Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Toe ~ J+8

Now diagnosed as infected (with what?); 2 gms of Flucloxacillin per day prescribed.

Perhaps 2 and a half hours on Saturday wasn't wise; but when was being wise fun?

Current plans include tracking Tuesday and UTUPing Thursday and Saturday; Wasdale here I come.

You seem to have got your moneysworth, TF, sounds like a good day out.


South Pentland Hills Long 'O' (Sun 31st May)

Just thought I'd share a couple of photos from my brief trip north of the border.

First one's the view from the bedroom, not bad for a fiver eh? And I didn't have to share the shower with 500 others this weekend.

Next on the way to the start. Village in the middle is Carlops.

On route to the third check-point.

A long outing for 10k (straight line distances between CPs), 2hr45mins, quite a few people dropped down their choice of course (10K/15K/20K). Not much running on paths, well not much running at all really due in part to the terrain and the heat. A good day for practicing and checking route choice decisions, well that was my excuse for stopping to admire the views so often!

Friday, May 29, 2009

UTUP, Saturday

Having just about recovered from last weekend's 26-hour day without sleep and having no wish once again to fail to finish at Duddon I will be at the UTUP tomorrow, Saturday.
Saturday 30th May

Having tested NLN's patented toe protector ~ which involves taping a make-up removal pad over the sore bit ~ and finding that it was quite comfortable for a fairly pedestrian four miles, I'm UTUPing tomorrow, see y'all.

Last of the photos

Well done TF for being so alert as to realise that EtU had a spare set of keys and ensuring that I had mine. You don't miss a trick.

We all know what a superb climber YJ is, so to drop out at Kirkstone saying he was off the pace cuts no ice with us. On the other hand the weather was deteriorating. 2/10 YJ for trying to con us.

Three weeks after doing his own JN and three weeks before his 55 @ 55, FSS did the complete round sometimes carrying a load, and navigating extremely well through the mist from Dunmail to Sty Head. This is just showing off. He gave the impression he could have done it walking on his hands. It makes you want to be sick. For making no attempt to hide his superior fellmanship 2/10.

JtE walked all the way up to Black Sail Pass on his own, stood there for one-and-a-half hours in the freezing wind, said "Hello" and then walked back down again. What was all that about? For being plain silly 2/10 including a bonus point for not wearing his tea cosy.

I, of course, behaved impeccably throughout. It wasn't my fault that I forgot to give EtU his car key. Throughout the day whilst in her company, TF had done all my thinking for me. I could hardly be expected to take over right at the end. I was out of practice. I'll let you score me. Probably around my face.

EtU comes out of it all with a great deal of credit. Toward the end he showed an alarming propensity for sniffing the grass. Despite Nico and I telling him that it wasn't that type of grass that relaxed you and made you feel happy and content he would insist on throwing himself at the fellside. I wondered if he was in training for an NLN and was practising on softer terrain. As usual he never let it affect his spirit, and any attempts to help him up were rebuffed somewhat aggressively.

So, well done EtU on doing the JN in foul conditions(you deserved better) particularly wltcotftn, and what great originality with the T Shirt. The boy done good. 149/10

A madman at Black Sail Pass

Looks cold to me

There's always someone who wants to get in on the end of a photo.
Furthermore it has one bright eye and one dim. Is it an alien?

Job done

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yes Matt, that was remiss of me about EtU's keys. In all the excitement I forgot he had two sets, so having heard his loud exclamation of how tidy his car was, I assumed he'd gained entry without jemmying a lock. Despite the sleep deprivation (feeble excuse, I know), I did however have the presence of mind to make sure I checked you had your car key before we set off back to Ambleside!

If EtU's not doing much I think I can manage a utup tomorrow and a short utup on Saturday. Being of a squeamish nature I should point out that I don't need to inspect the toe, a verbal account of it's progress will suffice!

On a (v)short outing tonight I located the turn-off for the 'mystery' path (see earlier blog April 13th & 14th). A 'tad' boggy in parts, so I think it would be best left until after the promised heat-wave.

More pics & comments

Well done TF for managing so well at Dunmail. Not only did she feed and serve hot drinks to our group but I think she sorted the other group out as well. In fact I believe Joe Public on its way up north dropped off for refuelling. YJ and I didn't have to think of anything, for which the world is always glad. In addition she drove about 4 million and 237.33 recurring, miles. However she did blot her copybook at the end by not hitting me on the head and saying "Give Ed his car keys back you silly old fool". Fortunately logistics meant he had to carry a spare one, which saved me a trip to Santon Bridge next day.

