Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A slight mis-calculation on the FRA miles, I missed out Askham (8.5m).

Total for TF is now 65.9m

Can't have EtU stealing a march on this competition, so I think I'll do Coiners on Monday next week. The extra 2hr lie-in and the fact that it's a 1/4m further sealed the decision.

May make it to UTUP tomorrow. Anyone doing Saturday? I can only manage a 2hr effort this week.

Wray Caton Moor

See you on the line t'Y ~ don't get mixed up with the scarecrows when they do the judging, coming third behind Worzel Gummidge and Aunt Sally would do nothing for your street cred!

Seem to remember you beating me on the run-in at this one a few years ago.

Have to do a bit of racing now and then to reduce TF's ever increasing lead in my (foolish) challenge.

Upcoming races
Having hopefully got this cold/flu out of the way (bit of swine that was, haha), I shall hopefully be back running and racing. Possibly UTUPing tomorrow but not certain.
Had I not had a break, Coniston would have been a nice excursion but instead I shall have to wait for a race with my daughter on Monday as Diane has decided to also run at Wray Cayton. I think I shall have to be five minutes ahead of her on the ascent otherwise she will race past me coming down. Anyone else fancy doing it? It's always a good day out with lots of things going on at the show and around the village.
Can't decide whether to do Belmont Winter Hill the following week or possibly the Malham Meander LDWA which allows runners - has anyone experienced the event? Oh and the revamped Chorley 4 starts next Wednesday.

Me too, EtU.

Thursday 30th April

I'm UTUPing.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Ian's Joss

Thanks Ian for the slide show. A superb record of a day to remember, I'm sure, by everyone involved.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kinder Downfall 10m/2500ft

Another 10m in the bag, so that makes 57.4m for the year so far. EtU will be pleased to know I'm having a break from racing next weekend.

I need to thank YJ for the tip about the Vaseline, worked a treat today, not a spot of sunburn anywhere. I think I managed about the 2hr mark +/- a few seconds. Finishers from 220+ don't have a space on the results board, but guess we'll know soon enough.

So as I bettered last years time, I treated myself to a visit to the Garden Centre on the way home to acquire three new Hostas. These are to replace my prize specimens that the slugs decimated (didn't even leave the stalks!) last year. If the little b*****s take so much as a munch or even a nibble out of these ones, it'll be war.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Photos from Ian's Joss

Click on the little black square with the arrows for full size slide show

Friday, April 24, 2009


See you there JtE


UTUP for me.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not a Good Day

Having prepared my headline for this evening's abortive attempt at Old Harpers trig ~ "Disappointed Trigpointers" You will see that I was pre-empted by TF; she also put me firmly in my place regarding our respective positions in our (I use the word loosely) FRA mileage challenge ~ hope your cake burnt!

Nevertheless, overall, it was a good outing and we saw a bit of fell and I got in a few miles and possibly a couple of recruits for J Day.


PS I don't really hope you burnt (burned?) your cake.
FRA Miles

Having been prompted by EtU earlier this evening, I'm required to update my race mileage. So thus far

Kinder Trial 11m
Lads Leap 5.9m
Midgely Moor 5m
Liver Hill 5m
Anniversary Waltz 11.5m
Coledale 9m

Total 47.4m

I was introduced to the trig just off Matchmoor Lane this evening. Introduced needs to be applied very loosely as we weren't quite in nodding distance before we were spotted by the local farmer from his quad bike. A big bloke this farmer, so me and Steve let EtU do all the talking (it was his idea we were in the field anyway) and after much forelock tugging we were let off with a caution. We all live to run another day.

Red Throated Diver

NicO and I saw a pair of birds on Greendale Tarn that I think were Red Throated Divers. The book says "Breeds on small lakes, usually within flighting distance of the sea" That fits doesn't it? A rare bird in England usually breeding in Scotland.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunday's Fire on the Pike

Noticed a big black 'shadow' below the Pike last night as I drove over to Horwich. This was the cause. Apparently a discarded cigarette being the culprit. Just shows how dry everything is just now.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Great day for Ian’s Joss, makes a change!  Thanks to all supporters -made all the difference on the day.  For your training records Ed, our outing gave us 12.79 miles with 5,341ft of climbing.  Looking forward to the next one – not long to go.  Rhiannon took a fantastic portrait of Joss which you can see on Ians Blog at – also tribute to you all on Ian’s account posted by Norman on RMI blog - more photos to come once they’ve been sorted.


