Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Saturday 4th Oct '08

Injuries permitting, the intrepid Snowdonia Three (aided and abetted by some even older folk?) are tackling the Bolton 40 course once again. The plot is that TF will run from home, meet YJ in Horwich at 8:00 a.m, thence to the Millstone to join up with our Blackrod rep at about 8:20.

From there it's Rivi village (8:40 ish), Hordern Stoops and Belmont.

At that point it's decision time ~ three choices:

1. Straight along the Bolton road, Walker Fold etc.

2. The Belmont Triangle.

3. The Belmont Figure of Eight.

S'pose it'll depend on how we all feel, may be the parting of the ways ~ no prize for guessing what YJ will opt for.

Thursday 2nd

I'm UTUPing in fell shoes, but can't image we'll get much time off road.


Monday, September 29, 2008


Somehow the gremlins got in the report of the Macclesfield half marathon which explains EtU's comment on the pace of the Over 65 winner. My time was 1 42, not 1 22, which proves that not only the legs were tired the day after. Apologies to all. EtU should have guessed I couldn't run that fast. Must try harder, both on the road and on the keyboard.
Another Fine Weekend

Making the most of the glorious weather conditions saw me out with the Saturday Squad and then up to the Lakes with FSS on Sunday. Couldn't wish for better.


Last Saturday happened to be the first Anniversary of my outings with the boys and what a day it was warm, sunny and although a little hazy first thing, clearing to fine views as the day unfolded. A great morning on the hills, over Two Lads and down across the moor to Smithills Reser, it was warm enough to swim - and so he did!  Whipping off his T shirt EtU amazed us all by diving into the black depths and swimming across to the other side. What can you say!

As if this was a normal everyday occurrence we carried on over Winter Hill where our swimmer had a bit of a 'Joss Moment'.  An LDWA chap from Chorley hailed our presence and remarked on EtU's appearance on the telly last Sunday.  I thought any minute now he's going to ask for a photo shaking hands with Ed at the trigpoint. However, he showed admirable restraint from this request and we all made our respective ways off the summit.

Carrying on down to Horden Stoops we then took the diagonal path to the fire road and across the moor to the paths leading to the bomber memorial, where a stop in the sunshine for refreshment saw all of us savouring the conditions and not wanting to leave. A trot back and we were done - a splendid morning had by all.

Setting off with JTE, MS and EtU I remembered my first outing a year ago and my fears of keeping up with these hard men of the fells. A year on, and thanks to the support, friendship, advice and encouragement I feel stronger and fitter and quite a bit lighter! Thanks guys.


Up to the Lakes with FSS for a further recce of the last bit of the first leg and the first bit of the second leg of the Joss Naylor Traverse. Again a glorious day in the offing with clear skies saw us parking at Cow Bridge car park with a trot along the road and through the lovely hamlet of Hartsop. 

Looking up from the car park over Middle Dodd with Red Screes beyond

Up and over Grey Crag where a further layer of clothing was called for. Stunning views but even from yesterday a change in direction of the wind heralded what felt like the onset of more autumnal temperatures. Could this be the last weekend of shorts? (at least for me).

Next up - Thornthwaite Beacon and quite a bit of time spent finding the best way off to avoid the dreadfully eroded path down toThreshthwaite mouth.  Lots of runners about reccying for next week's Ian Hodgson Relay racing.  As we look for the path to the right of the climb up to Stoney Cove Pike, three runners appear and show us the way, avoiding the treacherous rocky scramble.

Looking across at the Kentmere Fells, one half of the horseshoe
Looking back to Thorthwaite Beacon from Stoney Cove Pike

An out and back to Hartsop Dodd, to bag a Wainright for our third round and the view down to Ullswater was breathtaking (below).

Over Caudale Moor and then a good deal of time spent trying to locate the grassy rake from the crags above the Kirkstone Inn, which apppeared straightforward when we were looking up from the road a couple of weeks ago.  Finally got it and discovered a cairned route out to the wall, which turned out to be a bit of a distraction for us.

