Thursday, January 31, 2013

Edale Skyline

Entries filling fast, I'm in. Contemplating the direct route from Grindslow Knoll to Ringing Roger this year.  As it's sportident timing we'll be able to study the split times post event. 

Last time it was a championship race the weather was truly awful - snow & wind - not many in shorts that year unlike the heat wave we had last year.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Anglezark Amble

Due to being laid low this week with a bad chest infection I think I will only be able to manage a plod around the course with EtU, if he doesn't mind slowing down for me.

Last saturday night's orienteering event putting out controls, manning the down load in the rain and collecting some controls in did for me already being in possession of a bad cough for the last 4 weeks.  I am missing a lot of good events & outings due to this illness so if I do get to the Amble start line I will have to take it careful.
If all is still OK by Sunday I will be manning a control at the bottom of the ramp with Paul Murray, I'll make sure I have camera in hand for the wfdbwgua troops taking part.


Tri Winter Hill

The augural swimming, biking and running of this event will be on Saturday 6th July.

I'm putting together some details, but get the date in your diary. Open to soloists, and teams of two or three. No formality and no organiser, just a bunch of folk not straying far from Winter Hill.

This Week (and next)

Planning UTUP this Thursday 31st and Saturday 2nd.

I've entered the Amble; if anyone wants a slow cruise round I'd be glad of company.

Did anyone's orocs come before the ice melted?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moor Field Trigpoint

Just as well we didn’t head for the Lakes on Friday night or we would have had a night in the car, as Keith did.  Had a super snowy run locally on Saturday as I didn’t fancy the drive to UP.  I’m so sad it’s all disappeared – but here are some pics to remind you.  More at Out and About, where I’ve put some pics from the bus graveyard from Sunday’s run.  Well done TF on a fine weekend’s work Winking smile

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Friday night – garden

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Moor Field Trig Point seen across the frozen pond

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Hindley Militia!

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It didn’t last long did it?  Sad smile


I received a subscription to Private Eye at Christmas. As I don't wish to build up a collection of another magazine but it seems a waste just to dispose after reading, would anyone like me to pass them on once I've read the issue.
Quick response would be useful as I'm about to prepare the next issue of Runaround so will advertise in there should nobody get in first.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kinder Trial Sat 26th Jan (?k/?m)

Following on from the success in the 'Festive Disorientation' I'd requested an early start again.

Up early to walk to the main road to check driving conditions. Not looking too bad given that the M6 and M61 had been shut overnight. Back to the house to uncover the car and clear a reversing path. Snowfall very localised as driving through Hazel Grove you wouldn't even know it was winter except for the 4degrees showing on the dashboard.

Arriving in Hayfield the promise of 'full-on' winter conditions for racing materialised. Andy (RO) had used some longer stakes for the controls this year, so hopefully we weren't going to have to dig them out.

The planned early start didn't work in my favour. It was hard work fighting through the heather and snow to the first 2 controls. By the third one, more runners were catching up and by the fourth it was a long orderly queue to clip at the control.

The majority of the field had opted for the clockwise route which gave us a drop off from the Sandy Heys area of the Kinder plateau. By the time I got there the run off had become a toboggan run and the fastest way down was on my backside!

Exhilarating fun, but totally knackering. A touch of bad post race cramp would suggest I didn't take on enough fluid on the way round. The winner made it round in 1:34, I managed it in 3:09. A bit of an under-par performance.

Sundays leg stretcher was a trot round That's Lyth. Well more walking than trotting, but pleased to finish. Plenty of cups of tea ensured no repeats of the cramp or it could have been the exceedingly slow pace maintained all the way round. Will need to up the game for the Wadsworth Trog in a fortnight.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

In the end, I also went for a run

I didn't expect to go for a run today. I'd not run since last Saturday. The sore throat had returned so the Northern XC Champs were out of the question for me. Whether they were out of the question for everyone else I do not know. I saw nothing to say they were cancelled this morning but would think the logistics of competitors travelling to Knowsley and parking would be fraught with difficulty.
I was going to nip into Horwich this morning to get my haircut  (originally booked for yesterday evening but the journey home put paid to that) but a phone call revealed the two remaining staff  were going home as soon as possible so I thought I may as well have a little run. The plan was just an hour - up past Austins Farm - the mainly off road route up to the Jolly Crofters then along Georges Lane to the mast road and back, maybe back via Wallsuches.
I'd worn my yaktrax so grip was good until I reached Georges Lane. The problem there was that the road had been fully cleared so nobody had used the pavement so it was either deep snow or no snow at all, not ideal for footwear. A swift decision and I turned up Makinson Lane to Burnt Edge. There had been enough predecessors on the path to make running reasonably quick. Then back down the mast road which had not been cleared so the surface was suited for yaktrax and then the usual path and diagonal to the fishing res and Wallsuches. I managed to take a couple of photos on the phone of the view of the mast and the easterly view from Burnt Edge.