C'mon t'Yorkshireman, Spill

You've wet my appetite, and most probably everyone else's. What is this ultra that you have in mind with 550 miles and 50,000 ft of climbing spread over 50 days ~ possibly a Pyrenean traverse?

Not sure I could get time off for the full support, but keep me posted.

I'm UTUPing Thursday and looking for miles and climbing.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Well done Ian
Don't think i could contemplate such a feat but I still have my target of a 550m with 50,000ft ascent (but in 50 days) but not this year now - determined to do it next year though. Intend to get more days in the Lakes this year so let me know whenever anyone wants to go up (happy to drive).
Hopefully I will have got rid of this stinking cold by Thursday so may make UTUP.
Well done Ian, fabulous day out in the Lakes. Thank-you for being able to share the experience.

Just EtU to complete the set now, unless NLN or NicO fancy a go!

Ian's Joss

My congratulations as well Ian. A perfect day to be greatly enjoyed by everyone involved. This, for me, is the best that fell running can create.

The End

Job Done

Well Done...

...FSS, you were due a good day, the elements having conspired against you on all your previous outings. Joss's "Crossing" can never be easy, but you looked in fine form and it was a privilege to be out there with you on such a magnificent day.

Let's hope you get similar conditions for your "56".


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is it me at AW?
Referring to the question posed by TF on Tuesday, I think it probably is me 5th from the right going up the hill - it certainly was the route I took and may well have been a bit ahead as I'd gone quite well up the hill, looking forward to a planned refreshment stop as soon as I found a suitable cafĂ© - for some reason there wasn't one so I made use of a suitable rock to get my drink, sandwiches and ice cream out whilst many then caught me up.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Anniversary Waltz
A good start to a week in the Lakes.
I've just got back today from a week at the northern end of the Lake District, staying on the edge of Bowscale Fell, not too far from Blencathra.
Not exactly spoilt for choice, the only race available was the Anniversary Waltz on Easter Saturday. After much forethought, I decided I was just about up for it, especially as there appeared to be no timeout points and the weather had a chance of being reasonable when I registered online on the Monday before the race.
I also had the luxury of the race HQ being only 15 miles from the cottage at Bowscale. It was a good job we set off in reasonable time as the queue heading into Stair was quite lengthy. Anyway the race itself was very well organised and the start was a bit like a cross country with a lap of the field to try to string out the 500 or so runners (think there were 570 entered but only 469 finished). Located TF and also Suzanne who entered even closer to the deadline than I did, but Tony and Albert were elsewhere in the the throng.
It is a good steady easy climb up the valley before the first bit of hard work begins with the ascent of Robinson and  I think I managed to hold myself back as I was very concerned at blowing up due to my lack of recent experience of running over 2 hours. The trouble is that every climb has to be balanced by a descent so it wasn't long on the descent before TF caught me up and passed me. As the slope eased off and the ascent of Hindscarth started we ran together. The descent from Hindscarth is much more gentle so I was much more at ease now and pulled back a few places by Dale Head.
From Dale Head the real problem started - I didn't follow my pre-race plan and seemed to meander somewhat which probably lost me a few minutes, not many but enough to mean sub 3 hours was unlikely. TF was well away by now so I didn't expect to see her again until the finish. I'd found my level and was gaining again on the climbs and losing a bit on the descents until Catbells was reached where the descent again meant I lost a few places.
Overall I was happy with run - it is only half a mile short of being an A long and I wasn't last. In my book that's an achievement. I was also full of running at the finish, having taken two minutes out of someone who caught me on the descent of Catbells.  
I'd done quite  a bit of preparation for the race but there was one thing I'd not recce'd - the free food and beer after race - I should have headed much more quickly to the Village Hall but at least there was plenty left. 
TF had finished and was well gone, later to be seen dashing between the hostelries (or other dens of iniquity aka mountain shops?) of Keswick and no doubt planning her next thrashing of me on the fells.
Results (now including split times) at the AW site.
The race set me up for some good training in the following days with a nice run up Bowscale then over to Blencathra and back via Ballentyne Crags and another route which initially was very gentle to Skiddaw House then back via the paths that skirt Threlkeld and Scales which you can make as hard as you like - I made it harder than anticipated but still got me a good 4 hour run.
So I'm back in time for the Club Presentation where I receive the first thing I've won since I joined the club in 1990 (although I did actually win the Christmas handicap that year but you don't get a great big trophy for that). However, it will be tinged with sadness as I see that on Tuesday Steve Barlow lost his battle with cancer. Ed and JtE have obviously known Steve even longer than I have and I think YJ will have also known Steve well so it is a very sad day for Horwich RMI Harriers and all the people that have known Steve as a great runner, an active club member since the age of 12 (36 years ago) and one of the most warm-hearted people you could ever wish to meet.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No, not that mystery path...