Looking across at Red Screes with the Kirkstone Pass in the foreground

A wonderful day to savour with better weather than we've seen in the Lakes almost the whole of the summer.  Not too strenuous 13 miles with around 4,000ft of climbing.  

Looking forward to next weekend at High Moss in the Duddon Valley, next to Newfield Inn with a Rucksack Meet organised by Paul Murray - a classic Fell Race for fun apparently - EEK!  Week after a superb LDWA event 'Autumn in Lakeland', starting at Crosthwaite Church, Keswick and taking in Cat Bells, Seatoller, Watendlath and Walla Crag.  Fingers crossed for good weather.

Out Saturday UTUP 18th October.


Wow! Wow! and Double Wow!

So the over 65 winner ran 1:09 for the Macc Half! What was it won in?


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Beacon Fell

I managed it to Beacon Fell on Tuesday, and on my way there I passed Fairsnape, Longridge Fell, Parlick and Winter Hill in that order!

What a marvelous recovery you might say, and how did you manage it you might ask?

Well the answer is that I attended a training course on Tuesday in a building partly owned by Lancashire County Council, just off the M6 near Preston called the Red Rose Hub. The aforesaid were the imaginatively named conference rooms and Beacon Fell (the one I was in) was at the end of the corridor.

The squeaky new trainers have come out of the box for a 3k test on the treadmill. So far, so good. But I'm not going to push my luck so I have a entry for Macclesfield Half Marathon going spare now, anyone want it? Free to a good home.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

And Some Have Greatness (?) Thrust Upon Them

Well Gordon, the production team were looking for a local expert, they'd heard of me through my media contacts, I was approached, and agreed to help. You've got to do your bit to help these small companies in these difficult times.

Film Star ... well TV Star!

Still no response regarding this. I do have it on video. Last Sunday, 6pm ITV. Is the memory jogged?
This week

Looking forward to run on fells Saturday UTUP.  I've been in touch with NicO via email a few times and invited her to the T&T on Friday but no confirmation of attendance.  I have threatened to bring the boys round on a Saturday morning for coffee and this was not dismissed out of hand!


Monday, September 22, 2008

This Week (and next and last)

I'm UTUPing Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th, both on the fell. Probably road running on 4th Oct.

Seen buying running shoes in Dougie Tobutt's last Saturday ~ Nic'Ole ~ has anyone persuaded her to come to the do?


Sunday, September 21, 2008


How many sessions can we get in before Sowdonia?


PS ~ Saturday went well, YJ, Mat and me, even without our first leg runner; but times do not bode well for the big one.
I think we've a film star in our midst!
C'mon, spill the beans
What a Day  -  Awesome Offas

Setting off at 6.30am yesterday to the village of Cilcain at the foot of the Clwydian hills, we couldn't help feeling that the cloudless sky was too good to last all day.  But last it did and a wonderful day out it was.  Open to Offas a Merseystride LDWA event has something for all with a 14m 21m and 30m on 'offa'.  Two years ago this event fell on a certain member of the Saturday Squad's 60th birthday and so we opted for the 21m route to be back to celebrate the birthday boy's event at Limbrick.  So this was our first go at the 'big one' and what a roller coaster it turned out to be.

A fantastic route - but a bit of a toughie with over 7,000ft of climbing (7,075 to be precise).  The views across the valley and to the Glyders and Snowdon were amazing.  The welcome sunshine did make some of the climbs a bit hard going, but the organisers made good provision, leaving additional water at strategic points on the route as well as the very well provisioned checkpoints.  We managed to keep the fluid levels topped up, although one of our compatriots, for a time, completely blew up as he had decided only to carry a cup and therefore was restricted to taking on fluid at the checkpoints, rather than filling a bottle for the climbs.  He finally drifted in over an hour behind us, in a pretty sorry state.  It was that sort of day really.

