Monday, June 25, 2012

Three in Four

Thought I'd start with a short steep one as a loosener, which is how EtU and I squared up at the start of Aggies Staircase. He'd brought his minder with him, a young lad called Stephen out for his first fell race.

All uneventful, (well except for EtU passing me on the first climb to the Tower and me passing him on the way down) until we approached the bottom of Aggies Staircase. Heard a loudish thud behind me (akin to dropping sack of spuds) but no screaching/wailing so eyes firmly fixed ahead.  How heartless you might say, but it was wet and very slippy and stopping to look round could have ended up with 2 possible casualties and to be fair it hadn't sounded too serious and neither did I think it was EtU (would have been more vocal).

Knew MR would be at the bottom of the hill so was going to mention the possible casualty but was beaten to it by EtU yelling 'can we have some help up here we've got a man down'. Ooops. Started to feel a little guilty, only to discover that I was being blamed for said incident.

After all the finger pointing EtU still had time to reach the top of Aggies just behind me and then pass me on the top path. Caught up again on the wide downhill path only to be passed yet again on the narrow one. Neither of us impressed with our 50mins finishing time. The 'downed' man got a lift back with MR and Stephen finished a few minutes behind us. With some grippier trainers am sure it'll be a few minutes in front next time.

Race 2 - Reservoir Bogs. This has a new route each year and given the title and the amount of rain of Friday thought it might have taken us along Mytholmroyd and Hebden Bridge High Streets. Set off on the early start just to increase the challenge, and was first runner to the first two check points. Lead runner from the main race passed me just before the 3rd CP, as did three of the runners in the early start - they now had some faster runners to follow. Just a shade over 2hrs, leader managed 59mins but local turf for him.

Race 3 - Kinder Trog. Was hoping for a bit of clear weather over the Kinder Edge, but not to be. On my own again on the path along the edge but did find 2 out of the 3 short cuts I'd recced a month ago, so a bit of work still required. Not really impressed (again) with my time of 3.28, but onwards and upwards.

Hoping to race myself fit in time for Borrowdale


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dean Black Brook – Sunday 24th June

Yes that’s June folks, but you’d never know.  Still the Brook was looking good.  A few more here.


Dean Black Brook in spate


Dipper just caught lunch


… and then the rain came on.  Just got to the car before the heavens opened.  Drove back past the cascades which looked very impressive, can’t remember the Res looking as full as it is for ages.


The Cascades – from the car window in torrential rain!

Borsdane Wood to Haigh Hall – Saturday 23rd June

Not expecting any takers for UTUPing so headed out for local run after rain had abated.  Incredibly wet underfoot, but rain held off until I got home.  Short outing of just over seven miles – more details here.


Friday, June 22, 2012

The Indignity, the Indignity?

I had an ultrasouind scan the day after the Two Lads:

'Found anything?'

'Yes, clots'

'Ooo twin boys then!'

But they didn't laugh, turns out they'd heard it before.

So blood clots or DVT in my left leg it is. In some ways the symptoms I now read about fit better with what happened at the end of April than the pneumonia/torn calf muscle that was treated; which begs the question - did two different physios massage away a muscle tear or a blood clot? (it can be quite difficult to tell apparently). And did I do the Coledale race with pnuemonia or DVT or both?

So, I'm on Warfarin for six months, probably weekly clinics/possibly compression socks and plenty of talking to people before I do anything. I may or may not return soon to UTUPing when I get a consensus answer to 'Is Borrowdale out of the question then?' but I will obviously have to tread this line carefully in case I talk myself into a lockable jacket, as above - not all these people have a sense of humour.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Now the Nights Are Drawing in...'s time to plan for later in the year.

Coope's Dozen - had settled in to the Saturday immediately before Borrowdale, making it the 28th of July this year. Is that OK?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rochdale Canal, Manchester City Centre

Nowt to do with running, but an enjoyable outing in sunshine to Manchester!  As usual more at Out and About if it’s of interest.


Chorlton Street Bridge on Rochdale Canal


Swift Ed

Not a huge turnout for the Chernobyl 5k in Preston last night ( was there something more important happening elsewhere?!), but the conditions were perfect - blue sky, cool breeze and two familiar faces at the starting line.
I would like to say that the reason I was behind Etu for the whole race was to avoid the alliterated title I received recently, but in fact the truth is I simply could not keep up with him.
I did however manage to finish ahead of his brother who is much more graceful in defeat.
I wonder if this marks the end of Horrid Hazel or will she make a comeback?!!

