Thursday, July 30, 2015

Coope’s Dozen Support Item

On emptying the boot of my car after the event I found a drink container, silver in colour, with a blue top and with the word “northern” printed on it. If the owner will contact me I will arrange to hand it over.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday Run

A few snaps from last night’s run – amazingly we avoided the torrential showers apart from a slight spattering right at the end.  Wonderfully atmospheric evening light









Tues Winter Hill-40

Monday, July 27, 2015

Coope’s Dozen

A fine day for it – many thanks to the support provided by the man himself.  A few more pics here


New toy!








New paint job


Crow or Raven?  Black and white or colour?


The fast lads and lasses heading down


TYC and himself


Familiar views








Sunday, July 26, 2015

Coope's Dozen 25th July 2015

I don't know why TYC missed the start, you may pick your explanation from the following options:-

a. He didn't want to spoil the symmetry of twelve folk starting the Dozen.

b. For superstitious reasons he wanted to avoid there being thirteen starters.

c. It was the result of the running equivalent of the young bachelor coming to work from a different direction every day.

d. None of these.

The twelve starters were:-

From the left:- FSS, the Kavanagh Twins, TM, Paul S, NLN, Mark, EL (Ed's Lass), Bernie, EtU, YJ, KLM and last, but definitely not least, the eponymous JtE. John, didn't run (see later) but instead generously opted to provide top rate road support and refreshments  From the whole squad - Thank You Very Much, John, you put the icing on the cake of an already promising day.

Of these twelve, I reckon eight were old hands, and four were debutantes, not a bad mix. Just a shame that other than Horwich, Chorley, Bowland and SELOC (or should that be WHO? [sorry, private joke, perhaps KLM will explain]) no other local club was represented, despite at least two having been invited.

I'll not bore you with a step by step account, but suffice to say that after Noon Hill, when we re-grouped and were joined by TYC, we fell into the usual fast, middle and (very) slow groups and we made our various ways to Hordern Stoops, where there was an element of regrouping. YJ and I were last to arrive, just behind the Twins, and we found Paul, Mark and NLN waiting for us, already enjoying the contents of the boot of John's car. Bernie and EL had already left for home, via the mast road as EL had a lunch date with her three sisters and more of her kin. FSS and TM had sprinted through and KLM and TYC had (I think) already left for home and other adventures later in the day.

Paul and Mark (debutante's, you'll remember) were waiting for someone to point them towards Old Adam's Hill, and NLN led them off to point the way. The Twins turned for home and  then YJ and I continued on the route several minutes behind Paul and Mark.

From that point on I continued to slow down, and YJ stayed with me, more avuncular style than that of an elderly brother.

We tried a new route from Round Loaf to Healey Nab, going via Jepson's gate, but this seemed to add not only distance, as expected, but also time. John was waiting at Waterman's Cottage, and after feeding us, went back to the Barn to see folk in in.

After Healey Nab we were met again by John, this on foot, he having run out to meet us, We three most senior members of the cavalcade stumbled along to the finish, with the two Johns finally agreeing to leave me with about a mile to go, so they could at least finish in style. I was last in, in 6:36 to which I notionally add another 5 minutes penalty  for by-passing Counting Hill.

So, another PW to add to my growing collection, but an otherwise great day out, I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did, with, hopefully, a little less pain.

Once again, thank you JtE, and also thank you to YJ for ongoing support throughout.

Please, if you have anything to add to the above, by way of correction, additional information or comment, do so, either by email to me ( or by the comment facility on this blog.

Coope’s Dozen

Some pictures from yesterday.


Before the start:




The start:





Late starter:



Hordern Stoops:









Near Waterman’s Cottage:





At the finish:


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Joss with a Difference

Afternoon tea at Sty Head prepared with love and laughter by Sandra and Carol for Steve on his Joss.  More pics here


Just a reminder……..

Coope’s Dozen this coming Saturday, the 25th. July starting at the Top Barn at 9.00am.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Coope's Dozen

The Lord of Brentford regrets to announce that his knee injury has flared up again, and so he will have to decline the kind invitation to join his friends on Saturday morning.

He hopes they have an enjoyable run.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Saturday run

I won't be UTUPping on Saturday as I am planning a trip to the Langdales as part of my build up for the Langdale Marathon. My plan is to run over into Little Langdale and then over Wrynose and hopefully as far as Hardnot and then return by the same route.