Thanks TF for your valiant effort in attempting to understand! The mystery path strikes off the left hand side of the normal route from Great Hill to Piccadilly . I think it is somewhere between Pimms and Piccadilly but all will be verified in due course.

A Wheatear EtU. Not seen one locally yet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thursday 16th April

I'm running from home unless anyone wants to UTUP

Mystery Path

Remember the new route I took you all on from Tockholes to Wheelton? When I left you at the stile at the bottom of Great Hill I followed the fence line for a bit and then took a diagonal trod to the drop onto the 'mystery path' to get back to the car park. I noticed a couple of trods off to the right and made the assumption they headed up to Spitlers, but wasn't sure where they would meet it. Now I know where one of them goes. The other one was probably a bit closer to the two streams on the right of the path as I ran it (GR654188)

Mystery Woman

Sorry EtU don't know who she was, but as I was bringing up the rear at this point that should narrow it down a bit. She could claim it's a bit 'cheeky' to be commenting on her running fashion faux pas especially from someone who owns a pair of Union Jack running shorts.

I think T'Y was on the right side diagonal 5th one from the edge, long sleve red top, black shorts (subject to confirmation).


Monday, April 13, 2009

To Help You Sleep

Saturday was YJ's and my 11th Pike double, we started in 1996, his BG year, to keep his miles up, and we missed only in 2001 (FMD), 2004 (YJ's "gentleman's" operation) and 2008 (adverse weather warning). Lost count now, but this year was probably my 30th consecutive Pike race (will confirm when I access my archive). PB was 22:23 (sorry Andrew) in 1993 at the ripe old age of 46. Interesting (to me) in that in the intervening years my ascent time has deteriorated by 31.9%, but my descent by only 20.5%.

Has t'Yorkshireman prepared his Anniversary Waltz report yet? If you don't want to know the results look away now ~ well done TF! Is the identity of the lady with the VPL in TF's photo known?

Just to re-assure the team that I'm putting in the work for J Day, last week's training consisted of:
Monday - Two Lads and Pike - 9
Tuesday - Ditto - 9
Wednesday am - Black Combe - 4
Wednesday pm - Blackrod & Crown Lane - 6
Thursday - Meander over Winter Hill with TF - 7
Friday - Pike - 7
Saturday - Big Pike, Little Pike - 13
Sunday - Pike - 7.
Total miles ~ 62, time on feet ~ 16 hours (ish)
Climbing ~ 10,000ft (ish)

Oh, yes, JtE, we saw a Wheatear near Rosset Pike.

Rooting Out The Paths

Thanks NLN (and FSS) for the clever map. Hope your head's ok by now NLN!

Yes, the route we took away from Belmont Road does join the 'normal' route to Great Hill. I have used it many times. If you imagine approaching Great Hill from Piccadilli, you come to a stile followed immediately by a deep ravine with a stream in the bottom. It is at this stile that the route in question joins. This, therefore, must be Pimms and the mystery path must be between this point and Piccadilly. I will recce it.

I think that we joined Spitlers at a point beyond your route to Ammunition Corner. It might have a small cairn already but, yes, we will build a big one.

I wonder if all of this makes sense to anyone other than NicO, you and me!

Too Much Time on my Hands

I must have to do this, just had a crash course/Master class from FSS in import/exporting stuff from SportsTracks to Memory Map and I have to say my head is battered.  But I thought you might find it interesting. JtE in particular in pursuance of the mystery path.

(Click to enlarge)


You can see from our actual route (red line) that we picked up the footpath from Belmont Road and then departed from it to pick up the trod that was visible over Bromiley Pastures bringing us directly to Spitlers, but some way along.  The path over the ridge that we would normally have taken is not actually a footpath at all, but look where the designated path takes us back to – yes Pimms and the mystery path ergo this should give us another interesting and alternative route from Great Hill, avoiding the road and picking up the path over to Spitlers.   The path we couldn’t find yesterday is not marked on the map either, perhaps we could build a little cairn some time!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where's Gordon?

