Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tri Winter Hill

Don't forget, Tri Winter Hill starts from Horrocks Wood car park, next Saturday - 6th July - at 9:00.

Grateful for contenders, relay teams, part participants (do any part) or supporters - folk needed at the res to move kit from one end to the other, about 9:10 onwards.

A Reet Good Day Out!

I was going to say a 'a reet good morning out' but on considering the times - depart 9:04 am, arrive back 3:24, it was obvious that the greater part of the outing was in the afternoon.

Recognising that I woud be out of the country for the usual CD date, I had declared that I would be attempting the round yesterday, so I was pleased to find that in addition to YJ, who had already declared his support, to find that t'Y and the ever trepid (my word) SN were at the Top Barn to keep me company.

SN had been assured by NLN that she was up to the task, and so she was.

We cruised up to Noon Hill and at that point split into two groups, YJ and t'Y took the George's Lane route to the Pike, and SN and I took the high level (SJC's) route, getting there in a fine 14 minutes.

WE waited there for the slow group who had at that point scooped up Christa, a relatively new Horwich recruit.

Christa stayed with us until just past the Shooting Hut then turned for home following t'Y's directions (have you got home yet, Christa?). At about that point we met EYJ who declined our invitation to join us, and we proceeded to the res.  YJ was running out of steam and turned for home, thank-you John, good to have you thus far.

At Egg Hillock the big decision was whether to follow the established due west route, or to proceed to Shaley Dingle, and then look for the FSSS west by south west route. t'Y assured us he could find the new route and we followed him, eventually homing in on the ridge, less that 100 yards from the ill-defined summit (I'm not convinced).

Then WHT and down to Hordern Stoops to retreive my stash, which we shared out then continued on to Old Adam's Hill, thence Spittlers then to Great Hill to retreive stash no. 2.

At that point I was flagging, but led by t'Y and supported by SN I struggled on through Round Loaf, Healey Nab and thence back to the barn. Three completers, with company along the way from other friends.

Not quite up to the Lakeland rounds, but this is what it''s all about, guys, thank you all.

Enjoy the official outing!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Early Coope's Dozen

See Ed's report above for full description of our early Coope's Dozen. My garmin clocked 19.27 miles with 4600ft of ascent. Using the direct route from Noon Hill to the Pike saves about half a mile and 200ft of climb. The route we took off Round Loaf is not the most direct of the three options but provides the clearest route and decent running underfoot for running.
The four of us at the start in the top barn car park

The first stop after less than 100 metres as the peacock greeted us

Ed and SN descending to Hordern Stoops

noticing the sign that now twins the locality with the North Pole

and the artistic poster to alert of us bikers trying to do the ton along the road?

crossing the beck on the new footbridge to take the right bank of the ravine down to White Coppice
where it was a lovely day for Cricket at what is probably the most picturesque ground in the country ... as I said to Ed at the time, so good you would think you were in Yorkshire!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Great Lakeland 3 Day

Entries have opened for next years event with an 'early bird' price of £100, represents a lot better value for money for carting your stuff about. Very tempted to sign up. There's a new 'C' course this year which the organisers have dubbed the 'cafe' class - a lot more relaxed, only one control to find and will probably allow a route via a good pub for lunch.

5 entries in already.


(ps I've wimped out on the Buttermere race due to a bad cold, if feeling a bit better by tomorrow may join up for a trot from smithills res for a look at the new route from Shaly Dingle, had to leave EtU to his own devices last night so hope he found it ok)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shaley Dingle

At last! reference to, and a picture of, the date stone:-

You need to read most of the way down - but unfortunately the writer has about as much idea of what it's about as we have.
The Woolpack Walk Challenge

Hands up those who knew about this? Bit of a discussion here

In brief - Start at the Woolpack Inn Eskdale and visit Slight Side, Scafell, Scafell Pike, Esk Pike via Esk Hause, Bow Fell, Crinkles with Long Top as the summit, Hardknott and Harter. Clock wise or Anti Clockwise and a sub 12hr completion gets you a pint of beer and an entry in the log book.

My natural inclination would be Anti Clockwise as that means you climb up from Foxes Tarn, and I'm more familiar with the route from Bow Fell to Slight Side 'cos of the Great Lakes race. Just the thing for a wet bank holiday August weekend!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

CD Attempt Saturday 29th June

On my way to do my Pike Step Reps (to be truthful - rep - singular) this morning I heard this:-

I'm not sure if this link works, as the sound on my elderly PC has, like much of my my equipment, given up the ghost, please feed back.

Be that as it may, Tom inspired me to resolve to celebrate each midsumer's day with a CD, albeit this year a week late.

So Saturday 29th June is my own Solstice celebration - grateful for company.

Albert's Joss

YJ, TF, Botters and I went up to Kirkstone to support Albert as he passed through on his Joss Naylor Crossing attempt. Weather conditions conspired to thwart him, and he retired at Dunmail Raise after five and a half hours on the fell in atrocious conditions. Was he downhearted:- 

read his words!

But don't view his blip for the 23rd!

What a Day!