Regarding "I only wear a vest in the Arctic because modesty decrees", Nico. She looked after Ed on the final section like a mother hen, sticking to him like a Limpet. But this didn't compensate for the severe impact on his morale that she made when he saw her all wrapped up at Sty Head. Until then he hadn't realised how bad the weather was. He'd thought it was sunbathing weather.

To most of us, taking on a mountain, means trying to climb it. To NLN it means giving it the Glasgow kiss. There were numerous opportunities to head-butt rocks and boulders but she showed not the slightest interest. This was deeply disappointing and thoughtless behaviour. I had a First-aid pack in my sack, not for Ed but for her and I was never in any danger of having to use it.

For the reasons given above I can only score them 2 out of 10.



Middle Fell

Do I really want to shake his hand?

Go on then.
This Week and Beyond

Unfortunately by back promlem persists. Last night at the track two warm up laps were the most I could sensibly do. So my plan for this week is to miss Thursday in the hope that I can turn out on Saturday. Therefore UTUP for me on Saturday, but if I'm not there for the usual time I regret that I must ask you all to go without me.

If I do have to miss Saturday then I don't suppose next Tuesday's track session will be on for me either, in which case I won't see anyone until week commencing Sunday the 14th. June. Damn!
Congratulations Ed, despite the awful weather which no-one back home believes - we all had a good time. Thanks for the pics Matt and JtE, at least it looks cold on those! No wonder I needed layers. I am utup on Saturday so look forward to seeing some of group then.
Thursday 28th May

Two days off from running is OK, but any more and withdrawal symptoms set in, and I'm already one and a half pounds heavier than I was this time time last week. Jogged round the garden last night in a large pair of road shoes which didn't impact the toe, so I'm UTUPing on Thursday ~ but don't expect too much.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pics & Congrats

I intend to post the pics of which there are a lot, over a number of blogs, but first of all let me congratulate EtU on the magnificent achievement of wearing less clothing on the Fells than Nico(wlcotftn). This is something he will proudly recount in later years, as he sits with pipe and slippers, blanket over his knees and a cup of hot chocolate. "Oh! And I did the JN as a side issue" he'll say.

Let's face it there are quite a number who've done the JN but I know of only two who've done a wlcotftn. I'm staking my claim to be the other one. Perhaps one day we'll have enough members to have an annual dinner, where in keeping with the spirit of it all, we assemble wearing less clothing than Nico.

The Incorrigibles

Proof at Styhead of EtU's wlcotftn

GG(No! It's nothing to do with horses, Nico)

Kirk Fell

Scoat Fell


Publish and be damned, and let's hope there's not too many space-lines.
More observations and pics to follow.
Well done Ed
It's still quite an illustrious exclusive band to have completed. As I wouldn't even contemplate it in 15hrs, never mind 12, I've got seven years to build up the requisite experience and even then I doubt I'd be capable.
Anyone fancy Paddy's Pole next Tuesday?

Monday, May 25, 2009

What Can I Say?

Thank you to to the whole squad. Whether you were at the sharp end, or organising the logistics, or just being there, it couldn't have happened without you.

As we know, the weather could have been better ~ main purpose of the outing was to top up the tan ~ but we got there.

When I sat in the lounge of April Cottage on Friday evening, having been asked to explain what I was up to, it was clear that Britain isn't one one nation, there's us, and there's the folk that don't run the fells.

Leg 1 was good, and we arrived at TF's brew station well inside the schedule, with Brother John trailing slightly but in there to the finish. Good luck on your BG Karl, the way you were going, it shouldn't be a problem.

Lost some time over to Dunmail, as expected, but still close to the schedule. Steve K replaced John at this point and was just there, feeding, chatting and moving us along. Felt strong up Steel Fell, then the long trail to High Raise, Rosset Pike, Bowfell, Esk Pike and Great End. Met Joss, Brother John and the ever sartorially elegant TF on the descent, to meet lots of folk at Styhead.

Then the pain began. Peter Ferris (God bless his little cotton socks) was lead torturer, and he applied the pressure, following the little known Wasdale Mafia routes to make up for my lack of ability, by picking the way round the stuff that we southerners can't cope with.

Very brief chat with John the Elder at Black Sail, then more pain through to the finish, with only 7 minutes to spare.

