Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This Week

UTUPing Thursday 2nd and Saturday 4th

Sunday 5th ~ Worsthorne Moor (BM)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Coope's Dozen - News From the Front

It didn't matter how much I tried to hold back and form a breakaway "medium" group, the fast group would keep waiting for me. The fast group consisted of Albert, Tony, FSS, Tom, Paul, Mark Swindell, Josie, and me (Mark Sammon).

Not much hanging around on Noon Hill then off to the Pike. From the Pike we split with 5 of us taking the more direct route to Two ladds and 3 following Georges lane. Then the bogs caught a couple of us as we headed on towards the shooting hut before continuing on to Whinberry Hill and Egg Hillock. On a previous recce FSS had found an alternative path to Counting Hill which turned out to be an Excellent path.

At Counting Hill almost everybody went to say "Hi!" to Steve Barlow and I took the chance to make up some ground and carry on for the trig point. Down then on a more direct line to Horden Stoops where Tom had a nasty turn on his ankle which lucky didn't cause any damage.

Thanks to YJ and Elaine for the food and drink!!!

Onwards to Old Adam where the pack was split into three groups. 7 people initially headed off together branching off after the stile whilst I continued along the wall for a few hundred meters to take a higher line. The other group somehow managed to split again with FSS and Albert taking one line and the rest taking a slightly higher line. I wouldn't say their lines were slower than mine but I had to put my coat on as I was getting cold waiting for them on Old Adam :-))

On to Spitlers and Great Hill, then some off-roading to get on the path for Round Loaf where a couple of us were talked in to rebuilding the cairn. Paul planned to take the path via White coppice from Round Loaf but was soon talked into taking Alberts more direct route to Watermans cottage. Paul eventually conceded that it was a quicker (if not rougher) route.

Thanks again to YJ for the water and cake!!

With tired legs now I kept up the back marker position to Healy Nab before eventually, on the way back to the barn, managing to form my own Medium speed splinter group containing .... Me!!, Until of course Albert decided to wait for me near the end of Anglezark res and stop me from walking too much.

Albert and I made it back in 4hr 35min a few minutes behind the rest of the group. I had an enjoyable day with great company followed by tea and cake in the Lower Barn. How can you beat that???

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Coopes Doz. the Rounds.

Everyone seems to have beaten me to the blog site - nuff said.
I think it fair to say that TF was missed bringing her little ray of sunshine.   Also no SN.
The UTUP sub group proved to be good company as always, so thank you to them for making it an enjoyable day out.
It was also good to see TYC out again and bounding forth and knackering himself as usual.
Mrs KLM was chuffed with the very gracious comments on the cakes - so I might see some more cakes in the not too distant future!
I have put my limited edition of piccy's on for you.  Even though I say so myself the ones of NLN, JtE and the UTUP elders on Noon Hill are particularly good.


UTUP Elders on NH

TYC joined us on the bog trot from RP to TL

TL to WH waiting to see who sinks

NLN - on CH

JtE on CH

CT leading the charge up OAH

The gathering on GH

NLN crossing the brook on way from RL

Coope's Dozen

Firstly, a big thank you to all the 19 folk who played a part in this year's CD, with the biggest of those thanks going to the support team of Elaine and YJ.
 Two very similar pictures of the starting line-up:-
This one with FSS suffering from shyness...
...and this one with Josie suffering from being rather short. But who is the guy at the front, obviously not suffering from shyness?

There were 15 of us at that point and we split into a fast group of 8 and a slow group of 7 soon after the start. On the high level crossing from Noon Hill to the Pike we (the slow group) spotted the fast approaching TYC (young beardie in some earlier photos) who had, as he often does, set off late, but had done the proper thing by bagging NH on his way to the Pike. t'Y, also a regular latecomer, met us on Two lads, and it was at that point (I think) that CW turned for home, having only recently returned to running after a health problem.

Apart from a few choice words from TYC after he had made the mistake of allowing t'Y to choose his route, we all carried cheerfully on to the excellent feed station at Hordern Stoops. t'Y then turned for home and soon after we split split into two groups, depending on whether we fancied Old Adam or not. We regrouped somewhere near Spitlers summit and continued on our united way.

Soon after Round Loaf TYC got tired of hanging around and disappeared over the horizon. Passing through White Coppice, we were treated to the sound of willow on leather, then it was the feed at Waterman's Cottage, courtesy of of YJ, where we again split into two groups. Just three of us opting for Healey Nab; KLM, Chorley Tom and yours truly finally trundling back to the barn together, having completed the full round in a time of 6 hours and 18 minutes, so much for "5 hours ish".

Presumably TYC did find Healey Nab and completed his dozen somewhat more quickly.

The fast group haven't reported yet.

Once again, thank you to everyone who turned out for a super long (very!) morning out.

Some Pictures: Coope’s Dozen

Here are some pictures taken yesterday.


Before the start



Before the start



Before the start



Before the start



Two Lads



Two Lads



Egg Hillock



Egg Hillock



Leaving Egg Hillock



Hordern Stoops



Hordern Stoops



Great Hill



Great Hill



Great Hill



Great Hill



Round Loaf



Round Loaf


DSCF0024Near Near to Waterman’s Cottage


Perhaps FSS and EtU would post reports on the fast and slow group activities.

A great day out in excellent company. Thanks to everyone.

