Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So Far So Good

The first month's preparation for the Joss has gone well. Target mileage was 133 (30 per week) and 134 was achieved at about 10:35 this morning with a trip up the Pike. Not a lot, but higher than usual for this time of year. Total mileage for 2008 was 1,622 giving a weekly average of 31.

Schedule for January is 35 per week, a total of 155 for the month.

Progress on weight reduction was (predictably, given the festive season) negative, BMI up from 23.8 to 24.2 ~ "obesity" kicks in at 25.0! I now need a loss of over 2lbs a month to get down to 10st 10lb.

Injury position moderately improved. Pain from the periformis still there but generally manageable without painkillers. We'll have to see what the increased mileage does to it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Stop Press

Results for Wansfell are posted and I did loads better than I thought!

You'll need to be quick to view it though, as I've emailed them to request a retraction. Can't have anyone getting the wrong idea and thinking I'm any good at this fellrunning lark!

Saturday the 3rd. January

I will be there UTUP.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Peak 'O' Trial, contd.

Doesn't appear to expand, so GR are as follows (all SK)

Start/Finish 034928
1) 025922
2) 027926
3) 015923
4) 016915
5) 028912
6) 057917
7) 061920
8) 037924

Peak 'O' Trial (Sun 28th Dec)

A bit of an informal affair this one. Originally it was billed as pre-entry only, with a choice of a 4m/1hr event or 8m/2hr event. The format - a set of check-points marked on a map, which could be visited in any order. A punch would be provided at each of the check-points to prove you'd been there. Knowing that I was doing Wansfell the day before, guess which one I opted for. Yep, that's right the 8m one!

This year Des (Organiser) decided to reduce his work-load and provide us with a B&W paper photo-copy map instead of the colour laminated version we had last year. He had thoughtfully marked the CP's with a red felt-tip pen though! My initial route choice was determined by a stop at the car for the OL1, you couldn't see any contour lines, and it was hard to decide whether path, wall, stream etc. I managed to find all the CP's in an epic 2hr45mins. The winner, Julian Minshull of Glossopdale, did it in 1hr30mins. My route came out at 9.8m.

I've marked the CP's as purple blobs on the map below, there were 8 of them (I hope it'll expand). What order would you do?


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well done to T'Yorkshireman. Only sorry we weren't back in time to see it.
Thanks for run on Saturday - it was worth taking time out of my busy sacrificing schedule to join you. If I don't see you before, have a good new year and look forward to the first Saturday UTUP of 2009. Nic'O
PS Well done Julie. I think you are very brave. Of course as everyone knows - I'd get lost on the way to the start.
Fielden Cup, Dec 27th
A mad rush to get everything done before this bastion of the Horwich RMI Calendar (I'd promised to post up mp3s my five desert island discs to Carms RnB Groovers list!) meant that it was a last minute arrival at the Bowling Club , just in time to register and pay my £2. I know I'm always last minute, verging on late, but generally I can depend on Bazza to be even later and yes, he was, just following me into the Car Park. Mary shouted hurry up so I had not time to argue that my terrible time at the Marl Pits Cross Country should give me a good handicap so just accepted whatever Pete threw at me. Said to both me and Baz that we can do seven and half minute miling so decided to set us both off with Mary. So no pressure, knew that Baz would beat me like he has convincingly in the last couple of cross country races (by nearly 5 minutes at Marl Pits) and Mary would wallop me on a fell race but not sure about the roads.
A fast jog to the start where all the rest were waiting for us. Pete's clock starts. Off goes the only runner with a bigger start (on 2 minutes). Where's Bazza? He's only thought that start was same as the Jubilee. How can anyone make such an error? Can't think of anyone on this list who'd make such a schoolboy error - it must be a lack of ed-ucation.
Anyway Baz gets to the start just in time and off we go - four of us on 3:30 handicap, including one I don't know who breaks away from us with Mary just ahead of me and Baz. Heading onto Horribin Lane and I've moved ahead of Mary with the other guy about 10 yards in front. I catch him on The Street and go ahead and he sticks with me. Norman is marshalling at the turn and no faster runner has caught us but the one who started off on two minutes is well ahead and there's no chance of catching him. He'll surely win unless a very fast runner comes past  in the next few seconds.
The final 200 metres were spent negotiating all the families of walkers expecting the mad rush to come past. No cones so all of a sudden the finish line arrives with Pete R there. I've finished second and just managed to hold off the guy who start with Baz, Mary and myself. Very surprised that I'd beaten Baz. Then people start congratulating me as the Fielden Cup winner. I'd not realised that the bloke who was first across the line was a guest runner as was the guy I'd battled with all the way through.
It's a big trophy and I feel honoured that my name will be added to the names on it that go back to 1897. I think the aim is to get the race back to its normal April/May date for 2009.
So Ed, it could have been you. Discussing it with Mary after you'd driven past and I reckon you'd possibly have been given a 2 minutes start on us which may have been enough.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wansfell Fell Race 2.5m/1500ft