Then goodbyes and farewells and the Charters's and Yours Truly dallied a while in the Bridge at Santon before supper and a well earned sleep.

Sunday evening saw a small family gathering in the garden of the TaT where grandson Alfie asked why, if I had three black toenails on my left foot, I couldn't kick the ball with my other foot.

Special mention to Ian, 2 JNs in 5 weeks, is this a record?

Once again, a very sincere thank you to everyone.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Lad Did Good

Congratulations EtR on completing your Joss in what were, at times, very adverse weather conditions. Seeing you at Black Sail Hause I was amazed that you were able to battle on with so many miles in your legs. High winds and low temperatures are, of course, very energy sapping. I was very frustrated that I was not able to be with you for at least part of the final leg and was equally envious of those who could. I suppose that weather conditions and injuries are both down to the luck of the draw.

The End

Friday, May 22, 2009

All Nighters

When I was in my teens and early twenties the concept of an ‘All Nighter’, usually at Wigan Casino, was completely different to my current experience.  Having had two consecutive Saturday ‘All Nighters’ – you’ve heard about the Fellsman.  I thought you might like to read about John Fleetwood’s latest ‘Do’ which occurred last Sat/Sun.  Ian and I were part of his support team. 

2009-05-16_John_Fleetwood_ 006

Evening sun at St Johns in the Vale – before the night time torrents!

Read more at:

There’s also a good article on long distance scheduling complete with photo of YJ and Joss from last year – has Joss aged?

Thanks to JtE, Matt and EtR for a jolly good outing in the morning before travelling up to Patterdale -12.83 miles.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well done NicO, usw
Just been having a look at the results and NicO's time is excellent as the winner barely broke 3 hours. Yet the first V60 was 3:14 which I suspect would be a challenge for Ed, YJ or Matt. What do you think - should we have a wfdbwgua works outing next year?
It looks like a nice race to do but you have to decide early - something I'm not known for. The info about the Swift Half suggests it is a good course for a PB yet it was won in 1:21 - maybe the real quickies are avoiding it?

Did my first track session for a few weeks last night and just coped with the 8 x 3 minutes, getting further than I expected but fading a little in the last few - but as always made sure was never late on the finish line. My back hurts today but that is probably from being slovenly afterwards. If we had the post training drinking at the club like the old days I 'm sure that I would recover better. A lot less there as I presume many will be doing the Jubilee tonight - I shall marshal.
May have to do an early run on Thursday so may well bump into you all on Winter Hill.

oh usw = und so weiter because at work the internet access goes through hosting in Germany so the blogger buttons and adverts etc are always German!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thursday 21st

I'm UTUping, but only a gentle one up Two Lads.

And well done Nic'O, hope the knee recovers well.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nico's Marathon

Nico, this is the news that we've all been hoping for. 3.52 in itself is superb but in consideration of your injury problem it is something quite special. Well done for sticking at it and congratulations. You deserve the glass of wine!
Finally did it - A marathon, so I am not the only one in the group who hasn't!! 3 hours 52, just under 9 min /mile I make it. Well pleased and thank you all for your advice and support.

It didn't look good this morning, my knee was still painful and I had a cracking migraine yesterday ( 9/10) which was still there this am but not as bad. At 9.00 I had ibuprofen and paracetamol which really helped the head and also the knee.

The race set off at 11 and I soon joined a friendly group of guys from Nottingham running 8.5min/mile and we all chatted happily until the painkillers wore off at 14miles. So it was another double dose and everything was amzingly ok until about 20mile marker when I just felt sore and tired, not exactly the wall but it wasn't a happy time for me. So it was a real relief to arrive under the 4 hour mark and even to finish.

David was a huge help, travelling from water point to water point with maxim energy drinks but I still only managed a pint. It's a glass of wine now to celebrate. See you all next Saturday for EtR's JN.

Friday, May 15, 2009

From one dodgy knee to another

Good luck Nico in whatever marathon you're doing tomorrow. Hope you don't aggravate your injury. We don't want you missing from the group for another lengthy spell.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Many thanks to nln and tf for advice re pain control. Sorry jte but the pain of missing this event will far exceed any damage I do. It's a cliff hanger for me. Thank you all for your good wishes, watch this space....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Previous Post

Missed out Key Word paracetamol was the combination with ibuprofen. Amended post - should now make some sense - Doh...