Next Ten Days

Tonight hoping to make the Jubilee 5 at Rivington, but may not get clear in time.

More sure that I'll make Aggies on Thursday.

Then on Saturday it's up to Santon for a week.

Next UTUP probably Thursday 5th July with the do at the Black Horse just 8 days later on the 13th.

The Boy Is Back!

Agreed with SN last night that she would do a write up on last night's Chernobyl 5k, so I won't steal too much of her plunder, but it wasn't until a little while after she left and the results were available that I found that I was first OAP and had won a bottle of wine. And to those doubters, yes there were other OAPs, albeit only four of them.

Nice to feel that I may be out of the doldrums and back to my mediocre best.

Monday, June 18, 2012

5 races , 5 days.

This time last year I thought I would never do a fell race again never mind a series of races but thanks to this motley collection of vintage hill and bog-trotters who encouraged me to have a go, I did more than I thought possible over these last 5 days.

Having said that Tony Varley's and Albert Sunter's (T&A) exploits over the same period put my little achievement in the shade.

Last Wednesday it was the 3rd of 4 Preston Guild Street 'O' competitions, I did the 60 minute course around Preston Town centre but T&A did the 75 minute session! (It's the only thing I can beat them at) Thursday night we all did the 2 Lads fell race with T&A & others well out in front it was down to T'YM and me to have a head-to-head until he took a dive with an impressive roll to follow, allowing me to get in front only to fall just before the cottage.  Finished the race just behind Mark Sammon and a little over a minute in front of t'YM.  On to Friday and the Lever Park trail run, T&A off like ferrets up a drain pipe never to be seen again.  Unfortunately this was not well marshaled at a critical junction meaning I passed some back markers for the second time as only and handful of us did the correct route on the first lap.

Saturday I was now hurting from the previous 3 races and had the Great Hill fell race to tackle in torrential rain and howling head on wind on the way up.  I won't be doing that one again in a hurry!  I am not a lover of routes that cover the same route out and back especially with long down hills on tarmac.  T&A; well they did the White Bear LDWA and ran the 21 miles or in Tony's case + an extra 2 miles due to a misdirection on the shorter 10 mile route?!

Sunday and the 5 km road race - hated it.  3 times round Horwich with the winners passing me half way round my second lap!  T&A not only did the 5km but also the park sprint 'O' event prologue in the morning with the Urban 'O' event in the afternoon.  I've said it often in the past and I will say it again, when I grow up I want to be like those silver tops that keep running past me!

It was a great experience and I will try and stitch more on next year to beat EtU's record (9 events in 7 days? EtU to confirm.)  Just need to recover ready for this weeks 2 'O' events in Preston and Salford Quays.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Horwich Festival of Races

Weather brightened up considerably for this afternoon’s celebration of speed with our own KLM winning his age category in the 5K open event.


Well done that man!

More here from the Festival and some from the weekend at Out and About.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Choice of Saturday runs but...

I fancied the LDWA White Bear Way that NLN and FSS are doing but then KLM reminded me that it is The Great Hill Race tomorrow, a route I generally find enjoyable. And of course UTUP. However, damage done to my ankle on Two Lads is still causing some discomfort so it's probably wise to rest for at least another day and treat with ice so hope everyone has a good run at their choice of venue.

Good turnout at Two Lads

The weather stayed just about dry for last night's Two Lads Fell Race and EtU and myself, both regular combatants at this local event for I don't know how many years, were there to to the start line, or rather some way behind the start line as appropriate for our lack race winning ability. This year we were joined by Matt Sticklegs, KLM, TYC and PS, with TF along cheering us on. TYC and PS were way ahead recording respectable times whilst I managed to just fend off KLM as we reached the summit of Two Lads then carelessly caught my right foot on something on the descent and went flying with quite a good roll enabling KLM and a few others to overtake. At the time I thought my race was over but a few seconds walking followed by a tentative jog down to Pike Cottage meant at lease I would finish and hopefully the rest of the field wouldn't all overtake me. KLM meanwhile also took a tumble nearer to the Cottage, so he was still in sight along Georges Lane. Eventually I finished only a minute down on last year with KLM a minute in front of me, Matt a couple further back and EtU another three back, but not as he thought at the time, the last bloke to finish. I was pleased that they now have some decent beer in the Bridge and the Theakies no doubt acted as a painkiller. After some persuasion, Matt went up to the presentation room to find out there was a V70 prize, so EYJ's absence was to Matt's benefit.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Final Snaps from Scotland

Write up at Out and About if it’s of interest.  Thanks to EtU for the identification of the Mesnes Park inhabitants.  Couple more bird shots for you here – I suppose you all know about Siskins – completely new to me!