Offa's Dyke Path is one of twelve designated National Trails and it is the only national trail to follow a man-made feature. Built by Offa, King of Mercia in 757 to 796 AD the dyke formed the boundary between England & Wales, running 182 miles from Prestatyn in the north to Sedbury - from sea to shining sea.  We only followed a small part of it of course, but the full walk is another item for the wishlist and for when more time is available.

I was pleased with my time, just breaking the 7 hour barrier by recording 6hrs 57.  The last ten miles of the route brings all three routes back together and we passed quite a few folk from the other distances.  Having changed, caught up with everyone's news and had a good meal at the end we made our way back to the car for the journey home.   Three guys who had completed the 21m route were talking loudly and just as they were about to set off I heard one of them say   ..... 'them 30-milers, though, it's a different league!  I had to pinch myself to remind me that I was one of 'them 30-milers'.   That kick boxing's amazing - have I mentioned it?


Friday, September 19, 2008

Saturday's Run (Good grief, the arrangements are taking longer than the run will!)

With our first leg runner injured, the arrangements are being changed slightly. Run now commences at the Bottom Barn at 8:30. By road to Hordern Stoops (about 8:55?), then all major right turns, passing Wrights Arms (as was) perhaps about 9:15 (Mat?).

Walker Fold, Bobs Smithy (the landlady was confused when I asked her one day if there should be an apostrophe in that ~ mind you, she's easily confused. She once told me that if she took a dud £20 note it really cost her £40, because not only was there the beer that she didn't get paid for, plus the change [fair enough] but she was also left holding the dud note so she was another £20 down. I tried to explain but words eventually failed me).

Then Horwich and the Millstone back to the start. If fit and well at that point and there is sufficient time we may take in a bit of off-road.

I am hopeful that these will be the final arrangements.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rivington Pike...

...and much, much more is on the box, Sunday teatime, ITV1/Granada. And no, Fred Talbot's presentation is not interrupted by a streaker on this occasion.

Saturday's Run

Very sorry but not going to be able to make it now. Managed to strain hip flexor muscle on run home from work last night and was reduced to walk/run (mostly walk) for last 2 miles. The emergency bus fund didn't get troubled as no bus passed, so had to make do with a bar of chocolate instead. I had a similar problem last year and ran through it (gently), but I don't think that a 18m road run will be that forgiving.

So I'm going to rest for a couple of days, think swimming should be ok. Ironically was due to pick up new trainers on Saturday afternoon, and was trying to decide at what point to start breaking them in. Guess I don't have worry too much about that now.

Once again, sorry to upset the plans. Will keep you posted on progress.

A Grumpy TF

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The arrangements for Saturday seem fine. I shall be at the UP (just up from Duncan St) at 8 am on Saturday ready to go.
Saturday's Run ~ Taking Shape

The old Bolton 40 course used this loop, but instead of shortcutting along Lever Park Avenue, used (in reverse) the embankment to the Millstone, past Headless Cross, the United Utilities Centre at Tan Pits and then Horrobin Lane into Rivi village. Three laps made 40 miles, so one lap should be 13.3 ish (it's an accountancy word).

Apart from the extra distance, this route has the added advantage of avoiding the winding extension of Lever Park Avenue and lends itself to a bit of an effort on the pavement along the embankment.

Come on YJ, nod at this, be at Duncan Street for 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, and I'll see you both at the Millstone at about 8:20. Anyone else fancy a road run?

Bossy, moi?

TF's Saturday Run

Sorry the left-hand scale is a bit hard to read, but the three lines are 415ft, 636ft and 858ft respectively and the maximum height recorded was 1109ft. Can't say for certain how accurate it is but I thought the overall impression would be useful.

Saturday's Run

I'm happy to go along with EtW(U)'s suggestion. I can make it to meet up with YJ at the Thurs UP anytime from 8.00am, which should mean we'll be at the lower barn approx 25mins later.

