but not for long, because of...

...Sunday 28th Preston Guild Marathon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Or if Not an LDWA Event... about the "Tour de Scafell"?

This is a 25k race from Wasdale Head, taking in Esk Hause and The Woolpack in Eskdale returning via the Burnmoor Corpse Road.  It's on Saturday 24th November. Further details from  Start any time between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m.

I'm keen to do it, but not keen enough to travel up on my own. Any takers?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fancy an LDWA walk for a change?

Anyone fancy going on the West Lancs LDWA walk from Mytholmroyd on Saturday? Email or phone me if interested (Gordon)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Langdale Fell Race - Saturday 13th October

Wonderful, atmospheric conditions on the fells for this one more details here.

Langdale FR-110

Great Langdale under a thick blanket of cloud

Langdale FR-112

Looking back to the race start from the path up to Pike o’Blisco

Langdale FR-111

The path up to Pike o’ Blisco

Langdale FR-122

Beginning to emerge

Langdale FR-131


Langdale FR-133


Langdale FR-135

Stickle Pike

Langdale FR-141


Langdale FR-146

Langdale FR-149

Langdale FR-151

Skiddaw in the far distance

Langdale FR-153

Bow Fell

Langdale FR-157


Langdale FR-167

Looking back along the race route back to Pike o’Blisco

Langdale FR-174

Approaching Crinkle Crags

Langdale FR-181

Walkers on the Crinkles

Langdale FR-187

Mark (Lostock) joins the queue on the Bad Step

Langdale FR-201


Langdale FR-209

Views down from the Crinkles

Langdale FR-214


Langdale FR-223

Heading down the Band

Looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend at the Joss Naylor dinner  Smile