A bit of a crisp morning, bright sunshine, a lovely day for a race. Warm up was an hour trundle round the shops in Ambleside trying to keep exactly that - warm. Not something I do a lot of, shopping without money/credit card, so an extremely surreal experience. Didn't spot any bargains that would do as a prize for finishing.

The start for this one is at the bottom of Stock Ghyll Road behind the Edinburgh Woollen Mill shop, so there's a disproportionate amount of tarmac for such a short race. But I ran all of it, so that earns a tick in my book. Turning onto the fell I realised that the waterproof socks were going to be redundant for the day, nice and firm underfoot. There were lots of encouraging spectators out and thankfully I made better progress up the hill, minus the chatter.

I hadn't enquired about the route before-hand having been given a synopsis by EtU the previous week. Mmm, obviously hadn't listened carefully enough as I expected a straight out'n'back. So on the way up the fell, much mental effort was given to plotting my return 'lines'. How time flies when you're having fun, a glance at the watch revealed 20 mins had elapsed and still no sign of the leaders.

Could only mean one thing - there was a better way down, yippee! A fast grassy descent followed by a brief sojourn onto the tarmac, before turning into the finish on the car park at the old Grammar School (now part of the University Campus).

I think I shaved it under 40 mins, won by Rob Hope (P&B) in probably half the time.

My prize, a new computer. Yes I know it's a very extravagant prize for such a short race but the Barclaycard was getting very bad withdrawal symptoms. It's stop shaking now.


Having visited another local trig point today, I list below a record of those 'bagged' so far:

GR654158 Hordern Stoops TP0142 Surface block

GR659149 Winter Hill TP0701 Primary pillar

GR666121 Near Matchmoor Lane TP5219 Secondary pillar

GR685132 Lomax Wifes Farm TP6865 Secondary pillar

GR678215 Darwen Tower TP2736 Secondary pillar

GR716157 Near Nico's TP2839 Secondary pillar

TF and I also have:

GR694065 Cow Lane TP2467 Secondary pillar

Our route today, taking in TP6865, was 10.5 miles as near as I can tell.

Stop Press!

T'Yorkshireman wins T'Fielden Cup! Detailed report awaited.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas... all our readers.

I also am UTUPing on Saturday, and may do the Fielden Cup if anyone fancies it.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Saturday the 27th.

It's UTUP for me.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It Just Gets Better and Better

Not only does NicO have a rather fine homsestead just separated from the open moor by a muddy scramble, a fence and two feral ponies, but she has her own trigpoint and not just one, but two Druid circles! We need look no further for venues for our Solstice and Equinox "dos".

This is why she never came, she was up on Cheetham Moor in her robes (one hopes) sacrificing stuff.

Better late than never

A belated thanks to Nico and David for the splendid spread on Saturday. Also to NLN for her contribution. It's alright for you workers you can blog in work-time, but some of us retirees live a hectic life.

I don't know what David had done Nico, for you to inflict us onto him, but I bet he won't be doing it again in a hurry. If he was harbouring any thoughts of taking up running, they would have flown through the window at gale force when he saw the bedraggled trio of me, JtE and EtU. Rag, Tag, & Bobtail.

By the way Nico, did you say you were going on a FRA navigation course? If not, I can thoroughly recommend it to you. Re your suggestions regarding further sorties like Saturday's and thoughts on the matter. Well, we could dispense with the running!

I've noticed that TF's photo is suffering the same disease as mine. It might be an idea to email the photo to someone(EtU) who doesn't have the problem and see what happens if they post it.