I remapped my route and it turns out that Saturday's run will be 18.5m for me (an extra 0.5m, yippee!). Unfortunately though, however hard I tried I couldn't get the loop from Bob Smithy to be much more than 12.5miles. The mapping site produced my route profile so I've copied it onto here with details of relevant points along the way. EtW(U) is right about the long climb from the lower barn, the reverse route produces a lot shorter climb from Belmont to Horden Stoops (highest point).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Humble Suggestion...

...is that, going clockwise, TF runs from home as early as she is comfortable with, meets YJ in Horwich at the Thursday UP and continues to the Bottom Barn to pick me up. This gives us that wonderful long ascent all the way from Rivi Village to Hordern Stoops. We subsequently peel off to go home at the appropriate points when we have completed our laps.

Just needs an estimate from TF as to when she will get to Horwich and to the Barn, and suggestions as to whether we take in the Millstone, in which case I'd meet you there instead of at the Barn and whether we're likely to do the extra bits NE of Belmont ~ suggest not at this stage, as TF will already be doing quite a bit extra, coming out from home, YJ may still be suffering and I'm a wimp anyway ~ but we can leave the final decision until the day

Over and out.

Bossy – moi?!

Back from SUNNY France and the threat of Rickets has been averted for the time-being, but I’m now officially ‘rubbish’ at the Wii. Tried to explain that I hadn’t had much time to practice and get my ‘eye’ in but that didn’t cut it with the jubilant 9 and 7 year old nephews. Think the 4 year old thought he had a good chance of beating Aunty Julie too, but thankfully bedtime intervened.

Some possible options for Saturday (assuming my description of 13m route correct)

For a clockwise route. TF to run to Lower Barn and collect Swift Bros and then leave them to run section Bob Smithy to Lower Barn.

For an anti-clockwise route. Swift Bros to run from Lower Barn and collect TF at Bob Smithy. TF to run section Lower Barn to Bob Smithy.

Either of these meet with approval? Any other possibilities? Either of these options would mean I could be environmentally friendly and leave my car at home. If I know the Swift Bros start time, I can arrange my arrival accordingly.

While the Langdale Marathon was down on my list to be nothing more then a slow training run in preparation for the Snowdonia race it was still a major disappointment and setback to the build-up for the big event.

A combination of factors nearly prevented me from starting but not wanting did-not-start to become a way of life a last minute decision took me to Langdale for a race to be run the reverse direction as in previous years.

Running on empty from the word go took me to be 13 mile mark in 2. 08 at which there was barely enough energy left to walk to he car. If recovery allows I'll be out for a slow (probably very slow) road run on Saturday. Are there any plans? Just name a time and a place.

Congratulations to T'Yorkie who had an excellent run.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy birthday Ed
Hope I'm not breaking rules with this non-running message

Not sure if anyone would have bee out on the hill this Sat anyway, but I'm off to Wales for an LDWA event 30 miles from Cilcain Village Hall (GR SJ176652) (just inside N Wales. The route climbs the Clwydian Hills to follow the Offa's Dyke Path along the ridge and then back through delightfully scenic route. Very friendly marshals from Mersey Strider with tea & toast at the start and a meal at the end. Quite a bit of climbing, so won't be fast time!!

