Thursday, October 26, 2006

Christmas 'Do' - or - The Winter Solstice

What! Already? I hear you ask. Yes, book early for Christmas, and to avoid disappointment and all that sort of stuff. Where? Black Horse at Limbrick, or are you getting tired of the Deuchars IPA (is that spelt right Ian?). When? I can do 1st, 8th, 9th (remembering that the 9th is the RMI do), 15th or 16th (all December). Suggestions on a fiver, postcard, email or whatever; the sooner the better. Not suggesting that I'll spit my dummy out if we don't go to Limbrick, but if you want to go elsewhere, you'd better be prepared to set it up.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Features for WFDBWGUA...

...should be emailed to

Having lost the password and generally been occupied with other things, I have neglected our blog for several months now, but with the dark nights looming it's perhaps now time to return indoors and offer up some ramblings on what has been, what might have been and what the future may hold in store. The Tall Grumpy One has BG'd. The Scotsman has BG'd and marathoned and his social secretary has also marathoned - well done Pauline! Staffers has Traversed and now walks up-hill faster than his companions can run, and was a World Record Holder for a short time before a real talent (not some Johnny come lately) got stuck in. Several of us Dozened and one or two nearly Dozened. A good summer, but, apart from for the Tall Grumpy One, the Scotsman and Staffers, not a great summer. It will be interesting to see whether their efforts will prompt further attempts from younger men (and women?) next year. Next event is the Snowdonia Marathon - watch this space.