Enjoy youselves at the track tonight. I'm going for an Italian. Sophia Loren.

Finally, a thanks to David for taking us back to our cars at Belmont. I nearly ran the "runners " down on my way back towards Egerton, but I don't think they noticed. Too full of mulled wine.

Have a Merry Christmas and in case I don't see you before the New Year, All the best for 2009.
I'm bored already!

Having a slow day so far at work today, the toothaches must be saving themselves for 11.30am tomorrow, must be in Asda today. So a perusal of the net found an interesting discussion on the LDWA about runners on walks I especially liked the comment

"....some will always hate them on events...." Why would that be, I wonder? Is it REALLY true? I find them to be generally inoffensive, in fact quite friendly. They don't cost much to feed because they can't run and scoff at the same time, and most have disappeared by the time most of the walkers have finished"

So I'm aiming to prove them wrong on the 3rd of Jan and scoff as much as I can on The Hebden - except maybe the coconut cake - don't like coconut. It could mean I'll be running slow enough by the end to finish with the walkers.


(not at ut/up 25/12, 27/12, 01/01 or 03/01 and possibly 08/01 either)

Who's In Lumber?

TF has a hill named after her and NicO, of course, a whole town. Now I see, from the map that NicO provided on Saturday, that either NLN or FSS have a tree plantation named after them. See GR 698168.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Festive Run
Thank you NicO and David for your hospitality yesterday.
The proof we made it to the trig point and earned our festive fayre

Nico's Noshup

Many thanks to you Nico and to David for an excellent rounding off to the year, and to you Nico for your route choice for the run. Yes, I agree, we must do this sort of thing more often. It was good that all the regulars were able to join in, and well done YJ for your brave effort when you were not quite up to it.

All the best to you all for Christmas and the New Year and thanks for putting up with me!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nice one, NicO

Many thanks to NicO and Dave and to NLN for her contribution to this morning's excellent diversion from fell running. It was a great way to round off the year and was much appreciated.

My plan to run on Tuesday 30th was unfortunately short lived as arriving home I learned that the date clashes with the funeral of a friend who was a leading light at our church and I will prefer to pay my last respects to him. If anyone was planning to join me on that day the run will now start from my house at 6.15 am...............

No takers? Then all have a very good Christmas and see you in the New Year.
Thanks everyone for indulging me on my mystery tour - we got there eventually. Thanks for the lovely cards. We've got to make it an annual event, and we could do a few different ones at different times of the year round everyone's local. We could have Ed's Easter Exercise and Eat, we've got Coope's doz covered, John's jaunt, NLN's nosh and dash, TF's trot and food, Matt's mini marathon with munchies. Before you groan, let's have some better ideas.

Anyway, have a great Christmas and utup on Saturday. Who left the gloves, they are very nice but don't fit me? I'll bring them next Sat.

PS Looking forward to the trig pic.
This Morning

11 miles (rounded for EtU - and by the way you should definitely give yourself the 10 for Thursday) to Nic'O's.  Many thanks for the festive fare - lovely.  14 for the three who made it back to the car on foot (slowly).   

Yuletide Greetings to one and all - see you next year


Friday, December 19, 2008

Does the Team Think...

...that my diversion into Morrisons, and my subsequent exit via the Mornington Rd entrance, will have added 0.07 miles to the route? You see, I only book whole miles and the extra 123 yards would justify me booking ten. Advice please; perhaps Matt could pace it out.

The Hospital Run

I'm glad I enquired if anyone was planning to do the Hospital Run last night and had the positive response from Ed. The reason being, Ian told me this was a very popular outing and there would definitely be some slower runners. To my horror on arrival at the Leisure Centre I could see no-one that I would call even a moderate runner. Thankfully, Ed arrived and the two of us set off in advance of the rest. Barry Altman did arrive but only after Ed and I left.

I have to admit to being surprised when we left the Leisure Centre and Ed turned left, instead of right towards Victoria Rd, at which point he informed me that we had to run to the Crown Hotel before turning towards Bolton along Chorley New Rd. Although Ed wasn't for having it, I persuaded him that it would be an act of altruism for the two of us to take the Winter Hey Lane route, thus cutting off a bit, and saving our (much) faster colleagues the discomfort of a long wait at the site of the old Hospital. He finally saw the sense in this strategy and this is what we did. FSS, when told, thought this was OK because the Run 'proper' only commences at the old Hospital site, the former is just a gentle warm up! Yeh right! He did comment that he was surprised at how long it took to catch up with us!

