Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shining Tor and Shuttlingsloe

Just a walk for us today but lovely terrain for a run, bit of a trek ‘though.  Home of Macclesfield Harriers.  Couple more pics if its of interest.


Shuttlingsloe from the path up to Shining Tor








Oddly named Cumberland Cottage (OS map) – in need of refurbishment


Heading up to Shuttlingsloe

Glossy Ibis

Birding community goes ballistic as three glossy birds are spotted in a field off Scout Road.  Keep your eyes open when you’re out on the moors this week.

Picture taken from internet – in case you were wondering ;~)

Hayeswater Reservoir

An article in last week's Whitehaven News reports that this reservoir is no longer required as the local community has been served from the Haweswater reservoir since 2005. The weir dam is to be dismantled 'as early as 2014' and the tarn returned to its natural state. The water level will be about two metres lower than at present and it will be about three quarters its current size.

Cost estimated at £700k - keep on eye on your water charges!

United Utilities are working with other agencies to protect the wildlife, including the indigenous brown trout and eel populations.

You may not all be aware that the eel's breeding migration is the converse of that of the salmon, which grows to maturity in the open sea, and then swims upstream to spawn in the gravel beds where they themselves originally hatched.  Whereas the eel matures in fresh water and then travels to the sea (supposedly all the way to the Sargasso) where it spawns and from whence the elvers travel back to their parents' home river to grow to maturity. Removal of the dam is expected enable the youngsters to complete their journey all the way back to the tarn.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday run

Just me and JtE turned up for this morning’s outing – glorious good to be out day, but surprisingly murky for pics.  A good 12 miles completed, with quality craic all the way round.  Follow our route from the pictures below.  A quick shower and then out with FSS for a leisurely walk in the afternoon.

Winter Hill-2


Winter Hill-5


Winter Hill-15


Winter Hill-17


Winter Hill-25


Winter Hill-33


Winter Hill-38


Winter Hill-45


Winter Hill-49


Winter Hill-51


Winter Hill-57


Winter Hill-58

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Stannage Struggle Sunday 22nd Sept 9.9k 355m

Having been denied the chance to 'fell' race on the Saturday due to being called up to complete the 'B' team at the Northern Road Relays, I was scouting around on Saturday evening for a suitable fix for the weekend.

Well this one fitted the bill. Organised by the Fat Boys Running Club (yep, seriously!) Despite the fact that all the car parking attendants were directing traffic with pints of beer in hand we all ended up in neat rows. Hathersage was looking it's best in the sunshine.

A good route, well marshalled and ear marked as a contender as suitable for a first 'fell race'. A couple of my 'B' team mates from the day before have expressed an interest in having a go at fell running.

All I have to do now is come up with something just as suitable that doesn't clash with road running and cross country fixtures. Shepherd Skyline's out as that clashes with XC relays, Dunnerdale's the day before XC league. So that leaves the Darwen Dasher one and Kirkbymoor. I've explained that the marshalls are a bit sparse on the later and there's no red&white tape to follow. So will see what they opt for.

Then again there is always ToP on the 23rd Nov. Would I be that cruel? Well they do run faster than me so shouldn't have a problem keeping up!!


Three Shires FR

Challenging conditions for Saturday’s race, with many folk going astray.  Our once fellow runner TiM being one of the more spectacular victims of the weather, ending up at the Newfield Inn in Seathwaite – he enjoyed his outing immensely Surprised smile

More of the race here

Having left my fell shoes at the front door, I had to content myself with coffee and cake at the Three Shires Inn and a short walk over Slater’s Bridge to Fell Foot and back.  A few snaps taken along the way

Three Shires-43

Race Field

Three Shires-73

Old School House

Three Shires-79

Slater’s Bridge

Three Shires-85

Under Slater’s Bridge

Three Shires-88


Three Shires-98

Looking at the road up to Wrynose Pass from the track to Fell Foot

Three Shires-139


Three Shires-144

Friday, September 20, 2013

Saturday 21st Sept

I shall be UTUPing tomorrow but without any great hopes of putting in much running distance.  A recurrent niggling back injury is proving very restrictive and as I have only manged 5 miles this week, fitness is becoming distant memory.


Looks like we've missed the correct weekend, but we're off out for a meal on Sunday anyway so next weekend is preferable for J and I. Friday or Saturday? Rivington again or has anyone a better suggestion?

No UTUP for me for awhile

NLN, JR & YJ were aware that I didn't do the full 14 miles last Saturday but cut back at White Coppice as I had a niggling hamstring. I still completed 9 miles at a reasonable pace. However, I went out for a short road run on Tuesday and that was a different matter. After less than a mile I came to a grinding halt and was unable to restart running, having to walk all the way back.
It looks like the only treatment is 3 to 4 weeks rest before I can start running again which means I'll miss Good Shepherd, Swinton 10,  Gin Pit 5 and the first couple of cross country races, as well as any free Saturdays for UTUP.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Thought I'd just share the words of the Organisers following cancellation of the LDMT. David and Miriam were entered as competitors both due to start at 8.30am, but I believe set off earlier to test out conditions.

  2013 Mountain Trial Cancelled

We want to express our apologies that we were not able to stage the Mountain Trial this year. All the key officials were really keen that the Trial should go ahead if at all possible; it has never previously been cancelled simply for bad weather.

As you know, we had several days’ warning of the depression, but the exact timing and intensity are never certain. As it was, the timing could hardly have been worse with the high winds starting at 7 a.m. and heavy rain following a few hours later. It only started to improve in mid-afternoon.