See you at T&T on 26th if not before

This Week

I'm UTUPing Thursday 18th; awaiting instructions from two more organised (bossy?) athletes regarding Saturday's marathon training on the road.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Langdale, 14th Sept
Both JtY and I were up at the New Dungeon Ghyll today for the Langdale Full and Half Marathon - JtY entered for the full and I for the half. My plan was to do the first three miles with John to keep my pace sensible with a a target of 1:50 to 2 hours in mind. However, John advised that he'd nearly not turned up due to recent ailments and lack of training - I presume that means under rather than over 100mpw. So his target was 4hrs 30.
Started off well at the back, taking over 20 seconds to pass the start line, so that my first mile was 10:41 - a bit slow for a flattish mile when 8:30 to 9:00 average was needed. Anyway threaded my way through and worked on the early climbs and gradually pulled it back to get on target. Still not at all happy with my climbing but in the end  my official time was 1:53:49 which may well be a PW - I think I did something like that when my knee gave way after 9 miles at Bridlington Half, some 19 years ago, but considering the climbs and the fact that I've not done a half marathon for over 10 years, I have to be happy. Also after so many races of counting the numbers behind me on one or two hands (or no hands), to finish 199th of 446 finishers (20th V50 of 36) sounds much more impressive. Shame I couldn't have found an extra 10 minutes improvement as it would have got me 5th V50.
Only 36 minutes behind the first Vet50 but then everyone was at least four minutes behind Paul Muller (so I would still only be 2nd Horwich 52 year old!) Others that we know were Paul Boardman, 26th in 1:32:24 and Andy Stavely, 9th in 1:26:37.
Having finished and found Julie, Diane & her boyfriend, Neal, and got a drink, I went back to the race route so I could cheer John as he approached the end of his first lap. John looked fresh and was well inside a 4:30 schedule but decided to retire as he felt he was struggling and didn't want to damage his preparation for Snowdonia. I'm sure he will be back flying in a few days.

He's Back!

With Bonnie Tyler ~ the Dairy Milk gorilla, that is, and isn't he magnificent.

I say "he" but he could be female, but surely not ~ are their any female drummers?.

Darwen Tower V Cartridge Hill

Having often sat outside the Royal Oak at Riley Green and admired the fine view of the Darwen Moors massif, I was pleased when NLN agreed yesterday to visit Cartridge Hill, which I believed to be the highest point on that moor. Various cursory looks at the map had previously suggested that Cartridge is higher than the tower site, but I had never checked it out.

We approached the hill via the Pike, Two Lads, Winter Hill, the Ramp, Belmont, Bucket Dog Farm, the Witton Weavers Way and a number of barbed wire fences.

The top, when we got there (or indeed, probably, always) was unremarkable; no cairn, just a flat area, so we walked about a bit (like you do when you're near one of the poles) to be sure we'd covered the summit.

We returned via Spittlers and a little used route that NLN insisted she knew (but she really only knew the first bit), and back at the barn agreed that it had been a good morning out.

A proper look at an old one inch map this morning revealed that Cartridge Hill (GR 671 199) is 1,317 ft, and whilst I could find no spot height for Darwen Tower, it lies very close to the 1,200 ft contour, suggesting that the former is a good 100 ft higher than the latter ~ not a lot of people know that.

If you've gone metric, I suppose you'd call it 30 metres


Friday, September 12, 2008

That would seem to be OK, thanks

NLN (new)
See you tomorrow!


Looks Like a Lonely Week

Just Dave and me last night. I'm UTUPing tomorrow, more in hope than expectation.

Good luck to YJ and t'Yorkshireman at Langdale.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday 11th September '08

Not sure if anyone else is UTUPing this evening, but I am.


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Seem to have lost the ability to post a comment as it would be easier just to enter a response to JtY in that I shall see him at Langdale at noon or sometime before and hopefully finish somewhat earlier than J ... well I'm only doing the half. I'll be missing on Thursday 11th as I shall be hitting a 40mm sphere over a net a few times.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Exterminator 16m/4050ft

My last fell race (sniff,sniff) before Snowdonia Marathon. This race completed my series of four long races in the Peak District, one a month since June. Although Belper RR is stretching that a bit, but part of the route made it onto the OS Map OL24.

Of the four, this was the one that I had the least route info about. All I had to go on was the grid references for the check-points and a brief discussion on last years’ FRA forum regarding possible alternative routes from the penultimate (8th) check-point. I’d done some recceing, and could get from point to point, but wasn’t certain of the optimum route.