Tomorrow and Saturday

UTUP for me.
The Marathon

Sorry about all that you have to say Nico. Unfortunately it comes down to deciding whether or not to risk further and possibly severe damage for the sake of the marathon. I do understand, however, how devastating it would be to pull out at this stage. My best advice is to act upon Norman's advice, whatever that might be. If you do run, then I hope you achieve all that you have strived for over the past weeks. You have tried very hard.
Recreational Drugs for Saturday

What a lightweight the pharmacist is, obviously not a fellrunner! Coming off Great Knoutberry on Sat my knee was unbearable and I honestly didn't know if I would be able to stand much more of the downhill stuff. Decided to press on to next checkpoint (as you do) consoling myself that two thirds of the climbing and therefore descent had been done. Had a bar and 400mg ibuprofen (which I had been taking every four hours, starting half an hour before the start). Didn't touch it really, but then on the advice of FSS took high strength (400mg I think) PARACETAMOL about 20 mins later. This combination seemed to really help and the pain was bearable to the finish, although the pace did slow and this could have helped as well.

By the way talking to Ian Kelly at the start and he said he had a nasty reaction to Voltorol (Diclofenic) so I won't be trying that one.

Hope this helps

Well done NLN, looked at results for last few years and the very best year by a huge margin had only 80% finishers! Says it all, most years it was a lot lower. Running in the dark and rain sounds pretty unpleasant, I am really glad you finished it and safely too.

Am feeling very gloomy about Saturday - pulled a ligament in my knee and it's quite sore all the time and only 2 days left to recover. On damage limitation it's a gets round now. How unlucky is that? Called in the chemist for some strong ibuprofen tabs to numb pain on run and the chemist wanted to know if I should be running on it. What a daft question to ask a fell runner. Also shouldn't take ibuprofen with bp tablets. Any ideas anyone? Do you know why TF?

Lakes trip sounds good fun, can't wait to get back to fun running and not races.

I'll let you know if I manage to run the big one. Nic O
Thursday 14th and Saturday 16th

I'm UTUPing both days...

...but guess that we'll be at least one short on Saturday ~ good luck on the White Peak Nic'O, on current form (injury permitting) you should be well up.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Well done to NLN, especially after your traumas the week before. Truly amazing how you all keep going for that length of time.

Need to thank YJ and EtU for the lovely evening run last night. Very sunny but a bit of windchill, so grateful my one pair of shorts were in the wash.

All the best to NicO for the marathon
(from mobile phone)
Not As Warm As It Looked!

By a quite remarkable coincidence, TF had booked accommodation very close to the Swift Bros' planned start point for a recce of the Kirkstone to Dunmail section of the "Joss". Those involved in the outing, which in fact included neither Kirkstone, nor Dunmail, will recall that "close" refers to distance, not time ~ don't ask!

Rendezvousing in Ambleside soon after 5:30 the intrepid trio, TF, YJ and yours truly, set off up the Kirkstone motor road to attack Red Screes by the main ridge. This is a fine route, well defined for the most part, and sound underfoot. Although breezy, the evening was fine, with a clear blue sky. As we climbed the breeze increased and the temperature decreased until it became quite bitter (a bit of windchill, indeed!). Full sun on top of Red Screes then started to lose it as we descended to Scandale Pass ~ do you know that in Wainwrights "Lakeland Mountain Passes" of the 49 listed, no less than nine of them start with the letter "S"?

Saw the sun again as we passed Dove Crag, Hart, then finally to Fairfield. We had decided earlier that the fast fading light would make any further progress along the route unwise, and at that point we turned down the south ridge and finally lost the sun whilst contouring Heron Pike.

The wind was fairly unrelenting until we lost even more height and it seemed that the effects of the cold increased with the age of the runner. TF had been wary of too long an outing, having had a good run at Buttermere only the day before, but whilst she lagged slightly on the climbs, she soon came skipping past at the first suggestion of a descent.

The day wouldn't have been complete without YJ doing his falling over thing, unfortunately it was an awkward fall, overbending his already complaining knee; hope it recovers well, John, we need you on the 23rd.

We hit tarmac at Rydal and it seemed strange to be running by street lights in fell shoes.

Reverting to traditional roles, TF was sent home to put the kettle on, whilst the Swift Bros smartened themselves up in the car park to take mugs of tea in her rather fine, recently converted cottage. Twenty minutes later YJ and I were bemoaning the lack of a chippy in either Ambleside or Windermere.