Anyway, Ed tipped me the wink that he would be making a stop off on the way back to Horwich - not for a bevvy but for more personal comfort reasons! This being the case, he suggested I press on. I think there were only three other ladies out - all 'proper runners'. Gaynor set off earlier than all the rest, as her cycling partner was accompanying her, Suzanne was clearly ahead of the game, this left Geraldine who was really suffering with a longstanding injury of the piriformis. Despite my pleas for her to run on (and leave me in peace) she insisted on keeping me (very good) company until half way up the road from the roundabout on the ring road, to Bob's Smithy when I finally managed to convince her to 'attack' the rest of the climb. I did re-join Geraldine on the descent to the Leisure centre and we jogged in together at the end.

Ed cruised in with Barry Altman, singing the praises of Wm Morrisons splended hygiene facilities and commented that he was tempted to extend his visit longer than necessary due to the excess of comfort to be had. Apparently he and Barry put the world of bowels to right on the run in - Barry having faired much worse in resorting to a field between Bob's Smithy and the Blundell Arms. I hope this is not TOO MUCH INFORMATIO for you all at this festive time.

As I failed to switch on my GPS until well into the run, I promised to check the mileage on gmap which I have just done and Ed it is 9.93 miles - thank goodness we missed the Crown!

Below is the link for gmap pedometer if you click on, or type into your search engine, you can then map your run using the street maps and get a precise mileage. Just type in Horwich or Bolton or wherever to get the map on screen.

See you all tomorrow at Black Dog - 8.30.


PS Calderdale Relay results are on Halifax Harrers website - It appears that Horwich Mixed (formerly ladies) were 80th overall 5th out of 18 mixed teams

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Knock, Knock!

Who's there?


Madoff who?

Madoff with the money!

Boom, boom!

Staying on a topical note, "Hurrah" for the AB of C, Doc Williams, for resurrecting use of that wonderful 28 letter word ~ "antidisestablishmentarianism".

Good on yer, Doc!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pre Christmas Gallop and Graze - Saturday

Thanks Nic'o. I'll be there.
Great Minds...

If you go to the Calderdale Way Relay forum on the FRA website, you will see that someone shares our philosophy ~ especially YJ's.
Date for Your Diary?

A couple of months ago I mentioned my interest in the Longridge 7 and the Ribble Valley 10k. Longridge 7 now done and dusted, but I'm not able to do the Ribble Valley on 28th Dec.

However I am planning to do the Garstang 10k on 11th Jan. Matt also expressed an interest, but entries need to be in early as it fills up. Details on John Schofields site ~

And yes, NLN, I am planning to do the hospital run, but unless there's a sudden show of interest, I'll not be calling in the Bobs Smithy en route for a quick one. I'll wait until we're back at the RMI ~ mind you, they only have fiz at the RMI, whilst Stuart has six handpulls at the Smithy ~ perhaps just one then ~ no, only kidding.

Anybody Doing the Hospital Run on Thursday?


Monday, December 15, 2008

The morning after the night before

I don't seem to anticipate promlems like the rest of the gang. The excuses not to run had come in thick and fast: saving ourselves for the Calderdale Way relay, officiating at cross country, hurt my leg, got a cold etc. Anyway, I went out with him for his 12 mile plod making sure that he didn't fall over or get lost. Glad he made it on Sunday.
Lets get it straight

The Matt & Tina taxi service aim to please. When the client tells them to pull up as close as possible to the destination, in this case the T & T, they do so, though they did ignore the clients request to drive into it in order to make the most of the available drinking time. We accept no responsibility for the client getting home at 2.00 am and the subsequent bad head, this being the result of too much beer and a rolling pin.