When one set of marshals understandably said that they couldn’t reach the first control, the two of us volunteered to start early and take the SI box. However, reports soon followed of extreme weather conditions and of other marshals who could not reach their positions. It was becoming clear that conditions were too severe, even for the experienced fell runners who enter the trial. So very reluctantly the decision was taken to cancel and we are very grateful for the understanding that you all showed. We know that some people had travelled a long way to compete.

On our trip up the fell, we found that conditions were just about manageable in many places although often it was a battle against the wind and visibility was just a few yards. However, the wind was particularly strong on the high passes and it was obvious that traversing exposed ridges and summits would be out of the question.

We are grateful to those of you who volunteered to run up to some of the checkpoints to inform the marshals of the cancellation. On their return, those runners confirmed that while it was quite enjoyable to nip up and back down, the conditions were not suitable for a long difficult race.

A further factor was that the heavy rain in the late morning was sufficient to put the becks in spate and crossing what are normally minor streams became difficult and dangerous. David had to climb half way back up the hillside he had just descended in order to find a feasible crossing place of a stream at the head of Langstrath.

You will understand that most of the costs of staging the Trial were incurred even though we had to cancel. We have a meeting of the LDMTA committee in two weeks’ time and I will email you again after that to say what we will be doing about the entry fees.

I’m sure you’ll join us in thanking the many helpers and marshals as well as Borrowdale Youth Hostel and Petzl our sponsors.

David & Miriam Rosen Organisers

Gives you a flavour of the dedication of the people organising the events we enjoy so much.

Interesting route through Healey Nab (last Saturday's UTUP)

Adding to NLN's report from Saturday, I have finally managed to transfer the data from my Garmin to my mac (for some reason there is an inconsistent bug in Garmin's software which means it works some of the time!). Apart from data on speed, altitude, etc, I can take it into Google Earth and capture the section of route. Thanks to JR, who eventually got us on to this alternative route to head to White Coppice.
Also a couple of pics to add NLN's professional quality output.
How many?

Still Waters Run Deep

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Report

Well the weather for the Turbine Tangle proved kind, no problems with visabilty. A rather select number of contenders set off from Cowpe at 10.00am with 3hrs to 'bag' all 26 turbines.

100m into the race and the field had split in 2 with the choice of routes up to the top of the moor. We were using the older punch card method of recording our visit to each windmill. Not a long piece of string attached the clip to the bottom of the series of metal steps associated with each one.  So having pinned my card to my vest to save having to carry it, I had to get down on my knees to be able to punch the card.

Must have looked like I was praying to the eco-power god. I got them all in a time of 2.35, the winner managed 1.38. Full results on Rossendales Facebook page.

The LDMT ended up being cancelled despite the best efforts of all involved. So all that remained was for some of us to sit and have a good natter whilst we made inroads into the pile of cakes, whilst others went to go and retrieve the Marshalls that had all ready made it to their control position. Having raced the day before I had no guilty conscience being one of the former. Top marks to those that ventured out and many thanks to those that stayed with me for some enjoyable 'fellrunning' craic. Back again next year?


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday - Healey Nab, Great Hill, Winter Hill

From grey drizzle to bright sunshine on this morning’s run –  a few more here.  Great to get over 14 and a half miles in these conditions : )

GH & WH-8

Just after the rain on Healey Nab

GH & WH-10

Heading down to White Coppice

GH & WH-13


GH & WH-50

White Coppice – the cricket field

GH & WH-57

Great Hill summit

GH & WH-76

Winter Hill summit

GH & WH-74

Paraglider on Winter Hill

Friday, September 13, 2013

I'm off tangling with the Turbines on Scout Moor on Saturday. 10am start from Cowpe if anyone wants to join me.

Sunday it's LDMT. We've already had an email warning of the possibility of shortened courses or cancellation.

Based on this forecast I'm not surprised

From MWIS website:

 How Windy?
Southwest turning westerly in the range 45 to 60mph, gusts may exceed 75mph locally.

 Effect Of Wind?
Considerable buffeting on the hills, and where exposed, general mobility tortuous on higher areas. Significant wind chill.

 How Wet?
Rain, heavy west

Looking on the bright side, at least I'm not kipping overnight in a tent. That's in 2 weeks time!!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday Evening Again

These Tuesday evenings are certainly producing some superb weather with ideal temperatures for running. Lots of runners were out including, as NLN shows, Tony Hesketh and I saw Ironman Ray near the finishing car park after the girls had left.


Winter Hill


Noon Hill with the next destination in the frame

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday on Winter Hill

Not many Tuesday nights left like this which makes it all the more enjoyable : )  A few more here

Tues WH-802

Tues WH-810

At Two Lads

Tues WH-814

Tony Hesketh

Tues WH-829


Tues WH-836

From Noon Hill

Tues WH-847

At the Pike

Tues WH-851

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Sunday on Great Hill and in Dean Black Brook

Cloudless skies as we set off from White Coppice this morning, but by the time we got back the cloud cover was complete.  Lovely time in wellies messing about in the Brook, as were lots of others : )

More here if it’s of interest.

White Coppice-24

Here’s one for you EtU – I would have myself, but not with the camera lol

White Coppice-3


White Coppice-14


White Coppice-18


White Coppice-406

Earlier on the approach to Great Hill – this shows the furrows where the land was once farmed on the side of Great Hill

White Coppice-414

Summit cloud formations

White Coppice-419


White Coppice-422