Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stewards Enquiry - Part II

You may recall a couple of postings earlier mention of stewards enquiry regarding the Mini Mountain Marathon, or to give it the proper title the Dark&White/Racekit Mini-MM/Trail Running Series 2011. Well the overall league positions have now been published and 'little TF' is provisionally 3rd in her age group. There were three events and it was the best 2 out of 3.

I say provisionally, as the organizers are inviting comments/amendments up until 10th May, when they become the final results. I had placed myself 4th overall. The reason for the apparent anomaly is that a H Barnett (who scored better points than me) ran one event as part of a pair, and her second event solo. So despite scoring points in two events the organizers appear to have classed her as separate entries, scoring once as a team and once solo. With me so far?

Looking at the results might help

Does seem a bit harsh, and I guess H Barnett has the potential to lodge a complaint. So await the outcome on the 11th May.

Viewing forecast for Saturday, 30th April, 2011
Forecast last reviewed on Thursday, 28/04/11 at 07:38

How Windy?
Easterly; 30 to perhaps 40mph with gusts locally 50mph.

Effect Of Wind?
Buffeting likely, particularly near major ridges, with sudden gusts blowing downslope into some valleys.

Could be worse - could be a Northerly! Mind you I know someone that'll have a few yards of silk going spare tomorrow afternoon. Could get my sewing machine out and make a parachute/windsail.

No utups for me this week. Not sure about next week yet. Team for calderdale relays hasn't been decided yet, so guess it'll be armchair recceing for me for this event if I'm needed.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Week

Planning to  UTUP Thursday 28th and Saturday 30th.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Well done TF on your first sub 50 10k, a good margin! Bodes well for the Three Peaks.

Come on SN, we need to do some work! What have we got coming up?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Up the Pike

Easter Saturday morning in the Lakes followed by a quick dash back to Horwich for the Pike race has become something of a tradition for EtU and myself. You can follow our exploits on my Pennine Way challenge blog -

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sat 23rd April Wray Scarecrow 10k

Job done.

A sub 50 min 10k. 48:45, 40th out of 85 runners, 2nd LV40 results -

Can't believe we had people waiting for an hour yesterday to see if they could get an 'on-the-day' entry to run round Salford (our club's 10K) when for half the price you could run round a scenic, traffic free (although I did have a near miss with a couple of horses and later on a milk tanker and a queue of cars) course. But I guess for some people the lure of a flat, fast and definite pb course will always win out. If I'd have gone in the car and not cycled to the event I probably wouldn't have ended up on the 'awkward' table dealing with disgruntled customers. In the end due to the number of no-shows from the on-line entries, most did get a run.

Anyway back to today's race. The 10K at Wray is the first event in the calendar for a week of activities which is part of the Scarecrow Festival. The local residents take part in a competition to produce the best dressed Scarecrow. This years' 2 themes were "Royalty: Past and Present" and "Austerity Measures" a sample of a few are here

Laminated sign in middle a bit too 'shiny' for the mobile but reads 'Legless due to Government Cuts'

'King Ethelred the Unready' .. anyone we know?


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This Week

Thursday 21st ~ UTUP

Saturday 23rd ~ Leaving Grimeford Lane at 6:00 a.m for The Old Dungeon Ghyll, thence Scafell Pike. Back in time for the Pike Race, any takers?

A fine result in the Mini Mountain Marathon, TF. Best position ever?

Congrats to Ed & Loughrigg last Wednesday

Just had a quick search to find the results then found you'd already written up. Sounds a pretty decent time considering the heat and nature of the course.
I managed a little run up Loughrigg on Wednesday night. Weather was pretty poor (had been up Sunday afternoon in glorious sunshine) but managed to find my way up and down. Unusually for me in a Lakeland category A race (ok tis only 4 miles) I didn't get timed out. In fact 7 minutes into my descent I passed a trio of ladies still going up so I assumed I must have at least 20 minutes lead on them. Only lost 4 places and about 3 minutes on the descent and did my usual impressive sprint to the line with no-one to beat, to finish in 47:09 (106th of 117). The winner took 27:55, the three ladies took 1:45:50 (well two of them at least - maybe they were taking it easy in preparation for Madrid?)
The visibility was so poor that I missed chatting to a six-time Pike Race winner. May get chance to apologise on Saturday. Had to rush off for an excellent meal at the Glass House.
Rab Mini Mountain Marathon Update

Well they've deliberated and the results are here - split times,
and overall results
Not much explanation from the organizers, except it appears that they've added a ten minute penalty for those coming down the hill from 12 to 7 (should have backtracked to 15 and then onto correct path) and a 5 minute penalty for those going up the hill from 7 (should have gone to 15 first, then 12)

Yours truly escaped any penalty points by virtue of the fact that I finished with more than 10 mins to spare, phew!! I did however have a very grovelling email prepared and ready to send expressing my sincere apologies and promising not to do it again, so long as I wasn't banned from any future events and could therefore keep my entry for the 2 day mountain marathon in September.