EtU's bad head seems to have lasted well into Sunday, for his information regarding our places in our respective categories was erroneous. I was 4th out of 5, admittedly a sterling attempt at being last but I couldn't even manage that. Failed again. Meanwhile EtU had at least 4 behind him. His he becoming modest? No! that can't possibly be. It must be his eyesight. By the way, the Prime Minister won my age-group running for Liverpool Harriers. He's obviously better at running races than at running the country. Not difficult.
Calderdale Relays

Unfortunately the Salford B team couldn't overcome the handicap of having me running as opposed to chief route-finder and therefore Horwich Ladies will have beaten us by quite a margin (no full results yet). However, despite my poor show on the running side of things, I did manage to impress Joanne (my running partner) with my magic socks, which when removed revealed spotlessly clean feet.

The Salford Harriers A team fared a lot better and


A fantastic achievement by the lads after numerous years of trying.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Few Things

Sorry if Friday's venue wasn't too good, I'd left it a bit late to book and had to take what was available. Marks out of five ~ beer 4 (good but no choice) food 3 (ok, but hardly haute cuisine) ambiance 2 (only 1 if we hadn't been there) company, as ever 5!

PS ~ Matt, when you give me a lift home, please leave me closer to 4 Grimeford than to the TaT. Still, it gave JtE an easy run on Saturday.

Sunday ~ Longton

Next day dawned as next day will, to find YJ proper ill. The doctor came and shook his head. "It's not a chill, or cold." he said, "Perhaps the advice we gave was best, after Snowdonia you should have have rest."

Sunday ~ Longridge

Only two of our intrepid three toed the line, Mat, nursing a bad knee (does he have a good one?) and yours truly, nursing the chronic sciatica and an embryonic cold. Apparently Matt was in front of me at the start and I passed him early on without noticing, so I ran the whole race peering ahead for a red vest, which was already behind me. I finished a couple of minutes in front of him him, but despite the age difference I claim the victory as I was second last in my age group, whilst Matt was last in his ~ good game, good game. Looking for salvation in yet another PW ~ my time was only 48.1% on top of the winner (Scott Monk in 40:54); could have been worse.

Other Horwich runners were Paul Muller (V50) in second place (wow!), Glyn Kay 12th, Layne Mercer (?) in 38th, Icelandic Kev in 103rd. I was 156th and Matt was 170th ~ 241 finished. A couple of Salford youngsters ran and managed to beat both Matt and me.

Celebrated after with full English at the Stag's Head in Goosnargh; who needs low cholesterol?


Did Horwich ladies beat the mixed Salford team?

Hi everyone, hope Friday went well. Sorry I couldn't make it.
NLN and I managed not to disgrace ourselves in the Calderdale relay. Despite an incident with a deep bog in which NLN's trainer was swallowed, (and luckily retrieved) and me nearly disappearing, we finished in under an hour and were in time to release our next couple ahead of the mass start. A gentle jog back to the start and we were home before 3.

Next Saturday - meeting 8.30 at the Black Dog - 10-12 mile run - and call in at mine for "Seasonal light refreshments." Should be good - David's cooking! It's 3 miles back to the dog from here. Please come.
Just for your info.......

Norman Mattews will be 70 on the 29th. of this month.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Off road and off his trolley

Nothing to do with fell running, just a comment on t'Y's notes on the motorist on the rocky descent from the Pigeon Tower. In a previous life as a rally navigator in the mid 1960s I was driven down that very same route in a practically new Hillman Imp which reached the bottom with no obvious ill effects. How the years of erosion (and the tramp of Walshes) have taken their toll.
I'm NewTUPing tonight, as I believe is the Galloping Major and possibly also t'Yorkshireman.

I'm not ut/up tonight, but will be out tomorrow. It'll be later on, as I have to complete the catering for the XC on Saturday, so no run for me on Saturday as I'm on 'official' duty.

Nice pics FSS, impressed you could manage Helvellyn in what looked like fell shoes. We were all a bit like 'bambi on ice' on Saturday morning last week.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lakeland Photos

Thanks FSS for the pictures via NLN. I know that the word 'awesome' is over used these days but it is appropriate to use the word in relation to those cornices. A very dangerous place to anyone inexperienced. It looks as though you had a greay day out.

See you both on Friday.

Monday, December 08, 2008

...And if you thought the West Pennine Moors looked good on Saturday!