Thankfully today turned out to be one of the few days this summer when visibility on the hills (for the duration of my race) was good. Early on the locals helped with a few better route choices. By the 5th check-point (2.5hrs in) I was on my own though. The only sighting I had of any other runners was a group of three huddled round a map at the 8th cp. Now given that by this stage I wasn’t going at a blistering pace, none of them seemed in a hurry to follow me.

I made it back to the finish just as they were starting the prize-giving. There were a few spots of rain at this point, so I’ll let them off for not waiting. I managed to get round in about 4hr 10mins (last years’ winner managed 2hr9mins). The drive home was in some of the most horrendous rain I had ever driven in. Very grateful it hadn’t arrived earlier in the day!

I’m off to the South of France next week to top up my Vit D levels. So not out thurs/sat.

Signing In

No exciting expeditions in the Lakes to report on, just three pleasingly brisk runs up Irton Pike, each one faster than the last, and all several minutes quicker than in early July. Is this the result of fewer miles and therefore being better rested, or is it a result of my new magic recovery drink of skimmed milk? Only time will tell.

Buttock (right) still sore but, surprisingly, improving during the runs.

Equinox do at the TaT now confirmed for Friday 26th.

Will be out UT'sUP's Thursday 11th and Saturday 13th.

Understand that I will be roadrunning on Saturday 20th.

"You are through to the voicemail of Roadrunner. Unfortunately I can't take your call at the moment, please leave a message after the beep beep, beep beep!"


Saturday, September 06, 2008

I have just got back from holiday and am now picking up the threads of normal life. Training initially went according to plan, a 16-mile run with Sally being the longest (she continued to complete 20 miles in preparation for the New Forest marathon, her first, on the 21st Sept). This was followed by some shorter runs with Eden on the Isle of Portland, including some dramatic cliff top views from the coastal path. It can be so exciting running without a map in a strange area! At this point I was doing more running than usual on holiday and after we moved to north Cornwall a run along the Camel Trail from Padstow indicated that all was going well for the forthcoming Langdale Marathon.

It was not to last however. While sat in a St Merryn pub devouring an enormous carvery the first signs a a sore throat were manifested. Two days, and two sleepless nights, later it was a full blown throat infection that was getting worse by the hour. That put an end to the running and resulted in returning home a day earlier than planned but not without an 11-hour drive back from Cornwall in Friday's monsoon and its associated flooding. Bumper to bumper from Exeter to Preston is not a journey I would like to repeat.

And so it was back home to find that FSS had to terminate his 55 at 55 with all the hard work done (surely given good luck with the weather he should succeed next time) and that the squad has been very active in my absence.

Immediate plans are to get back into training (I know its too late) for next Sunday's Langdale Marathon. It was a late decision to take part, mainly as a long training run, and I am reluctant to sacrifice my entry fee. How I feel over the next few days will determine whether I race or not. Given that I have a shortage of long runs in recent weeks I cannot hope for anything better that getting close to last year's time of four and a half hours or even keeping up with some of the slower half marathoneers on the first lap.

After that the Saturday runs should be:

Sept 20th: One 13-mile lap of the Bolton 40 course

Sept 27th: Resting for Macclesfied half

Oct 4th: Extended lap of Bolton 40 course (about 17 miles)

Oct 11th: Double lap of Bolton 40 course (about 26 miles)

Oct 18th: Mustn't get too tired for the Joss Naylor dinner.

I am open to suggestions for place and start times for any of these Saturday runs though early starts would be preferred.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Road Running & Marathon Preparation

To answer YJ’s question about road runs, I've got road runs pencilled in for 20th Sept (18-20m), 27th Sept (10-13m, Macc H-M 28th Sept) & last long run on 4th Oct (18-20m) coughs/colds/injuries permitting.