Hard to believe that Saturday was the 22nd June.  The weather conspired against Albert in his JNLC attempt.  Great to see all the support out to see him at Kirkstone – more pics here.  I’m sure he’ll be back for more Smile


River Eamont from Pooley Bridge


Rob, Albert and Pete


Waiting at Kirkstone


A few familiar faces sheltering from the torrential rain at Kirkstone


Threatening to brighten at Dunmail, shortly before the shelter was nearly blown away!

Darwen Tower (Saturday UTUP)

With apparently everyone except me heading to the Lakes to support or at least encourage Albert on his Joss, I expected to be the only one in the car park ready for a run. However, I was wrong as JR had also turned up. After waiting a couple of minutes in case Colin or TYC arrived, I suggested we head for Darwen Tower, with a positive response from JR. We set off in light drizzle which then dried off. Usual outward route via Ammunition Corner then Lower Hempshaw's then the diagonal path to Spittlers. We had no problem in finding he path off towards Piccadilly although it soon disappeared which left us wondering if it was the correct path - it soon reappeared as did the rain so we were quite cold and wet by the time we reached the road. The woodland track to Tockholes Road offered some respite before we were open to the elements on the climb up to Darwen Moor : at least that section is always runnable so you can get some speed for warmth.
Arriving at the tower after about 1hr 43, JR suggested an alternate route back which would likely give more protection from the elements. This involved continuing in the direction of Sunnyhurst then heading up Donkey Drop? picking up part of the Tockholes Fell Race route then crossing the road and running through Tockholes Plantation (as shown below) and up to Slipper Lowe then back to the road.

For variety, the return route came back via Great Hill. By now the weather had brightened up and we were running in a drying wind. The next route choice was to head for Round Loaf from which we took the path off hoping to arrive at the Bomber Memorial. I've only been on that route once before, walking it in the opposite direction a few months ago. At times I doubted whether I was navigating correctly but in fact it was perfect. Thence back by our usual route, which was new to JR.
Despite the weather, a cracking morning's run - 16 miles with close on 4000 feet of ascent in 3hrs 44, average speed 4.3mph - my longest run of the year by far with no after effects so looking forward to next weekend.

Right-click links to download gpx and tcx files of the garmin data.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ed's Coopes Doz.

After a highly successful Urban Orienteering weekend in Salford and `horwich it was to be the Annual Harvester night relay event down south on the Longworth Army ranges.  However, raging apathy has crept into the bones of my fellow competitors, which free's me up nicely for a run out with Ed.  So, yes I'm up for it again!  It would be nice to do it in good weather for a change.

See you all on Friday.

Ian's Joss

What a party! Terrific pictures NLN, please pass my belated birthday wishes to FSS and congratulate him on adding to his tally of age group crossings.

Albert's Joss

On the assumption that Albert won't be put off by the weather from starting his JN Traverse, this Saturday 22nd June a car has been filled to meet and greet him at Kirkstone, whither we will proceed onto the fells for an, as yet undecided, outing.

Might make for a good day out if another car could join in the party.  Any takers?

I'm not out this Thursday.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coope's doz

I will be accompanying EtU on his C Doz  run on June 29th but also intend to  do the regular annual run and will be available each Saturday in July except the 6th. That would make it four starts in one year -- a record for me.

Ian’s Joss Naylor Lakeland Challenge

Great day celebrating Ian’s Birthday on Saturday – more at Out & About Smile


Dawn at Kirkstone






Emerging from the gulley off Gable


Leaving the clouds on Gable behind


BG contender on Steeple


Summit of Seatallan


Middle Fell in evening sun


Keith sets up the birthday drinks at Greendale


Down the hatch!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Name that land

I found out that some new OS Opendata had been released a couple of months back, so to see if I could use it for anything I downloaded a copy and set about putting some together. 

The contours aren't out yet so just false colour for now, black is the lowest ground and then up through the blues to orange.

Three guesses on where this is...

Saturday on Winter Hill

A quality morning on the moors with lots of good deeds, banter looking at the marvelous views and skies and a bit o’running too.  I was a bit busy after that – but that’s for another post but just to let you know that Ian got round in 15.57 and we all had a cracking day on the fells.  Details of the morning’s outings at Out and About













Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tri Winter Hill

Just 20 sleeps!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Coope’s Dozen Date

In response to EtU’s query I would be available any Saturday in July, including the 27th., or any Saturday in August.  If people were to similarly post their available dates perhaps someone would make the decision on the information available. I could make the decision early in July if that helps.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coope's Dozen 2013

Further to my earlier posting, I will be in Portugal on the traditional CD date of 'last Saturday before Borrowdale', which this year is the 27th July.

Can someone - anyone! - decide when the 2013 group run will be, so that other interested groups (FSS and co, Lostock, Salford(!) and blog readers in general) can be advised of the date.

For info, I will UTUP on Saturday 29th June and then proceed to the top barn to commence an attempt on the full dozen at 9:00 a.m - company welcome.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tuesday Night on Winter Hill

Me, SN and JtE had a lovely meander over the moors last night.  Isn’t the cotton grass splendid just now – a few more pics here











Final Pics from Scotland

Finally got round to posting pics and brief write ups from Scotland, so if you like these there’s more here Surprised smile

Final day Friday 30th May


Loch Etrick from the summit of  Geal-Charn



heading down from the second summit A’mharconaich