Solo in the Snow

Fresh from my ECG "all clear", and in view of the road conditions, I set the alarm 30 minutes early and ran to the UP, arriving just 2 minutes after the UT. Waited until 8:45 then set off for WH trig point, passing this at the top barn:-

Part way up the diagonal to Georges Lane there was a shout from behind and I was soon joined by Albert, FSS and Tom, who were on the first leg of a winter (with a vengeance) CD! It's to be hoped that the team found easier conditions along the way:-

I hadn't planned to detour via Noon Hill, but being a sociable chap, I stayed with them long enough to take this:-

We parted company at that point and I dropped down to Georges Lane. Along to the wooden bridge then the 'fun' started. I used to be able to get from the bridge to the trig point in 9 minutes. Today it took me 45, several of which were spent trying to negotiate one particularly tricky snowdrift. It was cold on top - very!

Using the delay on the camera:-

I had planned to return home via the gardens, but I'd had enough of the drifts by then, so used the mast road, Foxholes anod Lee Lane through to Grimeford Lane.

Time on feet - 4 hours 1 minute, distance - just over 10 (tough) miles - an exhilarating outing. I wonder how the big boys got on?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Those about to UTUP

Not sure I'll make it in the morning given the roads tonight for getting back. However if anyone does, see if you can spot this on the Pike....

I'd like to think I was first there this evening given the snow and lack of prints.

It was only a quick run, foxholes, two lads, (complete with dire visibility and nav so I abandoned going to the mast and turned back), then the pike and back in.

Saw what I think was a vole running along George's Lane before I turned off for the pike, he wouldn't stop for a picture though.

If I don't manage to get there in the morning and see everyone, have fun in the snow!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thanks for the 'heads-up' regarding the oroc's NLN. Mine are in the post too. Will take them for a spin round the clinic to test them out when they arrive.

Decided to have all parcel deliveries made to me at work now after an Amazon order for a new dolce gusto coffee machine was left in a secure place the other week - the back patio!!!! Bear in mind I returned home at 8.30pm and it'd been raining earlier in the day.

Given the fact it was half price I wasn't too fussed that they'd also sent it in a different colour than advertised (replacing an identical machine that was broke). So I'd already used it before the email arrived to say they'd sent the wrong one. Tough! The light silver colour matches all the other appliances better so they're not having it back now!!



Just a quick heads up on this one, posted on fb by Lostock runners.  Tungsten tipped inov8 shoes at £44.99 normally sell at £119 Surprised smileObviously going like hot cakes!   But thought I’d let folk know – mine are in the post!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

News from the extreme southern correspondent

Can you spot lunch?

Well we did too, but unfortunately the little blighter didn't fancy a dip in a boiling pan of water and hid between the rocks before we could get to him.  We had to opt for the other 'catch of the day' which in this case was squid.

Lots of little fishing villages dotted along the coast in Tenerife. Parents favourite is Tajoa. Very simple eating out, no menus, you just point at the seafood you want that's on display (bit like at the supermarket fish counter) and they prepare it and bring it to the table along with bread, salad and potatoes (chips on this occasion, as on hols). Lunch for 3 including drinks 22euros!

Back in the frozen north now. Disappointed with the lack of snow, no way of blagging a few more days off work. Shame!

Not out this weekend as I'm doing the Kinder Trial on Sat. Looking likely that I should be out Thurs and Sat next week though.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Spoilt for Choice

With a glorious sunset followed by a stunning sunset – it was a tough call choosing one single snap for my blip today.  These guys didn’t make the cut, but if you have a minute have a look at Out and About and let me know what you think!

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Leeds Liverpool Canal – New Springs

The rest from the back of our house

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No UTUP for me Saturday Rucksack Club meet in the Lakes – wouldn’t it be wonderful if the weather was like today Rolling on the floor laughing

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birthday Greetings

I would like to wish NLN many happy returns of the day. All the best people are born in January!

Winter Hill Fun - Saturday 19th January

Cracking morning of winter fun over Pike, Two Lads, Quarries, Burnt Edge, Winter Hill TP and Noon Hill.  Only eight miles, but fairly challenging in places!  Especially when KLM took us the alternative route from Georges Lane NOT via the diagonalConfused smile

Few more here if you like the white stuff!

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KLM sprints off

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Chinese Gardens looking uber cool!

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Well until this lot arrived

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YJ reeling in some random dog walker

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Digging in

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Approaching Noon Hill

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Performance of ritual bog dancing on Noon Hill

Great fun had by all, especially when KLM stood a post run treat at the Lower Barn – Cheers!

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Laters at Il Toro

Friday, January 18, 2013


Evening all,

Can't make UTUP, the having a band thing is getting in the way again. Though I did go out tonight to make up for it; Pike, Two lads, mast, trig and then reversed it with the addition of Wilderswood after two lads.

If you get to the Pike steps and there's the image of somebody having stumbled into a two or so foot drift before falling into it, that's my handiwork, enjoy!

Saturday 19th January

I'm planning to report UTUP, weather permitting.

Perhaps punctual starters could head for the Pike and then Two Lads, so that any late arrivers would have a chance of making contact by going straight to Two Lads.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Glasgow Weekend

Our usual visit to celebrate Bill’s Birthday 87 years young – few more here

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Powfoot on the Solway Firth

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The Necropolis

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Surprised smile

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The Pavilion morning sunshine