Loch Linnhe





PS Waverley


Some guy wandering into my shot of the Corran Ferry!


Keith above Loch Trieg


Evening at Craigallan



Fort Augustus – Locks on Caledonian Canal – bad weather day spent travelling to Ullapool, timing is all!


Sun shines again at Forest Way near Ullapool



Siskins – I’d never even heard of ‘em




An Teallach on the wall in to Shenavall Bothy

This Week

Two Lads Race (7:30 from the Bridge) tonight

UTUP Saturday

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Climbs

In reply to t’Yorkshireman’s query concerning last Saturday’s outings, I took on the traditional climbs, that is, Noon Hill, Winter Hill, Two Lads and Rivington Pike, all in that appallingly wet weather. Only saw one group of very wet walkers and they were near to the top Winter Hill. Being on my own, it was one of those days when I said to myself “What on earth am I doing out here”.

6.5 miles and that was plenty on the day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Names Please?

Just wondered if you ornithological types could identify these chaps spotted in Mesnes Park at lunch time.  Had a go on the RSPB bird identifier without joy doh!


Whose this little punk then?


Someone must know this guy with a beak like that!

Couple of shots from tonight’s run.


Pike with Blackpool Tower behind


Liverpool Bay with sunshine

Not Superstitious… but


Night before Wasdale?   I take it you’re not doing it then!

Nice little event this Saturday ‘White Bear Way’ – could make it an alternative UTUP.  Entries on the day £9 includes all refreshments and meal at end – 9.30 start from Adlington Scout Hut a gentle 21 miles over the West Pennine Moors, including Two Lads, Horderns Stoops, Lead Mines Clough and back to Adlington.  More details.


Are You Superstitious?

How about Friday 13th July at the recently re-opened Black Horse at Limbrick?

Have tried the beer (Hobgoblin and Black Sheep) and the only report I've had on the food was good.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Henderson's End  - Thursday 7th June

Another wet and windy race on the hills, this one being on the doorstep so as to speak.  Only proper runners come out in those conditions for a race but a few lesser but like minded souls like me also got out to make the mediocre runners look good.  Like Edenfield, I felt good and was well wrapped up unlike those mad 'uns in their vests and shorts, mind you they were not out long enough to get cold unlike us at the back.

Thanks to all those who gave me an insight into the route, which is basically a short Saturday run (Georges Lane , Winter Hill summit, 2 Lads, Pike and in) with more people on route but more lonely at the back.  I liked the route because of the variation of terrain except for the George's Lane sections that are always uncomfortable but make you grateful for the boggy bits.  The steep descents did for me again loosing me a lot of time on people I got past on the climbs.  I passed one chap on the climb up to the Pike and he managed to beat me by over a minute at the finish! Still, better than vegetating in front of the tele.

I was sad to miss the Duddon experience but I had an AAA pass for the Coldplay gig at the Etihad and 'Er indoors had a shared directors box with my son's girl friend and their old boss who is now their main client - all a bit convoluted but simple really.  What an experience and what a show - no contest really.

Sunday's orienteering at PFO's event on Stoneyhurst's grounds was challenging on all fronts but I got a better result than expected and a better one than I get at fell racing.

EtU - are you still up for Wednesday evening's SROC Street-O ? details:
Avenham & Broadgate on 13 June 2012, Venue: The Continental PR1 8JP, start times 18:30 to 19:30


Some good write-ups for a very testing day for those on the Long Course at Duddon.


Have They Found Everybody? and who is PS?

As we drove up to Seathwaite on Saturday morning in the Z car, it was all eyes to the skies (hopefully TF kept one on the tarmac). After a very wet start in Bolton we saw blue sky at one point, but this had disappeared before we got to the race venue.

The big boys' race set off just 99 runners five minutes late and we wimps were called to the line twenty minutes later with a call for "short runners". I tried to push my driver to the front but the starter soon explained that he was addressing runners for the short race, rather than those of challenged stature.

Before the start we had made contact with a swarthy lady (SL), who later proved to be an intermittent part of our race. 32 other wimps set off with us and in no time we were in low cloud with visibility down to about 20 yards. CP 1 was found without too much trouble and we went through there not too close to the back of the field. By then, I must explain, TF had decided that the conditions were such that I had little chance of getting back to the Newfield Inn before nightfall and had abandoned her own race to shepherd me home.