Just thought I'd post this while we wait for Gordon's report. I think it's only fair that I should allow him to do the write up for this one as it was his first fell race of the year.

If you get really impatient results should appear here some time soon.
Mystery Path etc.

Thanks for the reports NLN and EtU. The fitness is certainly back EtU. Well done.

The mystery path to which NLN refers might start at, or near to, a place named on the map as "Pimms". Approx. grid ref. 652194. This path turns about until it hits the Belmont Road a short distance northish of Piccadilly. However, I know that this is far too vague to be acceptable and I will, therefore, go and sort it out on site.

Thanks girls for the Saturday run. Glad you were both a bit tired!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

There Are Days to Forget...

..and days to remember ~ this was one to remember. I don't like early starts, and setting my alarm for 5:30 didn't make me happy. But as soon as I left the house and saw the sky, it was obvious that the weather was going to be kind to us. As we drove along Windermere and got our first view of the Langdales we could see it was special. Lots of cloud, but white cloud and thinning, with sun peeping through and highlighting the high fells.

We parked at the ODG and set off towards Rosset Gill. There was cloud, but as we gained height the cloud receded and apart from one brief spell we were in clear air. The rocks were dry and we summitted in just over 2 hours. Slightly overlong socialising and photo session (see below) on Scafell Pike summit lost us some time ~ a Portugese couple and a couple from New Zealand ~ on the basis of this very limited sample, NZ women are prettier than Portugese, although Portugese women are very pleasant (she took the photo).

Then we turned for home and on the way took in the wildness of Angle tarn against the backdrop of Esk Pike Crags. (New camera, must learn to hold it straight)

Then back to the car in just over/under four hours ~ depending on whose timing system you use.

Bit of a rush back down the motorway to Bamber Bridge, where YJ turned for home and I managed to make it to the crown just as Jane Bland was closing down registration.

Completed the race in 28 something, 2 minutes faster than '07 and and '08.

The sort of day that almost rates as the most fun you can have with your clothes on.


Friday Afternoon, Saturday Morning/Afternoon

Friday saw the two of us doing our once a year road race the scenic and hilly (just under 1000ft) Caldervale 10.  The promised rain held off until we were heading back home down the motorway, so conditions were good.  I was very pleased to be within 40 seconds of last year’s time but felt stronger at the finish.  Neither of us are any good at judging pacing so maybe could have gone a bit quicker between the hills.  Legs felt heavy from last weekend’s climbing so 1.29.33 was a bit of a surprise coming 7 out of 14 FV45s.  FSS has a more detailed race report and I know YJ will be interested in seeing the data posted there on splits taken from the Garmin via Sportstrack.

So it was with some trepidation I set off to the Lower Barn for our usual Saturday outing.  YJ and EtU were paying their usual Easter respects to the highest mountain in England before the possibility of the Pike Race  -  TF had other plans (looking forward to hearing all about it guys).  That left Nic’O, JtE and me. 

It was decided to do one of our usual routes in reverse – out to White Coppice, Brinscall, Great Hill where we had a lovely sit in the sunny shelter, with none of us eager to move.  At this point I was feeling much better for the leg stretch, the miles and the climbs made much easier by the easy camaraderie of good company, sunshine and the light breeze.  I foolishly suggested descending Great Hill in the direction of Belmont, thinking no-one would go for that one!  It was agreed quickly (too quickly).  We found ourselves on a slightly different descent path at the bottom which seemed much better underfoot and discovered a mystery path higher up which JtE might research for us. 

Back along the road to pick up the footpath to Spitlers.  Once on the path we took an earlier detour along a trod to bring us, eventually, onto the Edge but a little too far along to pick up our usual short cut to miss out Horderns and the road.  Reaching the road, then, at Horderns my legs finally petered out and it was a bit of a struggle to keep the momentum going to the end.  But a great morning – let’s hope we have similar conditions next Saturday.

Route below gave us 13.99m (I think we’ll call that 14) and 1,873ft of ascent.