Apart from YJ's fall, no chippy and the "bit of windchill" (tough bird that TF), it was a fine outing, thanks folks ~ stats to follow, courtesy of YJ's Garmin.

Well done NLN & FSS
Having just read your report and those on the FRA forum, it puts my little extended jog on the Malham Meander into perspective. At least I had the benefit of fairly decent tracks to run on and had I not had my detours would have been back in the dry before that refreshing shower on Saturday afternoon dampened my legs.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Fellsman - Finished

But not in the time we hoped for.  62 miles (plus –see below!) 11,00ft ascent

Conditions were pretty tough on the day.   We started off with only a mild drizzle which blew through before the summit of Ingleborough, but the biting strong wind was present throughout the day, with gusts on the tops taking your breath away -  and at the Checkpoint at Cray, literally the competitors tent!

Dropping down from Great Coum and Flinter Gill driving rain accompanied us to the 18 mile checkpoint at Dent, where a hot cheese pastie and beans were forced down to keep us going.  We lingered here not wishing to face the elements across Blea Moor, but with an easing of the rain we set out again.  Heartened at this stage by being well up on our schedule and with a sub-20hr time possible. 

We were grouped with three Midlanders at Fleet Moss at 37 miles in preparation for the night section but made it across Fleet Moss in daylight – a real bonus.  Our companions for the night were all novices and so Ian shouldered much of the responsibility for the navigation.  This he did splendidly with a slight detour around Middle Tongue.  But the pace completely fell away over atrocious bogs with Ian having to be extracted bodily on three or four occasions. 

At Cray one of our team decided to try to assist in navigation which proved to be a bit of a nightmare with us losing a goodly amount of time trying to locate the path off Buckden Pike.  But by far the biggest catastrophe was taking the wrong direction off the final summit of Great Whernside resulting in a huge detour back up to the trig point at Capplestone Gate, before the long awaited descent to Threshfield.

The last time we did the Fellsman we would have been happy with the time of 23.32, and indeed our companions were pleased, but we both felt a little dejected not to have achieved a better time.

Winner Jez Bragg 10.50 and first lady Sarah Rowell 13.45.  About a third of the field did not finish with folk apparently dropping out at the Hill Inn after 6 miles, makes you wonder what they expected.

Lesson learned – damage to the feet is much easier to conceal than that to the face!  Hoping that a week’s rest will allow me to join whoever’s out this Saturday UTUP (don’t wait).

Good luck Nic’O for Saturday – you’ve done the work so enjoy the day!



Apologies to YJ & Nico for having them wait on Saturday. Went out for a run on Thursday afternoon for a trial run on steep terrain but had a particularly busy time from thereon and never got to the blog until Friday evening. As there was nothing posted I thought no-one was out on Saturday. I shouldn't think. It's never done me any good. See you this Saturday.

Are LDWA Events Long enough?
Rather than squelching across from Winter Hill to Noon Hill on Saturday I decided to go for something a bit longer so got up reasonably early on Saturday and headed over to Kirkby Malham in good time for the runners' start time of 9.30. Got there just after 9 and then found the car park so returned to register by which time the final batch of runners had gone - 9.30 was obviously a latest time for runners as I later found out that as long as they were delayed sufficiently for the checkpoints to be in place, they could go (walkers went at 8.30).
No problem and setting off about 9.25 I could see a runner in front of me who caught just before the first checkpoint at Malham, and it wasn't long before we caught the sweepers and we started to pass walkers.
Let's do a bit more #1 - It's at least 30 years since I went up Gordale Scar and when I got there I suddenly found that my knees didn't fancy one bit of it and rather than risk injury I decided to double back (as did a couple more - but they decided to call it a day and switch to the mini-meander route) and find an alternative route to the next checkpoint at the field centre on the northern shore of the tarn.
Let's do a bit more #2 - Moved past a few more walkers (some for a second time!) and then ended up with no-one in front of me and managed to take myself onto the road back into Malham for some reason, adding on a further 3 miles but also 700 ft of descent followed by 600ft of climb instead of a what would have been fairly easy running.
Back onto the recommended route and the forecast of only light winds with a 10% chance of rain became a full blown gale!
The bonus was that after nearly 7 hours and approaching 30 miles, I was still able to run at a reasonable speed and my knees were okay - all good work for the future (I hope).
As an event I would highly recommend it - lots of cakes and nice food at the end and plenty of people to chat to on the way round and even if you only do the stated distance of 23 miles (which I think is what I'll go for next year) great value for £8 (that's only £3 more than the Astley Park 5k!!!!!!). I would even suggest it as a training run as I would expect to complete the route in under 5 hours on a reasonable day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 Miles / 4000 Feet

That's my offering for this weekend. Lower Barn to Sheep's Back, then 20 reps. up and down, each of 200 feet of ascent / descent. Back to the Lower Barn.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Case of the missing blogs

Problems with posting blogs by YJ during the week may have been due to my computer rehashing an old version and not updating to show a current posting. Could have been operator error. If this appears I may have solved the mystery.