To date I've been using the road circuit of Winter Hill as part of route. So starting from home I've gone along Beaumont Rd - Victoria Rd - Old Kiln Lane - Chorley Old Rd (Bob Smithy Pub). Down Chorley Old Road through Horwich, onto Lever Park Ave to Rivington - Sheep House Lane - Belmont. I turn off Belmont road onto Scout Rd and continue to Chorley Old Rd (Bob Smithy Pub) and back onto Old Kiln Lane and retraced my steps to home. This works out at 18m.

The bit where I join Chorley Old Rd and then return to it is 13m. Is this the 13m loop you refer to YJ? I don't think I could manage 2 x 13m at your pace but could probably manage 1 x 13m! If this is the correct loop, do you have a preference to clockwise or anticlockwise? We could arrange a suitable meeting point along the route. I remember last year that me and Nicole did part of a similar road run with you all before the Marathon, but think it was a fortnight before the main event. I’ll be ‘resting’ by then and only looking to do 10-13m at the most.


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I can make Thursday this week but not Saturday now. My cousin's just had her first baby this week, so have to do the family representative bit and go visiting. As he's in the SCBU (he was a bit early) at Macclesfield, I can have a drive round the half-marathon route I'll be doing in 3 weeks.

Saturday Hills?

Anyone planning on being out on the hills Sat? - I know YJ has his road plans sorted.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This Thursday and Saturday

I'll be there Thursday uput but not on Saturday.
Saturday 23rd May 2009

Put this date in your diary. Unless there are any major players (you know who you are) who are not available, this will be the date of my Joss attempt.

Knowing how much everyone enjoys these outings, I thought that the more notice folk get, the more time they would have to savour the anticipation.

Initial thoughts are merely to go for a sub 18 hour schedule, probably 17 1/2, starting at 4:00 am and finishing before 10:00 pm. This should make best use of available daylight and not surprise my bowels too much. I'll book the cottage which can act as a crash pad for anyone staying for a beer or two afterwards.

Serious training starts on New Years Day.

Next Outing

I'm away for Thursday 4th and Saturday 6th September, back running (UTUP) Thursday 11th. I think there's outings on 4th and 6th, but perhaps someone could post.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Langdale Half Marathon
I've entered my first half marathon in I don't know how many years. I know Ed has completed the double half before - must remember to stop running after one lap. Has anyone else entered? I suspect Paul Muller will be there, finishing 40 minutes in front of me. 
Planned to do the Skew Bridge last Saturday afternoon but it got a bit late when I set off, so I cut through Adlington. It was agony running so far on the roads.
Hopefully the Downhill Race results will not be published in full - a pw.
World record for wet 100 metres?

I don't suppose anyone recorded the athletics on BBC2 yesterday. Joanne seems to have provided us with a few hours of Channel Five instead. Saw an amazing run by Asafa Powell where he managed to run a tenth of a second faster than he did in the Olympic Final - in pouring rain. Plus 3000 metre runners at a pace faster than we manage for 100!
If anyone did, grateful if I could borrow or copy - just in case we got on the screen!
The Final Leg

Just fo finish off from Ed's post. Ian began to lose time after leaving Dunmail, we were expecting a 9.30-10.00 arrival at Threlkeld, so Julie Keith and I adjourned to the Horse and Farrier. On return to the cars Paul and Ros Murray had just arrived. A phone call from Rae Pritchard (navigator) told us that time was slipping away and final arrival was about 11.00-ish. Ian was utterly exhausted and at Threlkeld after 51 peaks, 23 hours, 62 miles and 25,000 feet he decided to call a halt to proceedings.

After packing up with Keith, I drove to Ings and then felt pretty fatigued so we pulled into the Great Outdoors car park and slept for a couple of hours before continuing the journey home, finally getting to bed about 5.30.

Thank you all for your interest and support - I hope the tea and refreshments contributed to the social side of the proceedings and that it was an enjoyable day out for everyone - runners and supporters alike.

Ian's in good shape and already thinking about next year (scary!) so let's see how the recovery period goes - I can't help feeling it won't last long.