Monday, December 26, 2016

Two 'Lads' on Two Lads

Just the Iceman and  I UTUPped on Christmas Eve, but we had an enjoyable, if slightly wind battered, run over  the Pike, Two Lads and the Trig Point, before returning to the barn for light refreshments.

No caption competition for this one, as the photographer has already provided one, unless you can do better:-

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Running

Saturday 24th - I'll be UTUPing, anything up to three hours, or less,with time for coffee at the Barn.

Wednesday 28th - LTUP = later time, usual place., 9:00 at the Bottom Barn, perhaps one and a half hours, followed by coffee.

Season's Greetings

The Lord of Brentford and SWINW would like to wish all our friends in wfdbwgua a very happy and holy Christmas. As is our wont, we will be be giving a donation to charity rather than send cards; this year's charity is the Yorkshire Cancer Centre.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Run

A few pics given the fabulous conditions as EtU, YJ and I climbed through the inversion and into the sunny uplands of Winter Hill summit.  An enjoyable morning finished off with refreshments in the Bowling Green cafe :)


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Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas bonus

SWINW wanted to visit her sister before Christmas, so I contacted EtU to see if he fancied a short run this morning whilst the ladies went shopping.
A trot up the Pike was followed by a descent to George's Lane, then down accross a field, over a gate into the woods above the Devil's Steps. There followed some fairly desperate manoeuvres in the bushes ( for further details apply to EtU) before we reached the concrete path and a pleasant jog back to the barn.
An enjoyable morning out made Ben better by discovering that SWINW had not spent a fortune!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Christmas Outing - Saturday 17th December

All welcome to come along for a festive fun run tomorrow.  Options are UTUP or a slightly later start at 9.00am  from car park adjacent to Rivington primary school.  The two parties will meet for coffee at  Rivington Bowling Green cafe at 11.00am.  Be good to see you :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Card

Hi everyone,

Thank you to those of you who have sent me and Duncan a Christmas card.  This year, we will not be sending cards (mainly because I haven't even bought any yet and can't find a spare two minutes to do anything at the minute!) and are instead making a donation to the Bolton Destitute Animal Shelter. 

I have therefore designed an e-card for you all which can be accessed on the below link.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work on smart phones and requires Flash player but hopefully you'll be able to view it on your PC.

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and all the best for the New Year!

Here's hoping 2017 brings us all some great running adventures!

Christa and Duncan x

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Howgill Heaven

As regular readers will know, one of the many advantages of living in Settle is that I now have two hareems. ( For any new readers, I must explain that this is not due to my being irresistible to women but is due to my being retired and therefore able to run on a weekday).
One of my hareems meets every Thursday morning in term time and last week we drove up to Sedbergh to run on the Howgills. I had done a race from Sedbergh but I was not otherwise familiar with the area. It turned out that I was in for a very pleasant surprise. The initial climb was steep but runnable (think of Foxholes with a non tarmac surface) but once on the tops there were miles of rounded hills with nice tracks

We climbed Arant Haw, Calders, The Calf, Bram Hill Top and Winder, before the steep drop back into Sedbergh for tea and cake ( the Thursday Hareems is very keen on tea and cake). 
So if you don't know the area, I do strongly recommend it. Perhaps one of EtU's tours is needed.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Special offer for Guided Two Crosses Challenge

I have decided to offer my services in guiding you round the Two Crosses Circuit Challenge on March 19th. This is at a bargain one-time offer of only £99.50pp. This of course excludes entry fee of £10 (advance), £12 OTD but I will buy you a drink (usually fine whisky and sherry stocked) at Check-point 7 (the Naughty Corner). PS Don't tell them they are free! 
As suggested earlier, it would be a great idea to develop into guided tours of Coope's Dozen (could add an extra £30 by including a T-shirt).

Friday, November 25, 2016

had to happen some day!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Winter Solstice/Christmas Do

I'm making arrangements for Friday 9th December, please can you let me  know whether you will be coming and if so, with how many?