And then there were two....

Problems in posting a blog during the week nearly prevented a much depleted Saturday squad meeting up on 9th May but the value of UTUP paid off and Nico and YJ arrived at the lower barn within seconds. Rumours that Matt was to make a comeback proved inaccurate and having given him 5 minutes grace the two of us set off for Healey Nab, White Coppice, Abbey Village, Roddleworth, Catherines Edge and Dock Bucket Farm.

At the Belmont Bull the Belmont Winter Hill race preliminaries were just starting and after a brief (very brief) discussion we decided not to wait and do the race. This was the parting of the ways, Nico opting to return to the Lower Barn by the direct route past the allotments and YJ choosing to get in one extra climb via the Ramp, returning via the trig point, wooden bridge, down the sheep's back and past the Top barn.

Stats (Garmin): Distance, 18.69, time 3hr 55min, pace 12 min 36 secs per mile, climbing 2,900ft.

It was YJ's best run for some time and as I arrived feeling a little jaded it proved the value of squad training for our long runs. Thanks Nico and good luck next weekend
Just Testing

See previous posting by EtR

Friday, May 08, 2009

Tomorrow & Can you Post?

There is a suggestion that posts are not being accepted. If you see this, it's working for me, how was it for you?

Also, there may be an outing UTUP.


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

With a Little Help from My Friends

April was my last full month of preparation for J Day. Planned mileage of 215 was achieved with only three hours to spare, giving the scheduled average of 50 miles per week. Actual week by week miles varied between a high of 60 and a low of 43, this latter figure resulting from missing Saturday 25th due to a work commitment.

Performance varied greatly, with many days of feeling very tired and the odd one of feeling that real progress was being made. On one of my better days I met FSS who declared that although the approaching figure looked like me it couldn't be because it was going so well! A back-handed compliment if ever there was one!

Some weight has finally been shed; BMI on the last weigh-day in April was 23.5 against a post Christmas high of 24.4, but still only half way to the 22.5 target. No further significant reduction is envisaged as the taper starts after next Monday evening's Lakeland trip.

FSS's successful crossing was a good boost as I felt good on the day and it would have been difficult not to be encouraged by the general feeling of well-being.

Support now fully organised, except for final logistics from Dunmail, which I understand are still being arranged. I will write up full arrangements and email to all interested parties shortly.

Special thanks go to NLN (No Longer Not unscathed/) for sacrificing her good looks to the cause ~ good luck in the Fellsman.

EtU (or is it finally EtR?)
Drained on the trail
After 17 years of running most of the Chorley 4 Series each year, a new event beckoned in Chorley as the road race was replaced by a two lap 4.4 mile trail race through Astley Park. Got there in plenty of time, got some stretching in and started the race. It wasn't long before I realised that I wasn't firing on all cylinders and still had Monday's race in my legs. 36 minutes of not agony but certainly not ecstasy followed. The results show that I was behind a few people I would normally beat but don't be fooled by Albert being behind me - he was jogging round with his daughter. I think for next month, trail shoes would be better than road shoes unless it is bone dry - tonight had stretches where they would have been preferable. I shall be resting tomorrow and am undecided between Belmont Winter Hill, the Malham Meander or nothing on Saturday.
BTW, results are now available for Wray Caton so I've added to my post of Monday.
Saturday 9th May

It seems as though most are otherwise engaged on Saturday which could leave me as the only squad member on duty. If so I will make an earlier start from the lower barn
and probably try to get as far as Darwen Tower. It would be preferable to have company and the extra motivation that comes with it.
7th, 9th & 11th

7th Utup

9th Off on Hols to Ambleside for a week, have to scribe numbers at our 5K first though.

11th Room for a little one?


ps didn't do Coiners as have had a cold, saving myself for Buttermere on Sunday!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Thursday 7th, Saturday 9th & Monday 11th

UTUPing Thursday.