CP2 was achieved with just a little difficulty and we went through there placed 32 and 33 believing that there was one runner behind us.  We were later to find that he/she had dropped out soon after the start, so we were bringing up the rear at that point.

CP3 was found easily enough and a few minutes later and as we climbed towards Dow we head a plaintive cry from behind along the lines of "Is there anybody there?" This turned out to be from SL who we guided up to our vantage point. She thanked us by clearing off ahead into the cloud. Finding Dow (CP4) SL appeared from our left and joined us once again. She dropped back and we didn't see her again for a while. Dow Crag is the point at which the wimps' race joins the big boys' race route, which it then shares to the finish.

The route from there to the Walna Scar Road crossing was not easy, with the rock strewn route made very greasy by the wet conditions. Shortly before White Pike (CP5) we were passed by four of the big boys and SL. On the descent we were met by one John Brown, a clubmate of TF, out to watch the race.  We chatted for a while and then continued.

Anyone who has done the Duddon will know that the White Pike to Caw route is very messy, even in good visibility, so with only 20 yards or so in view it was not easy, but with TF at the helm we pressed on and eventually made Caw. We were surprised to be told at that point we were in 23/24 position, having gained 10 places since the last count, without having seen any of the other wimps (apart from SL).

A little trouble finding the wall crossing and then back to the field in 3:40.

The results of the long race give an indication of the impact that the conditions had on times, there had been 99 starters.

The results of the wimps' race tell an all too familiar story .Not a source of too much satisfaction, but interesting that SL doesn't feature in the finishers' list, as didn't Bowland Wayne, who had disappeared into the clouds early on.

A big thank-you to TF who took me there, took me round and and took me home, and if you ever get a chance to ride on her heated seats, after a long, cold fell race, jump at it.

By the way t'Y, who is PS?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Binnein Mor and Na Gruagaichean – Sunday 3rd June

More from the magnificent Mamores at Out and About


Loch Leven with Mamore Lodge in the foreground and the Stalkers Cottage barely visible through the trees.  Prominently in the distance the Sgorr na Ciche (The Pap of Glen Coe)


The Mamore Mountains from the summit of  Na Gruagaichean

Saturday, June 09, 2012

The wettest drought of all time?

Just PS (for those who have forgotten, or never knew, Posh Scouser) and Myself at UTUP this morning so we headed off to Two Lads and thence by Burnt Edge to the Trespass Stone. The visibility was such that I had to double check that we had taken the correct path off Two Lads. Crossing the stream near Burnt Edge had to be done without the stepping stones which were submerged by about a foot; the fence came into use for footholds. I didn't want to risk my phone/camera in the rain otherwise I would have captured it for display. At the Trespass Stone, neither of us fancied what would be just a bog on the path to Winter Hill so we retraced our steps to Burnt Edge then took the path twixt the quarries where I had a nice chat with Neil Wrigley and back along Georges Lane before heading through Wilderswood taking the path that comes out on the Pike Race and Winter Hill route then past Rivi School to Liverpool Castle and back along Rivington Reservoir providing PS with a route new to him. The shortened morning's run did provide 9 miles and 2100ft of ascent and as I was about to depart, JtE appeared - so where did you go John?

Sgurr Choinnic Mor – Saturday 2nd June

Day 1 of our Scottish sojourn  - link to more of our first half day on the big hills Smile


Onich across Loch Linnhe from front door of Craigallan


Path up to Falls of Steall






The Ben – colour version on Out and About


Summit - looking quite distant as we begin the climb


The Mamores



View from the bedroom window – far too midgy to go outside!

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Real (Olympic Torch) Relay

Amazed at realising that the Olympic Torch was spending much of its time in a van or bus, a group of runners have organised a true run relay of the Olympic torch route. This comes through Wigan-Bolton-Horwich-Chorley tomorrow with Danny Kevan (James' brother?) running the stretch from Bolton to Horwich leaving at 16:55. It would be good to give him support if we can remember and are around. Info, photos etc are at the Real Relay site.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Joss clip on ITV Local News

Thought you might be interested in this little feature on Joss's little run for the Jubilee. Link originally on Mud, Sweat & Tears. Now two weeks since my last run so mini-Duddon is out. May manage a bit of UTUP on Saturday. Had a nice 13 mile walk from Appley Bridge on Wednesday in the company of Mark Davies & John Crook amongst others.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Belated Photos from Turkey

The hill from the villa:-

Lurkey (my companion for the outing - think Chicken Licken) on the summit:-

Goats on the descent:-

The villa's somewhere over on the right.