Broken Cornices on Helvellyn
Can you spot the folk traversing Striding Edge - rather them than me in this condition

Looking North West over Wythburn with High Raise in the distance

And finally FSS on the summit of Helvellyn

Should their mothers let them out?
Following Saturday afternoon's cross country I decided to get a few hours' walking in on Sunday so set off from Rivington around 11am. A hard climb up to the Pigeon Tower (due to wearing walking shoes rather Walshes or Mudrocs - which struggled to grip on the icy inclines), I finally reached the bit below the grassy triangle to see a young to middle-aged bloke (with pregnant wife) heading towards me in his nice Audi A3. When I realised that he was about to continue down the hill (luckily the passenger window was open) I beckoned him to find out if he realised that were he to continue he would surely wreck his gleaming A3 - even a 4 wheel drive would come a cropper. Luckily for him he took notice and reversed : I could just imagine the response from the AA to call out on what you all know as the first climb in the Winter Hill Race. I think it's about time a barrier was placed after Pike Cottage.

Hope to see you all Friday, and maybe even Thursday as the TT fixture is on Tuesday this week. I managed get in 10 miles last Sunday with maybe 10ft of ascent as the route took in Nether Poppleton and Knapton, near York, accompanied by Diane. Her speed is now starting to give me concern - I think the day that she will outpace me over 4 or 5 miles is not far off. i'm going to have start training hard.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Well remembered JtE.
So first one at Horden Stoops
The second at Great Hill, different photographer this time.

Thanks TF for the reports on our daytime outing and on your evening activity. Glad you enjoyed the orienteering. Are you going to post the pictures taken at Hordern Stoops and at Great Hill?
Towards 23rd May 2009

The campaign was scheduled to start on 1st December, with a target mileage for the month of 30 per week (133 for the month). Although this may seem modest, the most I’ve averaged since June was 28 in both September and October, with only 23 in November, so 30 will be a move in the right direction. Mileage in the early months should be relatively easy to achieve, especially with JtE’s Amble campaign to ride on the back of. We’ll see how we go.

However the month started with a slight hiccup in that family duties precluded training on the 1st, but the situation was recovered, and by 11:00 a.m. on the 7th I had got the 30 miles in.

BMI (I know it’s not the best indicator, but it’s easy to do, and it is all about relativity, rather than absolutes) target is 22.5. On the last Wednesday before campaign commencement it was 23.8; means I’ve got 9lbs to lose by mid May ~ approx ½ lb per week. However now is not a good starting point, as I’ve just had a week with bad guts, so weight is artificially down and with Christmas just around the corner I don’t expect to see any real progress until the new year.

The overall plan is to gradually ramp up the weekly miles (maxing at 50 in April), race frequently on the fells, monitor weight loss and race road 10ks as often as practical to assess progress. Watch this space ~ but rest assured, I won’t be boring you with frequent updates, just one at the beginning of each month.

Head-torch Testing

Thank you one and all for the warm-up to my Saturday evening's entertainment. A shame we had to cut short the route due to the slippy conditions but I'm sure we'll get a chance for another go. So for the record the morning route was Lower Barn - Horden Stoops - Belmont - Catherine's Edge - Great Hill - White Coppice - Lower Barn. Time-wise we were out for 3.5hrs and distance 13m.

I headed off to the Brinscall/White Coppice area again 5hrs later for a go at night orienteering, curious to see how my new head-torch would fare. Well if Anthony thought mine was good, he should have been there to see some of the 'monster' head-torches of the serious contenders. A bit like having a car headlight perched on your head but with a size of batery pack to match, strapped to their back. Mine seemed a bit puny by comparison, but at 15 quid from Argos you can't really complain too much.

My second go at using a proper orienteering map,so it took a little while to get my 'eye' in. A possible explanation for taking nearly 9 mins for finding the first control 100m from the start! Once I'd found it, I felt resonably confident to carry on. I'd picked the easier of the three courses to do as you were given a written description of the siting of the controls, such as 'SE corner of Ruin', instead of a list of squiggles.

I manged to find all the controls and arrived back at the finish in just over 70mins. An interesting tour of Wheelton Plantation, amazing that I can still find boggy bits in the dark. This time put me 5th out of 10th, so not bad for my first go. The winner on my course managed 42mins.