A quick dash home for a shower and then back to Horwich to marshall the Pike Race.  Weather held good and after a gallant swap of duties by FSS, Nic’O and I found ourselves at the second gate along the track up to the farm.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time!  Especially EtU fresh from his morning exploits.

2009-04-11_Rivinton_Pike_ 039

Ed’s looking good off the hard training – oh no this one’s Andrew, son of Nic’O and David, storming home in 22.25 51st overall and 4th U18.

2009-04-11_Rivinton_Pike_ 024 2009-04-11_Rivinton_Pike_ 050

How was it for you Ed?


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Saturday

It's UTUP for me.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

First Fell Race of the Year

Unless my memory is playing tricks, this Saturday will be my first fell race of the year. As we are up in the Lakes, I've had to go for the only one in the area - the Anniversary Waltz. Not sure if it is a bit ambitious for me with my lack of racing this year, but it is that or nothing. It does look an excellent route so I'm hoping for good weather and will try not to burn out to soon - nice photos of last year's race here (on flickr). Well at least I got in a couple of hours on Sunday with the Rivi school - White Coppice - Great Hill - Horden Stoops and back via Georges Lane & Chinese Gardens route. Also managed my first track session of the year tonight and fared better than I expected.
So for all those doing the Pike Race, have a good'un - is Ed doing both Pikes? I may see one or two of you at the presentation a week on Friday where after 19 years of trying (have I ever tried?), I've actually won something, thanks to a rare occasion that Bazza was slower than me in a race.
(added 8/4) I see that TF is also entered. There is also a Frank Wood (u/a) entered. Could that be our Frank - age category fits. And with 500 running and fair weather prospects I will hopefully not get lost. Target 3hrs. Nice to see JtE burning up the track last night.

Kinder Downfall Recce

Still OK with me for next Wed.  Just tell me when and where to meet and I’ll be there.  Your route alternative sounds good TF, thanks for the planning.


This Week

UTUPing Thursday 9th, Big Piking am Saturday 11th (there's room in the car for more) , Little Piking pm.

Good luck t'Yorkshireman at t'Anniversary Waltz; it's a good course, although the approach to the fell is a bit long.


Monday, April 06, 2009

Kinder Downfall Recce

As promised a map for the Kinder Downfall route for next week, well a link to a map

Is Weds 15th still ok with everyone? I don’t think I’ll be up to doing much more than 3hrs with it being sandwiched between races for me on Sat 11th and Sat 18th. This route doesn’t have a particularly good finish (too much tarmac) so I’d like to suggest an alternative way back from Edale Cross to take in the trig at Brown Knoll, past South Head and Mount Famine, then through the woods at Elle Bank.

Depending on how long it takes us to get to the point where the Kinder Trog (different race) Route turns off at Peep-o-day and how tired my little legs are, we could always make a foray onto the other side of the main road and I could show you the ‘Big Stone’.

Anyone want to make a stab at suggesting a meeting point and a setting off time?

Askham Fell Race 8.5m/1800ft Sat 4th April

I was similarly affected by the weather on Saturday and a bit cold when I got back and I’d only been out for a bit short of 2hrs. The organiser had gone to a lot of effort for this race, even to the point of flagging a safe route up to Arthur’s Pike. Don’t suppose decapitated fellrunners would look too good on your first event! Got a good view of Ullswater on the way out, and a good view of the inside of my jackets’ hood on the way back.

Route map here

Results here

I’ll utup on thurs this week.


Wandering, not so lonely

Sorry to hear about the curtailed South-North Lakes run on Saturday, NLN. You were obviously unfortunate in the conditions as I managed to find good weather in the Lakes either side of Saturday.

A walk with TGL (The Good Lady) on Friday was started in very low clag and cold but no wind or rain and was perfect for an amble through the daffodils on a recce of Sunday's Spring in Lakeland LDWA event. By mid afternoon the sun was out.

This was a pattern repeated on Sunday and fortunately there was no sign of last year's icy conditions. This may have been reponsible for the improved time of 5 hrs 11 mins (6 mins better than 12 months ago). Distance was 23.14 and overall pace was 13 mins 28 secs per miles.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Cumbrian Traverse 1 – Rucksack Club 0

Or more accurately the weather was the winner on the day!  Having watched all the weather forecast sites from Monday, including the mountain weather for the Cumbrian mountains, we should have been basking in sunshine by Saturday afternoon.  Instead we battled throughout the day in strengthening winds gusting to such an extent that even the sturdiest of the four man team was struggling to maintain an upright position.  This proved treacherous on rocks slippery from a combination of light/heavy rain to horizontal hail on the Crinkles. 