The goats in silhouette:-
This was the view from another one I climbed on the north of the Bodrum Peninsula:-

I miss three things when visiting Mediterranean countres:- proper beer (obviously), the green, green grass of home, and Ordnance Survey maps. I haven't a clue what the two hills I climbe were called, or how high they were, and without marked paths (indeed, mostly without paths) it's very difficult to find routes.

Finally, snapped this old well near where we were staying:-

Tried to get the OSH to look at it, but she wasn't interested; as readers will probably have realised, she's not a well woman.

Henderson's End/Duddon

I'm planning to do Henderson's End on Thursday (providing Mrs Henderson doesn't object).

From what I remember, we find our way onto George's Lane by a fairly direct route, and then follow it NE to the wooden bridge at GR 650 152 (ish), whence we climb to the trig point.  Then it's Two Lads and back to the Top Barn (may take in the Pike on the way back).  Sorry if that's a bit vague, but it comes with the grey hair. It's not a bad route, except for the George's Lane bit.

Saturday I'm at Duddon.
Here you go

Probably heading to Hebden Bridge thurs, bit more climbing.

Is there anyone out there?

Is there anyone else out of the Thursday UTUP crew doing the Hendersons end run?  Or anyone for that, who can let me know what the course is please?

With so many disappearing up to Duddon, is anyone UTUPing on Saturday?


Monday, June 04, 2012

Ennerdale Spectator

Well I didn't make it to the start line having never sent in an entry. Having had some abysmal weather on the weekends that I'd had free for reccing, I hadn't manage to do that either. So as the weather look promising on race day I decided to go and have a look at the tricky bit from Red Pike to Black Beck tarn. With runners out on the course I'd be able to get a better idea of the racing lines.

Starting point for my walk (taking it easy as racing the following day) was from the Buttermere side.

(Looked like my ice cream would be ready when I got back)
Up to Red Pike and a chat with the marshalls. I'd arrived a bit early for the runners so as it was a bit chilly on the summit I decided to carry on and see if I could pick up the trod contouring round High Stile. Was back to the main path before they came through, but happy enough that I contoured on the right line.

Race map describes this part of the route as 'grassy' - don't know about you but I can see lots of rocks too!

Some runners opted to keep to the main path. Then onto Gamblin End, at the bottom of this the field split in two before approaching Seat. Some opting to contour to the left and some sticking to the main path for a 'up and over' approach to Scarth Gap.
(think they're the same walkers as in the photo above, told you I was taking it easy!)

(runners on the contouring line)
I opted for the main path so I could keep out of the way. On to more contouring round Haystacks and finally arriving at Black Beck tarn. Joss's daughter was manning the CP, and stayed for a chat and to encourage the runners through. One almost had to do a full lap of the tarn having contoured a long way round Haystacks!

(looking up at the tourist path from the third CP)

Helvellyn and the Dodds Sunday 3rd June 24K/1337m

They extended the race last year with a new starting point just off the A66 at Thelkeld Cricket Club. Apparently this was one of Kenny Stuart's training runs, bet he did this on a nice sunny summers evening. We weren't blessed with that sort of weather, and I was going to need a full day.

Essentially the route is an out'n'back to Helvellyn calling at Clough Head, Great Dodd and Raise summits on the way there and back, the others you could skirt round. By the time I got to Great Dodd I had a long sleeve HH, club vest, wind-proof top and waterproof jacket on and I was still cold. Vis was poor.

I wasn't sure I was too pleased to clear the cut-off of 2 hours at Raise (by 5mins) and felt like saying sorry to the marshalls as they were then going to have to wait for me to come back through. I'd been running with three other ladies since Great Dodd and if I'd been on my own I might have been tempted to turn back. On the otherhand the race rules stated that if you retired, you still had to visit all the check points on the way back (for safety reasons). So might as well carry on and finish.

Mood lifted on the return as the mist lifted and could see the route, wind seemed to drop a bit too. One of the ladies made a break for it after Stybarrow Dodd, tried to keep with her but could only narrow the gap a bit on the climbs. Quite glad they'd flagged the route back to the Cricket field after dropping off Clough Head otherwise I'd have been wandering around all over the place. Hate to think what that's like in the dark on a BG round!

