Wednesday, January 16, 2019

TAB to Bowland

TAB is my newly discovered word. I'd heard it several times over recent years, but only in the last few days discovered its derivation. It stands for Tactical Advance to Battle, or in this instance, Tactical Advance to Bowland.
We (as in wfdbwgua) are planning a TAB on Saturday 26th January, commencing from GR SD 632 513, near Dunsop Bridge, at a time yet to be agreed.
We will proceed up the Langden Valley to Langden Castle (Google it). thence to Fairsnape Fell:-

Note:- it may not be this sunny on the 26th and the paint on the trig pillar might have faded.

From there we will turn south and then east to return to our start point. Total distance about 10.5 miles, starting on track and then rough fell. Forecast is dry, but cloudy.
I can forward a map to anyone who is interested.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Season's Greetings

Anne and I would like to wish all our friends in WFDBWGUA a very happy Christmas and New Year. Once again, we are not sending cards but are making a donation to charity instead, which this year is the Yorkshire Cancer Centre.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Christmas (well, nearly) "Do"

After some consultation, I have booked a table at the Black Horse, Limbrick, for the evening of Friday 7th December.  I'd be grateful for numbers.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

A PyG of a day

In the end there were just two of us, the TF and my good self. The original plan had been to go to the Lakes but the strong winds meant that we opted for a (mainly) low level route in the Dales instead.
The day started gently with an easy trot alongside the Ribble to Stainforth and then we started on the only real climb of the day, the 4 mile and 1600ft ascent of Pen y Ghent. For those unfamiliar with the route, it is a long steady ascent for 3.5 miles followed by a scramble up some rocks just before the summit, which we reached about 2 hours after setting off.

The rocks had been very slippery so we decided to descend via the Pennine Way to Horton and then follow the river to Helwith Bridge and then to the excellent cafe at Knight Stainforth. At this point, the TF who was suffering with a head cold, sensibly decided to call it a day, so I fortified by tea and buns jogged the last three miles back to the car and then returned for her. In all it was just over 17 miles and 2000+ ft of climbing. Thanks to the TF for driving up to Settle and for the pleasure of her company.
Pen y Ghent

Sunday, November 18, 2018

To Be or Knott To Be

The Knott in this case being Arnside Knott which was the venue of an excellent fell race earlier today. It was 6 miles and about 1000ft of climbing, well marked and well marshalled, and at times offering some stunning views of the Lakes. And there was an interesting sting in the tail at the end.
It was my first race since June (Two Lads) and I found the start and the first hill quite tough. However, I eventually found my rhythm and had an enjoyable battle with two other runners, one from CLM who beat me and one from Howgills runners who didn't.
No results out yet so I don't know how near the back I was, but to be honest I don't care. It was a grand day out: good race, lovely weather and a pub lunch to finish off. Happy days.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

A couple of 50s

I've not yet had time to write up about my trip to the GRP in the Pyrenees, but thought I would do a quick reflection after getting home from being the event co-ordiantor for the Red Rose 50.
Grand Raid Pyrenees Tour des Lacs 82km, 51 miles
First 10 miles, 4500 feet of climb completed in 3 hours - average 18 minutes per mile.
Next 11 miles to the checkpoint at La Mongie, a further 3500 feet of climbing but over 4 climbs from starting altitude of around 7000ft above sea level. Toughest terrain  (boulder fields) used in event. Result - took 6 hrs 30, one mile took over an hour. Had difficulty breathing so had to keep stopping on climbs. Lost 150 places and timed out. Fellow English competitors in GRP80, Bob Nash ran the last few k with me being timed out  by approx 45 minutes. Abigail and Michelle Sunter, made the checkpoint in time but retired there. Winning time was an hour and a half slower than my previous run in 2014. In all 160 of 1160 starters retired at the CP. In the Ultra 160km which started with same route, Albert completed in about 45 hours,  about 7 hours slower than he expected. Karen Nash was third lady overall (21 started, 7 finished) in about 42 hours which is six and a half hours slower than her time of three years ago. Of the near 400 men, 41% retired.
Red Rose 50 this weekend
Not got the full results to hand yet but Karen Nash finished 2nd overall (not 2nd lady but overall) in 10 hrs 30. Albert was about an hour later.  Bob Nash (who is 74) and Abigail both completed in about 15 hrs 30.
The Red Rose 50 has half the climb of the GRP80k but that is still over 7,500ft. We had 13 retirements from 141 starters, a mix of walkers and runners.
It just puts my "failure" at the GRP into perspective.
I will up update with some photos - and exact times later in the week.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Quarterly 'Do' - Friday 21st Septmber

I have booked a table at the Black Horse at Limbrick for our Autumn gathering.

Hope you can make it, grateful for numbers in advance.