Monday, March 25, 2019

Joss recce

I have been talking about doing a Joss Naylor Challenge for a couple of years and the TF decided it was high time I stopped talking and started running. So she very kindly offered me a choice of three Saturdays to recce leg 1, and so last Saturday I got out of bed at 5.45 in order to be ready to leave at 6.30. The TF had offered to drive and we made good progress to arrive in Pooley Bridge and be ready to run well before 9.

The start was fairly easy, if somewhat damp, and we reached our first summit, Arthur's Pike in about an hour. I then decided to "bag" Bonscale Pike as well whilst the TF sensibly kept to the JN route. We met up just below the summit of Loadpot Hill, and then had an easy if somewhat tedious run along the ridge to Wether Hill, Red Crag (the summit cairn of which was on the other side of a fence so we didn't bother touching it), Raven Howe and finally High Raise. Now the run might have been a bit tedious but the views were superb, and at High Raise we stopped to refuel and take in the scenery.

 We soon picked up Kidsty Pike, Rampsgill Head, High Street and Thornthwaite Beacon. At this point with only about 3 miles to go, life suddenly became much harder. There is a steep nasty 600ft drop into Threshthwaite Mouth followed by an equally horrible climb up to Caudale Moor. However it was soon over, and our spirits were lifted by the sight of EtU who had very kindly driven up to the Kirkstone Pass to save us the problem of getting back to Pooley Bridge. You may not be surprised to learn that EtU had acquired some company at this stage: I won't say too much, other than that they were young, blonde and pretty!

The final descent had a sting in the tail with a sharp little climb up to Pike Howe and we then followed the advice of Guru Ian and dropped off the ridge, through a boulder field and so to the Kirkstone Pub for a welcome drink. EtU then drove us back to Pooley Bridge and then it was back to Bolton.

We were blessed with good weather, great views and the very generous help of EtU who drove all that way in order to help us out - thanks Ed, it is greatly appreciated. My thanks too to the TF for organising it all and doing the driving. A great day out altogether.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Little Smartie attends first event

For those not already in the know, I made an addition to my transport arrangements at the end of November 2018

Little Smartie is a pure electric car and was purchased with my Mon-Fri trundle into Manchester in mind. She lives in the garage and has a dedicated home charger. 

After 3 months of ownership I thought it was about time she attended her first 'event'. So which one to choose? Not only do I now have to contend with 'cut-off' anxiety, I now have to think about if I can get to the event and back again on one charge - otherwise know as 'range-anxiety' in EV parlance.

Fortunately the Two Crosses event organised by the East Lancs branch of LDWA fitted the bill. A 22m return drive, with a 25m run in between. The drive was well within the capabilities of Little Smartie (65m range in Winter), but there was a bit of a question mark over the runners capabilities as it's been a long time since this sort of distance has been undertaken.

Event day arrived and the first wobble of the day, looking out the bedroom window to see a covering of hailstones. Little Smartie is rear-wheel drive. A quick check of google maps to see if I can avoid the minor roads without too much of a detour. Reassured this was the case, and off we set. Arriving at Event HQ it was a breeze negotiating the school playground and all the obstacles.

4 Seasons worth of weather and 6hrs50mins later, I returned to Little Smartie. Only now did I realised that I hadn't properly given much thought to the dilemma of keeping Little Smartie's interior spotlessly clean (yes, really!!) as befits a 'city' car.

Aside from the clean car bit, the event was a success. My pace was slow, but training dictates that I also need to spend time on my feet if I'm going to succeed at the Calderdale Way Ultra in June. A big thank you to East Lancs LDWA for fabulous event, food was great and good to see so many familiar faces.


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Spring Equinox 'Do'

I have booked a biggish table at the Black Horse for the 22nd.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Spring Equinox 'Do'

2019 Vernal Equinox is Wednesday 20th March, so a 'do' on Friday 22nd is indicated.

Any takers?