On one of the harder courses was 'Icelandic Kev' (Latham), I didn't see him, so if he turns up to track on tues, say 'Hello' for me.


Friday, December 05, 2008


Not run since Monday because of Knee injury, so won't be utuping tomorrrow. It's a pity cos' it sounds an interesting run. Just hoping that the injury clears for the Longridge 7 mile next weekend. Enjoy yourselves tomorrow. By the way TF I was just joking about the 25.5 miles, I'm prone to exaggeration. It was 25.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Split times

From memory I think we made it to Darwen Tower on Saturday in about 2hrs, with me bringing up the rear, I don't do fast starts. I think we then made it back to the cars in a total of about 4hrs &15/20mins. Me again bringing up the rear because of a painful leg, induced by wearing of wrong bumbag.

Does this help?
Don't split your sides

I have asked EtU to let me have times of the Saturday runs during my absence so that I can get some idea of when I am fast enough to return to the squad. It has since occurred to me that split times would add to the usefulness so that I don't necessarily have to complete the long runs in one go. Can anyone oblige?

Despite the wintry weather I have managed a run every day during the inclement weather (we don't get snow in Longton) yet the light at the end of the tunnel still seems a long way away. Like Arnie said "I will be back".
Prepare to be Wow'd (is that correct EtU)

By these images of Skiddaw, Blencathra and Keswick. All taken yesterday by Ann Bowker you will find them at:

Click on recent pictures on my digital camera and you won't regret it.

No running so far this week - too slippy for me, not sure about tonight. Looking forward to seeing those out UTUP Sat 6th.


I shall be out for my first run of the week tonight. Had a nice longish walk yesterday recceing Leg 6 of the Calderdale Relays. As you can see from the attached photo not as much snow Halifax way. Picture taken from Southowram across the valley towards Luddenden. I think the tall building in the middle is on 'Tower Hill' GR SE 057260

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hospital Anyone?

Planning ahead, is there a view on whether we are going to support the RMI "Hospital" Run on Thursday 18th Dec? ~ see RMI/Norman's (?) blog.

I've tended to do this, although it did used to be on a Tuesday (but presumably had to move so that it didn't interfere with the track) and it now interferes with our last run and drinks at the Bob's Smithy before Christmas.

Is there a view, or perhaps more to the point, will anybody be going to the Smithy?

Thursday 4th Dec '07

NTUPing (6:30).

This is week one of my Joss Naylor Traverse campaign, so more miles rather than less (but nothing too silly as it's early days yet).


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Saturday 6th Dec Run

If we've no YJ, I'll bring my map and compass and we can decide on the day if we want to try and repeat his run via Roddlesworth etc.

Meandering Matt

I don't know where he went and he probably doesn't know either. However he still found his way back before the rest of us.
(Lack of?) progress report

YJ is still feeling sorry for himself following his disappointing performance at Pendle and and equally poor run in the mid Lancs cross country at Sefton Park last Saturday where a time 7 minutes slower than last year was recorded.

Training times are still slow but there was a slight improvement last week possibly due to stepping up the mileage. I won't be out with the squad on Saturday 6th Dec due to a first birthday for Milton but will bear you all in mind as I trundle round Hampshire. Participation on 13th Dec will depend on training performance in the meantime, a final decision being taken at the 8.30 rendezvous at the Lower Barn. I shall have to bear in mind there is a cross country meeting at Blackpool in the afternoon and the Longridge 7 race the next day. Before that I look forward to seeing all at the Wagon and Horses.

PS: Liked the Lakeland pix from NLN.
When I mapped Saturday's route I got 16m, 8.5m to Darwen Tower. The extra 0.5m is very important for my weekly mileage. Not sure how Matt got an extra 10m though. Did you take a wrong turn on the way back?

I should be ut/up snow permitting on thurs. Decided to take the train to work today due to treacherous road conditions in Bolton. As usual, on arriving at work it was a case of 'What Snow?'


Monday, December 01, 2008

Last Saturday's Mileage

So JtE. That's 5.5 miles for EtU, 15.5 miles for you & the ladies, and 25.5 miles for me!
Saturday 6th. December

YJ, have you seen TF's last posting? The run that she refers to is your route via Roddlesworth Reservoirs, Abbey Village, Brinscall etc. Will you be with us on Saturday?