Working Saturday.

YJ and I are planning to make an evening raid on Red Screes, Fairfield and that one in between whose name I can never remember, setting off late afternoon on Monday. Anyone else fancy it?

This Thursday and Weekend

Utup for me on Thursday. Same for you EtU?

Saturday is out for me as a visit to my son in Carlisle is on the cards. I will have to have my weekend run sometime on Sunday.
Totally Upstaged

Just when you think you’ve got an impressive injury you find yourself totally upstaged. A colleague's mother was taken off the Ingleton waterfalls route by Mountain Rescue Team with a broken ankle on Friday and is now in Lancaster Hospital recovering!! What can I say!

In response to my query re substance of choice, here are some contributions from the staff room: a) Seems so obvious but Vaseline - a pre-requisite for any kitbag for injury prevention for all those oh so sensitive areas b) Voltorol tablets(diclafenic), now available without prescription, great anti-inflammatory, although needs to take with food as can aggravate stomach: c) Red Bull (sugar free) gives a massive dose of caffeine and no nasty artificial colours or flavouring – although ProPlus is probably easier to carry! d)Guranja tablets (used by a friend of a friend!!!)– I think that is how you spell it – they look like big horse tablets - not sure what these are for!

Last one sounds very iffy! I add disclaimer for any of the above as I have not tried them myself, particularly the last one. But will try to get b) for Sat!


Monday, May 04, 2009

Saturday morning saw TF, NicO, John t E and Hazel head off from the barn to the canal at Adlington and along the canal for a slightly different, but very enjoyable, run than normal. It's opened up quite a few possibilities for some future runs.

Your adventures in the Lakes sound harrowing and have inspired me to confirm that Sudocrem is indeed a product of excellence. Being particularly good on small cuts it is the main ingredient of my equine first aid kit. In winter it is great for treating mud rash and cracked heels both on the horses and on myself!!

That said, it was no use this weekend when Jazz got her legs caught in the sheep netting and took the skin off the insides of both back legs. To enable its effectiveness requires putting it on to the wound. Difficult when wounds are on fast moving dangerous weapons objecting to being treated. Finally managed to spray lavender oil on as was told this is also good for healing.

I'll be utup next Saturday, if anyone there,
Post Script to Saturday and Excuse for Monday

David reports that Dickie "chocks away!" Woodrow gained a further half hour on his schedule, after we saw him leaving Bowfell, to complete his crossing in about 16 and a half hours.

Sorry about the no show today t'Y, but the race was to be part of a family outing and when the weather was so inclement, the whole caboodle had to be aborted.

FRA miles remain at 19.25.

Where was Ed?
Looking forward to Ed keeping me on my toes at Wray Caton but he was nowhere to be seen!
Managed to remain the fastest fellrunner in the family but I'm sure those days are numbered. Weatherwise it was pretty crap, especially for the spectators but I risked running in shorts and no waterproof and was warm enough. Underfoot it wasn't perfect for me but then it wasn't terrible either and this must be the only fell race where I managed to hold my place on the descent (think I dropped one place but really ought to have pulled that back and three others on the final run in) - it's just that final little steep bit down to the bridge which gets me. Suzanne was first lady (overall) but otherwise not much Horwich presence in the senior race although the juniors dominated the prizegiving. I'll post up a bit more when I get the results. 
(May 6th) Results now showing and although my finishing time of 1:07:37 was slightly down on last year, but no less than everyone else (apart from my mate on the soul scene Ali Welsh - but then he took VR a couple of months ago and now just works a couple of days a week, resulting in him improving by 2 minutes and going from 22nd to 4th - on that basis I expect JtE, YJ and Mat Shticklegs to consistently beating the rest of us). Diane managed 1:13:43 passing quite a few on the descent - I'm sure she would have been faster had she been wearing fell shoes rather than trail shoes.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Recreational Drugs and Fell Running

Just to update you on the fallout, as it were– it looks much worse than it feels!  The sickening crunch of bone on rock convinced me that the nose was broken, but I now think  Ed and John’s initial assessment was correct, as I can prod it and sneeze heartily (good trick) without excruciating pain.  So no lasting damage (I hope) but one helluva shiner on the left with a rather less spectacular one on the right- I won’t go into details on the nose front, suffice to say it’s not pretty.  Good taste prevents me from posting an image, thankfully nobody had a camera yesterday.