Having finished thinking there was only 2 behind, got a nice little bonus to find it'd increased to 3. Even better were the lovely sandwiches and cakes and a hot shower. One for the Diary, usually the Sunday of the 2nd (last) bank holiday weekend in May.

Results are on Keswick AC website (can't do a link) winner 2.27, me 4:15 (68/71)



Sunday, June 03, 2012

Edenfield Sunday 3rd June - 10.3km/6.4m,  477m/1565ft.

I only put the numbers in the title as my GPS actually gave the same result!!

I like the Boxing Day Whinberry Naze race for the terrain and views so I thought I might like this event as it overlaps the Naze route on Cowpe Lowe and so should have similar terrain and views.  Just as I had hoped, I enjoyed the route and views most thoroughly and the cold wet, windy weather didn't didn't spoil the occasion.

 I didn't recognise any of the runners on the start line except for 2 of my "O"club members, one of them being a very good runner - you know the type - flying along up or down hill and doesn't look like he's trying!  Looking round the start line I did feel a little over dressed compared to some hearty souls with the flimsiest bits of clothing covering them but by the time I had finished I was more than pleased with my decision in clobber - I am partial to being warm and comfortable.

The start of the race is a steady climb with a few sharp walking climb bits which suited me well and allowed me to pass some of the earlier fast starters.  The down hilling bits as always were my undoing.  However, the variation in the terrain underfoot made it so much more enjoyable and I was bouncing along like TYC!  Two particular gents I think were getting miffed with me as I kept passing them on the climbs and the tussock stretches but they usually passed me on the downing stuff.

The highest point of the course is Whittle Hill after passing a few wind beasties, which look very intimidating up close, then a long drop and a stiff but short climb, a bit like the back leg on Black Coombe.  After the last climb, it is a very fast descent down farm road, track and path.  This was turning out to be very competitive, one of my adversaries passed me but I managed to keep in touch with him and at the same time time keeping the other one at bay all the way down to the cricket club finish.

The finish is a wide swooping arc around the cricket pitch to finish in front of the club house.  Head down, I went for the guy in front but he dug in 50m from home and moved away then the guy behind passed me with 20 m to go.  Damn and blast!  I thought I might have been a bit angry with myself on the finish line like I used to be a few years ago but instead I was in fact pleased that I had kept him at bay for so long.

A really enjoyable race, despite the weather.  I loved the mixed terrain and route, not a big field of runners, so methinks I will be doing this again - all things being equal that is.
I am actually starting to enjoy my fell running again, where I actually get some fun out of the event.  As I have nothing to prove I'm getting a lot of bonuses using Riddles Law! (See earlier posting regarding Riddles Law)


Saturday, June 02, 2012

Anyone up for a long run on Wednesday?

This is the last week I can get out during the daytime on a weekday, having secured a full-time job from the 11th so thought I would try to get a long run or walk or run/walk in the Howgills or Lakes next Wednesday. It seems silly to just drive up on my own. Due to a throat infection I've not run for over a week so it will have to be at an easy pace and hopefully it will have cleared by then. I know Henderson's End is on Thursday but I can't make it as I'm tutoring every evening this week (with two on Thursday) but from the following week I'll be able to get out for evening runs - I'll have to! This also means I'll have to be back not much later than 5pm on Wednesday. Get in touch if you're up for it. I wouldn't mind having a go at Duddon (short) this year and, as I've no tutoring planned for Friday, might go up Friday morning for a walk and camp overnight. But this may be scuppered if I need to move furniture from Gateshead for Diane.

Friday, June 01, 2012

The Torch Through Horwich

Responding to a proposal from Meredith, our youngest, I set my alrm for 5:00 this morning and was on Chorley New Road for 6:00. Meredith turned up with her boys soon after, complete with with home made union flag (I think there may be some confusion between the Olympic Torch Relay and the Royal Jubillee celebrations):-

After quite a wait, and a significant promotional cavalcade, the torch bearer come into view. He was a young lad suffering from, possibly, celebral palsy, but he made good progress and was very well received:-

Managed to get a reasonable picture as he came past, but unfortunatly a "heavy" virtually obscured my squad (left to right, you can see Meredith's face, Henry's feet and Jake in his buggy:-

I'm told that soon after the Crown a bus came into use, and the next time the torch was carried was on the tarmac was at Yarrow Bridge.

My overall impression was that the promotional buses did not detract too much from the occasion, and the local folk of all ages were thrilled by the experience, and as I drove home for my porridge, I was heartened by the way it brought the community together.