Monday, November 14, 2016

Three Peaks run

Weather conditions were perfect for running last Saturday, although a combination of heavy overnight rain and snow melt made for very soft going indeed. I set off from Horton with my friends Rachel and Steve and we summited Pen y Ghent in 50 mins

The long run over to Ribblehead was easy but very muddy. Steve peeled off at High Birkwith as he had to get back to work, and Rachel and I carried on to Ribblehead where we were met by Anne with tea, soup and dry clothes.
Rachel went home and was replaced by Roisin (who some of you have met as she did all three of the Curleys' races earlier in the year). Roisin is a National Trust ranger and we spent much of the ascent of Whernside talking about their plans for Malham Tarn - tree planting, introducing water voles, volunteers, to name but a few. We summited at about 12.45 but struggled a bit on the descent as the flags that have been put down to combat erosion were very slippy indeed.

 We reached the Hill Inn about 15 mins down on schedule to be met by Roisin's husband Jake, and my friends Mark and Sue.
More tea, and a change of shoes, and I was off, this time on my own on the ascent of Ingleborough. I found the last steep bit very hard work and visibility was very poor on the summit plateau. After the obligatory photo, I set off for Horton.

By now I was feeling tired and the descent seemed to go on for ever. However, as soon as I dropped out of the mist I was met by Julia who had run up from Horton, and a bit further down by Claire who had done the same. Now when you are tired I can strongly recommend the company of two young cheerful ladies as after they joined me the time flew by and we were back in Horton, tired but happy.
Just over 6 hours running, 24.5 miles and 5000ft of climbing. A grand day out.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Three Peaks

I am going to run the Three Peaks next Saturday (November 12th). If anyone wants to join me, you are most welcome

Friday, November 04, 2016

November 2016 - My Plans for Saturday Mornings

5th - UTUP

12th - Haigh Hall Park Run

19th - UTUP

26th - UTUP

Grateful for company on any of these.

Monday, October 31, 2016

A hard day's work

The Snowdonia marathon never gets any easier and nor do my times improve.  Saturday's outing, my tenth running of this gruelling race, did however experience one of the event's best weather days, warmish, no wind and only a little cooling drizzle.

On the down side my time of 4.27 was five minutes slower than last year.  All was going well until about mile 20, where I was a few minutes up on last year,  and then the 'wheels fell off'  and I struggled on the last climb.  Surely a sign of a lack of training miles.

The up side was a win in the over 75 category and a lead of  34 minutes ahead of the over 70 winner.  That, tied to a first half marathon time of a few seconds over 2 hrs  and a finishing position in the top half of the field,  made the outing worthwhile and probably meriting a return visit next year.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weakened Warrior Events - Back o'Fairsnape

The 'Chipping Trigs' outing received mixed reviews - 'too long' and 'too much road' being the main complaints. Back o'Fairsnape will cover some of the same ground, but addresses these two complaints.

It draws the main part of its route from the Fiendsdale Race, which I think is now defunct. Starting from Beacon Fell we cross to Fairsnape summit, then heading north east to pick up Bleadale water which will lead us to Langden Castle (an abandoned shepherd's hut (correct placing of the apostrophe?).

Thence south west up Fiendsdale and over back to the Bleasdale plain and Beacon Fell. Probably 13 or 14 miles in total.

I'll be trying to sort out a date, can anyone who is particularly interested in this proposal speak up so they can be consulted. A Saturday would probably be best as it would suit the few remaining wealth generators in our squad.

See:- for what lies in store. I'm not sure what the later images on this site have to do with our route, but the earlier ones seem relevant.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


I have to take SWINW to Bolton tomorrow as she and her sister are off to Welsh Wales for the weekend. So as I am in the area my aim is to be UTUPing on Saturday in the hope that others will join me.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Weakened run

Neither EtU nor myself will be UTUPPing tomorrow, EtU doing high altitude training in the Lakes in preparation for the Snowdonia marathon in two weeks time  and myself recovering from a sore  throat and cold..