At the time, my initial reaction of anger and frustration (sorry Ed) with myself for being so damned clumsy, gave way to relief that eyes and teeth were intact and that I wasn’t in too much agony to carry on with the run.  This being an important tester for Ed prior to his Joss.   Ed being just behind me post-impact, did his best to hide his shock, but I could tell he was rattled by my appearance – John having gone through much worse himself, in recent times, looked relieved when he could see I could move and speak coherently.  Thanks again guys – we’re developing a sort of a pattern here, me getting into some sort of scrape and you two gallantly coming to my rescue!  Anyway back to the story… so apart from the blood – of which there was a copious quantity things weren’t so bad.  Not having a mirror, (note to put one in first aid kit!!- which I don’t carry!) I couldn’t see the damage but I knew from the reactions I was getting from strangers that it must be bad,  one guy turned to his buddy as I ran past and just let out a long GEEEEZ!!.  I couldn’t wait to get to the Ladies toilets at the Wasdale Head, where the mirror revealed much less of a horror than my mind had conjured up.  Still managed to scare two geordies to death ‘though when I ran in, almost knocking one of them over to get to the mirror.

Sod’s law would have it that we were out for supper last night, not to a restaurant – that would have been impossible, but over to friends at Belmont.  I phoned ahead, to give a bit of a warning of what to expect, and to give them permission to laugh out loud when I arrived.  All went well, good night was had by all – today’s been pretty sluggish, but I think that’s more to do with the wine rather than the head bashing.  By the way Nicole we could see your place from Steve and Eileen’s conservatory!

Anyway the point is – thank goodness for recreational drugs, a) Ibuprofen, the drug of choice for fellrunners - mitigates the general damage incurred by prolonged violent muscle abuse; followed closely by ProPlus, for a general ‘livener’ – akin to consuming several shots of espresso without the after effects, gets you through the night section of long events and helps on the drive home; but perhaps one of my all time favourites, and only really appreciated by the cognoscenti; c) Sudocreme this is truly awesome stuff for chafing, abrasion, grazes and all general wounds - its healing properties are legend, and having used rather a lot this weekend I can only say it’s just wasted on infant nappy rash!

Which only begs the question – what’s your substance of choice, on or off the hill?


PS Not out next Sat – Fellsman, just more opportunities to use all of the above!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pauline Fell down, But She Got Up Again

A fine and eventful outing this morning from Wasdale Head. We met Dave P-T just after the arranged time of 9:15 and after using the facilities at the Wasdale Head Inn we (NLN, YJ, P-T Dave and I) set off up to Sty Head at 9:45. We didn't run, but walked at a forced march pace to arrive at the stretcher box at 10:35. Conversation on the ascent touched on Julia Bradbury several times, and we were amused to find that Dave had amassed fell groupies who muttered things like "it's 'im off tele innit?" as we passed.

Without slowing (apart from pausing whilst Dave signed autographs), we made Sprinkling Tarn and eventually after passing Esk Hause, continued to the top of Rosset Gill, where we turned south for Bowfell. Bowfell was gained without incident and we subsequently set off for Esk Pike. The Bowfell to Esk Pike route is not my sort of terrain so I was pleased to find that we made it in 23 minutes against my schedule of 29.

All was going well from there until Pauline lost concentration near the top of Great End and attacked the local geology with the bridge of her nose. As she sat up I could see that she had gashed said extremity and that blood was dripping copiously from the end. Thoughts of helicopters and begging surgical dressings from passing para-medics flashed through my mind, but further examination revealed that whilst there was an external wound that was hemorrhaging, most of the blood was from an internal nose bleed. Bravely Pauline regained her feet and we continued on to Great End Summit.

At that point, it became apparent that Pauline was not not really one of the guys, but was mainly concerned that she was going out for dinner that evening and would be slightly less picturesque than usual. Slight reduction in the level of of sympathy from the Swift bros.

From there we endured an awful descent to Sty Head down scree filled gullies, only to be told by our TV personality that this wasn't the route for me and that on the day we should back-track nearly to Esk House. Wassat all about then?

At that point the sun came out and everything seemed to improve.

We jogged back to Wasdale Head and then whilst YJ got himself organised and Pauline got her nose organised, I trotted half way along the lake to get a couple of more miles in.

A good long morning out; hope that Pauline's dinner companions found something to talk about other than her in-your-face injury.

As we used to say when I was little "If I had a nose like your nose, I'd put my nose where nobody knows".

Thanks guys.