Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Saturday morning I met the TF at Jn 36 and we drove to Great Langdale in order to recce part of the Joss Naylor route from Rossett Pike to Esk Hause. The first couple of miles along Mickleden are virtually flat so we were warmed up by the time we reached the climb towards Stake Pass. The climb was OK (apart from the bracken) and we then took the path towards the summit of Rossett Pike. At this point, the TF demonstrated here navigational prowess by picking a far better line than I did thereby avoiding some unnecessary climbing. I also had EtU's trouble - meeting a couple of very pleasant young ladies and stopping for a chat! However, we reached the summit and spent a few minutes discussing the options for getting to Bowfell.
We decided that dropping down to Angle Tarn meant losing too much height even if the running was easier, and so we took the direct route. It was steep and tricky in places, but there were some cairns and we reached the plateau below the summit without mishap. A lunch stop and then it was off to Esk Pike where we bumped into two of my fellow Settle Harriers, and down to Esk Hause. We decided that Great End was a bit too much, I had a jog up to Allen Crags, and then it was back to the car.
Now I had thought that it was downhill all the way back to Mickleden, but there were two ups to negotiate before the long descent, and the descent of Rossett Gill was not very enjoyable; it was difficult terrain to run on and I got a blister, which is most unusual for me. Fortunately, the TF came to the rescue with some quick first aid, and we made it back to the car without further mishap. A quick but much needed drink in the Stickle Barn and we were off home.
Thanks to the TF for an enjoyable day out. In total over the two days, I ran 22.55 miles and climbed 8127ft. Sunday was a rest day!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Hill reps up Blencathra and a Tooth Fairy Special part 1

Given how close they are, I don't get to the Lakes that often, but last week I had two epic outings on consecutive days.
One of my hareem, Helen, has entered the Lakes In A Day which takes place in October and she wanted to recce some of the route. So last Friday she and I went up to Threlkeld and met up with Rachel, another Helen and Little Dave. Now Little Dave lives in Burgess Hill which is about 20 miles north of Brighton but he has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Lake District, and he suggested a double Blencathra. First came the easy bit, the gradual ascent of Blease Fell. I say easy but Blencathra is well over 2800ft high, so the term is relative. Anyway we soon reached the summit and were rewarded by stunning views. A quick snack and then the straightforward descent of Scales Fell before the fun began.
The second ascent was via Doddick Fell and started with an awkward little rock scramble right at the base of the fell. Then came an interminable steep ascent through the bracken covered lower slopes. Bracken and I don't get on; spores + hay-fever = asthma, not good when climbing steep hills. Eventually we were through and things improved dramatically.The ridge is quite narrow and there were excellent views into the valleys on either side. Another break on the summit and we set off down Halls Fell. For those that don't know it, Halls Fell is very steep but it is the way down on the LIAD so we had to do it. Helen and I, used to the grassy descents of the Dales, were soon left behind but we managed a lot better than we had feared and were soon down. A quick drink in the Horse and Farrier, and then it was time to go back and get some rest before Saturday.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Saturday 15th June

Just for the occasional Saturday morning participant, I will be at the Bottom Barn at 8:30 a.m (or very soon after) this coming Saturday; hope to have company.

Sunday, June 02, 2019

Calderdale Way Ultra Sat 1st June

Back in 2017 I thought I'd set myself the challenge of doing a 50 mile race to celebrate my 50th in 2018. The Calderdale Way Ultra fitted the bill, it was 50m and I knew the route. Life intervened, and a lack of training meant the project got shelved.

Xmas 2018 and thoughts of 'can I do it' resurfaced, returning to the website I found the race had grown an extra 2 miles longer! The official stats were now 52.8m and 2128m of climb (approx 7000ft)

6 months later and I was on the start line. If I was to complete, it'd be the furthest and longest I'd be on my feet in one go. A total of 16 hrs allowed, starting at 6am and finishing by 10pm. In training I'd struggled to meet the required pace for leg 2, so this was going to be the critical leg.

Pacing schedule from the organisers was as follows

Start to CP1 11.90m   cut off  09:15am 16.4 mins per mile    time allowed for leg 3hrs15mins
CP1 to CP2 11.32m    cut off 12:30pm 17.2 mins per mile     time allowed for leg 3hrs15mins
CP2 to CP3 10.76m    cut off 15:45pm 18.1 mins per mile     time allowed for leg 3hrs15mins
CP3 to CP4 6.88m      cut off 17:45pm 19.6 mins per mile     time allowed for leg 2hrs
CP4 to CP5 6.83m      cut off 20:00pm 17.5 mins per mile     time allowed for leg 2hrs15mins
CP5 to finish 5.49m    cut off 22:00pm 21.9 mins per mile     time allowed for leg 2hrs

Well I won't keep you in suspense any longer this is what I managed.

I DID IT!!!!

These are my split times

Julie Laverock
Female Vet 50

Finish Time: 15:43:10
T-Rank: 43
MF-Rank: 9
AG-Rank: 4


A bit of time gained for 1st leg, allowed a bit of slippage for leg 2, but I had 10 mins in hand for leg3, a bit of a stop at 30m point to change over my innersoles and take an opportunity to buy a drink. Leg 4 starts with a long road descent and barring one small climb is mainly flat, I was feeling good and was able to keep up a good run/walk strategy and got into the CP with 10 mins in hand. I'd done leg 5 in 2 hrs in training (very easy pace) and had 2.5 hrs.

I knew I had to be at the pub (Hinchcliffe Arms, Cragg Vale for 7.30pm to stand any chance of getting to the reservoir at the top in time for the cut off. I was there at 7.30pm and powered up in 15mins. We had to call in at the feed station before we were allowed to cross the timing mat for the next leg, so essential arrived with 15mins in hand.

Would I recommend it, yes but for this race you really do need to know the route like the back of your hand if you run at my pace. I helped a number of people stay on route, met one poor girl who'd been going round in circles for 40mins on leg 2! The longest run I'd done in training was 29m, but I had also done a number of 8-10hr days with lots of climbing.

Finally the trekking poles. I started with them at 4m mark on the first steep climb, and kept them in my hands until the finish.

(me at 3m, other photos available here

My next challenge, running a 5k in 1 week as part of a nhs team for the NHS triathlon. Start & Finish at the Leisure Centre in Bromley Cross.