Disappointing, but a good day’s walk with lots of climbing miles in the legs.  Despite the conditions, we were still 20 minutes up on the originator’s roughly 15-hour schedule, when we decided to bail out and descend to the comfort of the Chippy in Keswick.

Tops ticked were:

  1. Great Stickle
  2. Stickle Pike
  3. Caw
  4. White Maiden
  5. Brown Pike
  6. Dow Crag
  7. Old Man of Coniston
  8. Swirl How
  9. Great Carrs
  10. Cold Pike
  11. Crinkle Crags
  12. Bowfell
  13. Esk Pike
At this point with all four of us suffering badly from the cold, even with every item of emergency clothing donned, it was decided that the descents ahead off Great End and Gable would be just too dangerous.  Nobody was keen to spend another five or six hours in these conditions on the high fells.  Ian remembering this bit of his ‘55’ wasn’t ready for an action replay – at least not this weekend!

From Esk Hause we made our way down the valley to Seathwaite, picking up footpaths to Keswick.  The Cumbrian Traverse is there for another day, we did succeed in our walk from Broughton Mills to Keswick, giving us  30.5 miles and  8663ft of ascent.

Tops outstanding:

  1. Great End
  2. Great Gable
  3. Green Gable
  4. Brandreth
  5. Grey Knotts
  6. High Spy
  7. Maiden Moor
  8. Cat Bells

This was intended to be a good warm up for the Fellsman in May, frustratingly the knee pain experienced on the Amble reappeared later in the day, along with a very ‘tight’ lower back – obviously connected, which doesn’t auger well.  My hope is that this was a result of the twisting/wrenching etc on the extremely rough terrain and that it will settle down fairly quickly.  Although the Fellsman is twice the distance, the terrain is much more benign even with a similar amount of climbing.  Fingers crossed!


PS – weather precluded any piccies!

Saturday, April 04, 2009


The team today was NicO, YJ, EtU and me. The initial route was Two Lads, Winter Hill, ramp to Belmont and then to Hordern Stoops. EtU, who was suffering a bit due to a heavy training schedule, and YJ both wanted to finish early and left NicO and me at this point. The two of us continued for a good run to Great Hill, then to White Coppice directly from Drinkwater's and via the reservoirs back to the barn.

A great morning out. 14.55 miles.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

You Are What You Eat!

Dear Ed the Ultranourished

Responding to your nutritional queries the old adage above springs to mind.  The problem posed when training for your ultra-event is how to stop the growth or preferably reverse it to allow for quicker propulsion on the inclines (of which there are of course many on your Joss). 

There are, indeed many strategies to achieve the necessary reduction in weight (none of which you have chosen to pursue).  Your public revelations last Saturday morning concerning Penguin bars, were tantamount to nutritional suicide.  One can only assume a certain amount of masochistic zeal in your desire to maintain your current body mass, given the task you have set yourself.  This is only confirmed by your drift towards pie-eating – one would think you had been raised in Wigan!

My only advice is to abandon any attempt or advice on healthy eating as your current excellent form on the hill is testament to the success of your diet  - maybe there’s a reality TV show in there somewhere!

Keep putting it away lad!

With all good wishes from a Nutritionally Loaded Novice (NLN)


Thanks for the haggis joke EtU. Quite good, relatively speaking of course. Here's another:

Bob Monkhouse once said "I want to die like my father did, quietly in his sleep - not screaming and terrified like his passengers"
Saturday the 4th.

I'll be there UTUP.
Failure to Lose Weight ~ An Open Enquiry to NLN

(and as we all know, it's not the sylph-like NLN who's failed to lose weight)

Following on from our conversation last Saturday morning, during which we touched on portion control, I decided to weigh my tea last night, which was plated up ready for me when I returned from my hilly road 6 at about 9:00.

I weighed it on the plate and then weighed the plate after I had finished. A simple subtraction indicted that the meal had weighed 0.79Kg (1lb 12oz in old money). Is this a sensible amount for a growing lad?

The meal consisted mostly of sausage meat pie with the addition of tinned plum tomatoes and carrots.

EtU (U = ultranourished)