Saturday, February 02, 2019

TF and TLofB Winter Epic

Sat 2nd Feb was set aside for second attempt at our first JN recce, the first attempt last November being abandoned due to weather conditions.

Well the two of us were determined that the weather gods were not going to get the better of us this time. The starting point was Dunmail Raise and the finish Grasmere. We had plan A, B, C......

Plan A was starting well when I spotted a trail of snowy footprints heading up the Fell. Whoever the early bird was, had big feet and was clearly used to winter conditions making a zig-zag trail up the Fell. I was soon making good progress, TLoB however was finding it tougher going as you can see from the picture, it’s not often that TF gains that much on him up a hill!

We finally made it to the fence line after well over 50 minutes of b(****)y hard work. Once on the gentler slopping stuff, TLoB recovered his mojo and was soon zooming ahead to the first summit.

It was here that Plan B was put into action. Surveying the route ahead we could at least see the fenceline to follow, but could predict that progress would be slow. So it was a day for taking in the views and enjoying the experience of the wintery conditions. Our next target was the top of the Easdale valley where we would make our descent back to Grasmere.

After a couple of little detours to check out the views, we duly arrived at the head of the valley after a further one hour of effort.

So in all, 7.75m (on my Garmin) 1370ft and just over 4hrs. Was it worth it - yes!

Monday, January 28, 2019

TAB to Bowland - The event

There was 4 in total for this little adventure into the Bowland Fells, YJ, EtU SN and yours truly. Weather was not looking the best but we hoped we'd be off the fell by the time it turned a bit 'yucky'

We headed off up the Langden Valley with the promise of a guided tour round Langden Castle. Both SN and myself were a little disappointed to find it was only a glorified cow shed, but we agreed to the obligatory piccies. The guided tour was brief to say the least.

From here we headed further up the valley to ascend towards Fiendsdale Head, negotiating a crossing of the Langden Brook. Wet feet for all.

Visibilty on the top wasn't great, so it was useful to have fence to follow, visiting the Trig Point on Fair Snape was left for another day. 

Navigating up to this point had be going 'swimmingly' well especially due to the number of boggy bits, but the lure of a waymarked trod down out of the mist had the only person able to read the map without glasses, making a spectacular parallel error into the wrong valley.

The map reader only realized their error once Langden Castle came back into view - ooops!! All we had to do now was find a safe way to cross back over Langden Brook, given that we were further downstream. Wet feet were a given this time. 

The gps trace reveals the true scale of the error! Thought they were in one valley to the right

All thanks to EtU for suggesting the outing. All felt it was worth another visit but perhaps in the summer months and to see if we can do the original planned route!


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

TAB to Bowland

TAB is my newly discovered word. I'd heard it several times over recent years, but only in the last few days discovered its derivation. It stands for Tactical Advance to Battle, or in this instance, Tactical Advance to Bowland.
We (as in wfdbwgua) are planning a TAB on Saturday 26th January, commencing from GR SD 632 513, near Dunsop Bridge, at a time yet to be agreed.
We will proceed up the Langden Valley to Langden Castle (Google it). thence to Fairsnape Fell:-

Note:- it may not be this sunny on the 26th and the paint on the trig pillar might have faded.

From there we will turn south and then east to return to our start point. Total distance about 10.5 miles, starting on track and then rough fell. Forecast is dry, but cloudy.
I can forward a map to anyone who is interested.