By my reckoning 42/112 competitors were affected by their inability to interpret the map correctly, including some like me who finished with time in hand. So adding time penalties and not disqualifying us all probably makes good 'business' sense. I think competitors and organizers will have both learned from this experience. I know I have.

Well done to EtU for completing the Madrid Marathon. It can't be easy when you've not had much of a chance to reconnoitre the course and know what to expect mile by mile.


Monday, April 18, 2011

A Flying Visit To Madrid

Flew out to Madrid on Friday morning and was pleased when disembarking to find the weather not too hot. Registered for the Marathon without too much difficulty, although I did resort to pointing at my my map and pleading "por favor" more than once.

The difficulty was in finding the right bus out to La Cabrera, a small town about 40 miles north east of Madrid where Jorge's (our Spanish son-in-law) parents lived. However this obstacle was overcome and I homed in on the Spanish in-laws. Some difficulty in communicating as Hazel had failed to teach me the Spanish for "pasta's good the day before a marathon" or "I've got to stay well hydrated".

Saturday morning, went for a stroll and was impressed by the line of crags overlooking the village. They reminded me of a mini Cullin; another volcano rim?

...but not impressed by the registration number of Jorge's father's car in which we were to travel to the start!

On another walk later in the day after Rachel, Jorge, Sam and Sarah had arrived, we heard a loud clattering from the top of the church.

It was a pair of storks getting aquainted.

Then on Sunday it was an early start to get to the race, with warmer weather than I had seen since arriving.

The field was about 8,500 strong, and it took four minutes to cross the line. Most of the first quarter of the race was uphill, the middle half was gradual downhill, then most of the last 10k was uphill again, but by then it was getting quite warm and despite the regular 5k water stations I was begining to suffer. However the finish eventually arrived without my pace dropping too much (no splits published yet) and it was good to be able to stop punishing my weary legs any longer.

Very few Brits were in evidence; my main contact was with trio of ladies from Coventry, who I identified as Brtish by hearing the bossy one instructing the wild one about how to get her stop-watch back on song. The bossy one beat me by a few seconds, the wild one who couldn't fix her watch dropped back by about five minutes after suffering from my usual complaint, but I don't know what happened to the poorly one who'd been in bed with the flu during the week ~ I know you're meant to rest up before a marathon, but that's a bit extreme!

Final result:- 1st Moses Arusei in 2:10:58, 1st lady Girma Tadesse in 2:35:28, Yours Truly, 6,784th in 4:21:06 (chip) 4:25:15 (clock) 8,583 finished.

Anybody know anything about copyright legislation?

On a happier note, TBIL placed 3rd V60 at London in 3:05.


In response to TF’s comments on posting, suggest downloading Windows Live Writer.  Just google it –free to download and makes posting stuff much much easier, especially if you’re uploading pictures.  Been using it for ages now and recommended it to JtE who started using it about a year ago I think.


Having set off with not a cloud in the sky very early Saturday morning, a little disappointing to find the high fells in the Lakes a little clagged in at the start of the Grasmere Lakes and Tarns event.  However, this soon cleared and a glorious day evolved although not in time to get the best views from the summit of Fairfield.  A good 20 mile outing with 6,565ft of climbing, which might explain why my quads are creaking going down stairs todaySmile

Piccies will be here soon.

Another Lakes weekend coming up – so not out this Saturday



Weekend Update

Sat 16th April Ras Y Moelwyn 10.5m/2800

The course runs through old mine workings and the surrounding hills of Blaenau Ffestiniog. I had to miss this race last year having been called up for road relay duties, so was keen to see what I'd had to give up.

Turned out to be a bit of a shock to the system all the wet rocks after months of peaty bogs. Even had to navigate on my own for a stretch after pulling away from the runners behind. They soon caught me up as I slowed negotiating a really rocky ridge in the mist with map and compass in hand. Mind you I had left a trail of blood for them to follow having scratched the index finger of left hand. For such an apparent tiny scratch it continually poured forth copious red stuff. Had to keep hiding it from the marshalls just in case they retired me.

A bit of navigating cock-up (yes I'd put the compass away 'cos I could 'see' where I was going) coming off the last hill meant I lost a place. I felt my time (approx 2hr20mins) was very slow compared to recent results. But will be back sometime to do it 'properly'.

Sun 17th April Rab Mini Mountain Marathon - Hope Valley

Stewards enquiry ongoing. It looks as though I'm going to be hit with time penalties for this one. The area in question is just south of Castleton. As you can see from the map below

there are 2 small areas of out of bounds (red hatchings) and some paths/ROW (green lines). Red numbers on map are the control numbers, blue ones are the point score. I'd got number 15, then number 12 and had intended on going to number 10 next. However runner in front headed off right. I hadn't considered 7, but did now seeing that it was 15 points.