At the moment I have three spare seats in the car so if anyone wants to join me they are most welcome and the road run is not compulsory.  I will be parking at the Old Dungeon Ghyl and expect to be away from the car for about three hours, which would make time for a reasonable fell run for anyone so inclined.

An early start is envisaged.

Monday, July 06, 2015

Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon 4/5th July 2015

The build up to this race had started at Easter when I noted that the only female competitor entered on the Pillar course I had just beaten in a 2 day orienteering event. I hadn't got one of the specific qualifying events listed by the organizers to acquire an entry, (lots of other stuff) but thought I could use this information if I required. So entry applied and accepted, no questions asked.

So the training for 2 long days in the hills started with the GL3D, then Helvellyn & Dodds, Duddon and finally Great Lakes, with a little trip out with YJ for good measure. I also had to practice marking up a map with controls using the provided GR's, something I'd never had to do before for a MM. I'd read plenty horror stories about people plotting controls in the wrong place or missing them off entirely. The Pillar course is a bit of a 'hybrid'. You're provided with a list of controls for the day which you can visit in any order. The pairs courses follow a prescribed order of controls.

I had a 8;25am start, KLM started nearly 30 mins later. I was a complete bundle of nerves, it was just like being back at school doing exams when the teacher says 'you can turn over your paper now'. When I tell you that one of the control descriptions was 'hill' you can imagine that the course planner was probably having a bit of a laugh at our expense. Adding to the fact that visibility was poor, the proverbial 'needle in haystack' came to mind. I spent ages plotting the controls and an equally long time trying to find the first two, and we hadn't got more than 2 miles form the start! I seriously considered throwing in the towel at that point, but thought I'd give finding another one a go. And so it went on until I bumped into KLM on the way to my 7th one. It was heartening to hear he (experienced Saunders competitor) was finding it as tough navigationally as I was. We commiserated with each other and cursed the planner. Without his considerable help I'd have certainly taken a lot longer finding number 7 and 8. Here we parted, dictated by the fact that he had to go and find a control I'd visited earlier in the day.

After 7hr52mins I crossed the finish line for Day1. Epic. At that point I was 8th and the first of the ladies back. By the end of the evening I'd dropped to 9th but still remained 1st Lady with a margin of nearly 40mins. KLM had predicted he'd be out about an hour longer than me, he was nearly right.

The overnight camp was at High Tilberthwaite. A beautiful spot in the sunshine, which we had in abundance for the rest of the evening. However hard a time me and KLM had on our course, it wasn't nearly as bad as those doing Klets or Harter who had to contend with a control that had been nicked. Can't begin to imagine how frustrating that would have been. It left the organizers a tricky conundrum as regards the results for these two courses, especially the Klets who like us on Pillar took their controls in any order.

Day 2 proved to be an easier day all round. We could see where we were going and the distance was shorter. KLM set off first this time. He had a couple of better route choices than me early on and then chose to collect the last 3 controls in a different order to me. He was back at base queuing for his food when I crossed the line, having had a much better 2nd day.  I wasn't allowed to join the food queue but was ushered to one side by the organizers. It was like coming through customs at the airport, there was something to declare and they wanted to look in my bag.

What was there to declare?

I was FIRST LADY!!!!!!!

Results are on SLMM website, and sometime later this week there'll be a photo of me with my prize. I would show it you, but I've drunk it already.


Saturday, July 04, 2015

Coope’s Dozen Support Arrangements

As traditionally arranged there will be a support car at the start of the event (9.00am at the Top Barn) carrying drinks and other refreshments to support  points at  Hordern Stoops (GR 655159) and at the top end of Anglezarke reservoir near to Waterman’s Cottage (GR 616179). Anyone wishing to have their particular concoction or kit transported to a support point can hand it over before the start.  If anyone wishes to complete only half the distance transport can be arranged to or from Hordern Stoops which is about the half distance point. The full distance is about 18 miles.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Coope's Dozen - Saturday 25th July 2015

2015 sees the return of our annual running of this social event to its traditional date of the Saturday before the Borrowdale race.

Please feel free, indeed you are encouraged, to promote it to as wide a circle as possible.