If I am sufficiently improved I will attempt to  turn out on Sunday (UTUP of course) to run via White Coppice, Brinscall, Abbey Village, Belmont, Two Lads and Horwich, a total of 21.5 miles If anyone feels like taking a chance on me being fit to run I would welcome their company on Sunday.

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Rather Belated Thank You... everyone for the good wishes, fine tankard and your company on the 30th; I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, despite it finishing with Mat dropping my beer in the middle of Grimeford Lane as he dropped me at the same time; fortunately neither the bottles nor I broke.

Special thanks go to the Johns for organising the evening and to Ian for the following photographs:-

Once again, thank you one and all.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

To Ell' and back

As every HTFC fan of a certain edge will know that the answer to "Do You Know Where (H)ell is?" is "'Ell's in Elland Road" (sung to the strains of Lee Marvin's "Wandering Star" from the film "Paint You Wagon". Anyway, at somewhat short notice I decided to do the "to Ell And Back" Challenge Event. The weather forecast had some influence and so it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day in Yorkshire and mere 45 minutes drive to get there.
I did think that one of the registration team was HTFC Manager, David Wagner, moonlighting, until he spoke with no hint of a German accent. I suppose he could take the day off without a worry, being as successful a football manager as you will find at the moment.
Back to running, The walkers had set off at 8.30 so there were just runners milling around when I arrived at 9am. And even then, being low key and no prizes, you were allowed to set off early if you so wish. With no prior experience of the route, I waited and set off with around 15 at the appointed time. This soon reduced to a group of seven, with a quicker group ahead and a slower (yes even slower than me), behind. A camaraderie soon developed as the occasional wrong turnings were almost chosen (the first first section had been changed about three days ago due to path closures). Luckily I had a print with the correct route on it, half-inced off the wall (with permission), so was able to advise those who were shooting off.
The first couple of miles were gently hilly through woodland paths with some tricky wet paths before we dropped to the Calder & Hebble Canal which was then followed to Sowerby Bridge. Some tricky road crossing and ginnels (a la Hebden Bridge on t'Hobble) to return to the canal which was then followed to Luddenden Foot, providing fast running, not much slower than 8 minutes per mile.
Then the climbs began in earnest, gaining views over to Stoodley Pike and for miles around. The "lunch" stop was at Ripponden. I, of course, ensured I had plenty to eat, ensuring I didn't repeat my only ever failure to feed properly where food was available, on this year's 100. This meant I had come adrift of the rest of the group, which did include at least one with route knowledge. However, by this team, we had passed many walkers so there were a few walkers to look out for (although not many - it should be a better supported event). After awhile, I caught sight of two Middleton runners, who who were with our group. They may have had navigational issues. Ok, not may, but definitely did! Hopefully they will not have similar issues in a couple of weeks time on the Snowdonia Marathon. YJ, I told them to follow you. The rest of the route was completed with only a few minutes lost to navigational mistakes, but you always add time checking the route. I ran with them for the remainder of the route to finish in 4:29. The advertised distance was 20 miles. Looks like we did about 20.7. Good home made hot pot pie and peas at the finish at Heath Rugby Club by which time the bar was open.    I noticed a league table was showing, but not for association football but rugby union football - Yorkshire Div 1to be precise. Sadly Heath were next to bottom of the league at this early stage of the season. However, my team, the Old Brodleians, were high flying in third.
As always, with LDWA events, great value at only £9 entry. It is worthy of much better support, maybe a chara next year?
No photos from me but they do have some nice photos on their gallery here.

Friday, September 09, 2016

Thursday, September 01, 2016


EtU organised a mission to find and pay tribute to a former Horwich RMI Harrier, taken too soon.  A small memorial exists up on the moor to honour his name and a fitting addition to this would be a white heather which was duly planted.  A few shots from a glorious evening on the moor - job done RIP Steve.