Now the crux! Dropped down to the green line to find a 4ft6 wall (remember previous measuring aid), the 'official' path being on other side, but I was on a pretty well marked trod/path. Ran alongside wall to the control 7, where gaps in wall allowed access, at no point did I climb over anything more than 2 inches high. From 7 dropped down into Castleton to use paths to get to 10. I didn't do as some did which was to cut across the out of bounds area!!

I finished with over 10mins spare, so await with interest how they'll sort this out as I guess I'm not the only one. My full route measured approx 13m with 2500ft. Numbers 4, 13, 14, 18, 21, 11, 19, 17, 20, 15, 12, 7, 10, 3 and 1. Not in the frame for any prizes this year, but it just shows how careful you need to be with this trail-running malarky, can't go running willy-nilly like you can on 't fells.


ps is anyone else having problems when switching between 'edit html' and 'compose'? I'm spending ages on layout of 'text' just so you don't get one block paragraph to read. It's definitley altered from before Xmas. This ps is a case in point as I'm not going back into 'compose' just in case I have to realign all the paragraphs again. Very fustrating. TF

Friday, April 15, 2011

Heading North

Another great Lakeland event tomorrow.  Grasmere Fells and Tarns, visiting the fabulous Fairfield.  Let's hope the weather is as good as last Saturday when we enjoyed lots and lots of the Dales.  Some piccies here.  Have a great weekend everybody.

Saturday April 16th

I will be UTUPing on Saturday. Will anyone else be there?

Coniston 14

A report of last week's Coniston 14 road race can be seen here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This Week

Thursday 14th ~ UTUP for a gentle meander on t'fell.

Saturday 16th ~ rest day

...and to respond to YJ's jibe on his 

Pardone senor, donde estan los aseos, por favor ~ which for those of you not fluent in Spanish, roughly translates as:- "ay oop, mucker wus t'next facilities".

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Todays Run

Don't know about everyone else, but how good was that to be out in the sun? My run today was a recce of the permitted training route for the first two peaks of the 3 Peaks Fell Race. Being a girl on a mission meant a lack of photos but Pen y Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough (viewed from a distance) were looking their best.

The run started with a timed 'effort' to the summit of Pen y Ghent and then a steady pace run to Ribblehead. The permitted route then follows the tourist route up Whernside, adding no feet of climb but does add an extra 2 miles compared to the race route. A bit slower pace dodging all the 3 Peak Walkers. Overhearing some conversations I didn't like the sound of the 7am start that some of them had. My 10am one would have sounded positively decadent in comparison!

I managed to get to the Hill Inn in a total of 4hrs, which although 30 mins outside the allowed race time, I felt that come race day I might just be able to shave a few mins, hopefully 31 of them, off this time. Refreshed with a glass of fizzy pop, I completed the final mile and a bit road run back to the Station Inn at Ribblehead. The glass of fizzy pop here was fortified with a bit of alcohol, proud to have completed my longest solo off-road recce run.

Next week I can be available for a utup on Thurs, or will join the fast'uns at Wilderswood. Saturday I'm off to Wales for a go at a Welsh Mountain called Moelwyn.


Thursday, April 07, 2011


I'm off to do a bit of recceing for YJ's 70@70 tonight so not available for a or b, so guess it's c.

Saturday I'm back to Horton-in-Ribblesdale for final long recce for 3 Peaks.


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Easter Saturday

YJ and I are planning an early start, travelling up to the Old Dungeon Ghyll and attacking Scafell Pike via Rosset Ghyll. Then back to Horwich for the Pike Race. Anyone else interested?

This Week

Thursday 7th ~ three choices:-

a.   Foxholes reps, 6:45 guess where!

b   Fielden Cup,

c.   None of these.

I'm opting for "b".

Saturday 9th ~ I'm UTUPing ~ EYJ, will you be on Two Lads?

Monday, April 04, 2011

Edale Skyline

Was beginning to think I'd dreamt the whole thing!

But there I am at number 231, with 20% of the field finishing behind me (not including DNF's)

Saturday Utup

Just me, YJ and EtU for this one. The usual road circuit of Winter Hill or aka 'Bolton 40' circuit (or one third of it.) This was to be EtU's last long road run before the Madrid Marathon on 17th April.

I had a few bail-out options, but in the end the company was so agreeable that I completed the full circuit, including the time trial from the Black Dog to Horden Stoops. I only just managed to hold off YJ, who'd already run an extra 4.9m earlier in the morning and EtU who was saving himself for the additional Anglezarke loop. Just the 14m for me, EtU probably 18/19m and YJ nearer 25 ('cos I'm sure he'd have done an extra loop to make sure)

Time Trial Results
1.2 miles / ? ft

TF 12:34

YJ 12:54

EtU 14:44


Sunday, April 03, 2011

Pics from Santon

A fine English Longhorn on Irton Park Estate.

Late afternoon sun on the Screes.

Britain's favourite view from the pumping station.