 Heading up

 Getting sorted
 What now!

 Time for a rest at the trigpoint

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Chipping Trigs - Saturday 27th August '16

Although there had been quite a lot of prior interest in this adventure, only three of us reached the start line:- Nic'O, YJ and yours truly. The Settlers were absent due to their leader having fallen down and subsequently gotten up again with injured ribs - could your Angels not have reported for duty leaderless, Chris?

So at 9:15 (not all the delay being due to me) we dauntless three set off for Fairsnape. The weather was warm and dry and for most of the day there was sufficient breeze to make the conditions comfortable. YJ, in his eternal search for extra miles and climbing, approached target no.1 via Parlick summit, but Nic'O and I bypassed it and we regrouped before the col, reaching the trig on Fairsnape an hour and 19 minutes after leaving Chipping:-

In the distance between my companions you can see clearly the tree covered top of our next objective - Beacon Fell.

Descending Fairsnape towards the spreading fields of Bleasdale, we found that parts of our course had been marked:-

Nic'O seemed unsure as to whether we should follow the tape or her GPS, but in the end we agreed to follow our noses.

The route to Beacon Fell did not include too much road and we reached the top an hour and 35 minutes after Fairsnape:-

Looking back, Fairsnape is obscured by me and Parlick by YJ.

Succumbing to the temptation of a coffee shop just a few hundred yards away, it was another 27 minutes later before we set off for our final summit.This included the longest stretch of tarmac (6 miles) that we had to endure and as the weather became slightly too warm for comfort, Nic'O declared, on the stretch called Bedlam Road, that she was losing the will to live. YJ, on the final steep (very) climb up Jeffrey Hill (still tarmac), demonstrated his remarkable climbing ability, leaving us both trailing in his wake. The moorland stretch from the top of Jeffrey to the summit involved very little climbing and we reached the trig two hours and 8 minutes after leaving the Beacon Fell cafe:-

This was probably the best viewpoint of all, with Beacon Fell to the left of YJ's head, Fairsnape the long high ridge to the right of the pillar and Chipping nestling in the centre middle distance.

From there we set off back to our starting point, YJ opting to retrace our steps back to the top of Jeffrey and to stay on the road all the way back, whilst Nic'O used her GPS to help us follow footpaths most of the way back to Chipping. YJ caught us up on the final tarmac stretch and we reached the cars six hours and 54 minutes after leaving them.

Nic'O clocked over 19 miles for our journey and YJ managed to rack up over 21, by avoiding all shortcuts and staying on tarmac wherever possible.

All in all, a fine day out, although for two of us at least, just too much road, especially when surrounded by so much fine hill country. An outing to be repeated - but not just yet!

The biggest disappointment of my day was that the Cobbled Corner Cafe in Chipping had closed at 4:00, just before our arrival back  at 4:09.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wasdale Wanderings

Precision picking the best weather of the summer, Nic'O, SN and myself headed up to the Achille Ratti Hut in Nether Wasdale.  Arriving Monday afternoon we settled ourselves in before heading up into the evening sunshine for a run over Buckbarrow.  Returning via  Greendale Bridge we chatted with Joss and his daughter and accepted the offer of a beer in the garden.  The weather continued for the next two days with wall to wall sunshine.  A good time was had by all.  Back home to torrential rain at the weekend : )

Looking down to Wast Water and the Scafells from Buckbarrow

The Screes from Buckbarrow                       

The run down to Greendale Bridge

At Greendale Bridge
Snack at Sty Head
Great Gable from Kirk Fell
Scafells from Kirk Fell
Pillar and Scoat Fell with Steeple behind from Kirk Fell
Heading to the 'path' up to Wind Gap
The view down Mosedale to Wasdale Head from Wind Gap

Steeple for Lunch

Heading back over Pillar summit
On Looking Stead
Enjoying the views

The legs have it - sign of the sunshine!