Coope’s Dozen–28th July 2012

Having started the day intending to run to Hordern’s, I was having so much fun being back out with the boys that I decided to carry on.  Felt great to complete ten of the twelve summits, leaving out Old Adam and Healey Nab.  Furthest I’ve run for months so a bit of a confidence booster for the back.  I’ll let others give the running details.  I’ve done a bit of a write up on my blog which captures the day for me with a link to all of the snaps taken on the day – too many for the blogs.  Not great quality I’m afraid, but capture the atmosphere I hope.  I’ll leave you with this one…

Coopes Dozen-144

Who ate all the cakes then!

Thanks to all for a great day on the hills and for the generous support provided by YJ - with us to the end and to Mrs KLM for the awesome cakes and road support at Hordern’s.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Coope's Dozen

Just to wish everyone an enjoyable day out tomorrow. Family circumstances prevent me from taking part  but hopefully I will get a chance later in the year.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Not the Amble Run

Mark Sammon sent me the attached link to his account of last Saturday's run:-


That in turn allows you to link to his GPSies trace of the route ~ isn't technology wonderful, but although it helps us keep in touch I'm sure the joy of the views, the wind and the fellowship was just as great 50 years ago as it is now.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This Week

Thursday 26th UTUP

Saturday 28th top Rivington Barn for Coope's Dozen at 9:00 a.m.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Turnslack Saturday 21st July 8 and a bit miles & 2000ft

This turned out to be a bit of a weird one for me.  I've done this twice before and thoroughly enjoyed the route, the two steep descents 2/3 of the way round notwithstanding.  Hoping to see some of the merry men there around the start only to be greeted with some serious looking Horwichers doing their bit for the club champs.  So gracefully retiring towards the rear of the starting group I decided to set off at a reasonable lick (by my standards that is) due to feeling good and confident.  The good and confident feeling due to the fact that the dreaded groin strain that had been plaguing me for the last 5 weeks in fact been diagnosed as cellulitis and I was on a decent dose of anti-biotics to deal with that little problem.

The route takes in the upper northern quarter of the Wardle Skyline before heading north over Hades then a gradual incline for about 1km through bog to Freeholds Top when you turn at the trig and head for home.  A Steep descent followed immediately by a steep climb had me passing a few people again then my world started to get a bit weird on the second steep descent when nothing was making much sense.  On getting to the bottom of the descent the legs turned to very stiff lumps of lead and very hard work was made of an easy stream jump.  The climb up from this point is very steep through bog breathing very heavily my world spun around me then blackness!  Next thing I hear is passing fellrunners asking me if I'm OK.  I must have assured them I was OK as none stopped.  The climb was so steep I was on hand and knees so I didn't fall far.   After coming round and not feeling very well I continued up and over Noon Hill to a marshall point where some fruit juice revived me sufficiently just to jog back to the finish.  Jog I say -huh!  I just couldn't resist the fun run down to the finish increasing the pace to keep the next runner at bay - not a good move in hindsight.

Finishing 77th out of about 80+ in 112 minutes I was at least 10 minutes down on what I was hoping to achieve, even worse was I felt really ill and was like that for the next 3 hours.  It wasn't until later when I started to eat and drink did I come round.  The HR monitor showed a spike up in heart rate about the time it all went dark.

Lessons learned:  Keep hydrated - it was warm and breezy, it was physically demanding and over 6 miles - I should have carried water - I didn't.
Food - I had only a light breakfast and the race was almost mid afternoon - I should have had some snack bars or at least a banana - I didn't.
Infection and anti-biotics - I should not have put that much strain on the ticker - but I did.

I'm still not feeling brilliant.  I hopefully won't be making those mistakes again but glad to be around to write this and see you all next weekend.

KLM 23 July 2012

Not the Amble Run

Glad you completed the route, John, sorry to hear about your tumble.

After starting our shortcut, Mark and I did as you indicate, emerging eventually onto the elbow of the Tockholes Road. We then headed for and crossed the Belmont Road and took the signed path up onto Spittlers and thence to Hordern Stoops, Georges Lane and down the route that we expect to use on our approach to Noon Hill next Saturday.

12.5 (ish) miles in 3:15, similarly pathetic?

On the run-in Mark and I amused ourselves with the usual "this has been a bit faster than I would have run on my own" exchange.

See you Saturday.

Amble Run

In order to check my capability for this week’s Coope’s Dozen I decided to attempt the 16 mile Amble route. EtU and Mark Sammon kindly joined me at the barn for part of the route, hanging around for me as necessary. Near to the south eastern corner of the Belmont Reservoir (5.69 miles) we parted company, EtU and Mark taking the route past Higher Pasture House (generally known to us as Dog Bucket Farm). I proceeded to the finger post on Catherine Edge  continuing on the Amble route. At Hollinshead Hall I ignored the diversion to Slipper Lowe check point, continuing on via Piccadilly and completing the run. The weather was excellent for running; broken sunshine and, at times, a cool breeze. It was very heavy under foot at times, particularly on the section to Great Hill and then to White Coppice. Slipped on the mud and came a cropper, the dirt all over me making me look like a proper fell runner.

16.22 miles in 4 hours 33 minutes. Pathetic eh?

Where did you and Mark get to EtU?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Matchmoor Trig Revisited

Just CW and yours truly showed on Thursday evening. A meandering run that took in the Matchmoor trig and Two Lads. For a report of an earlier visit to that trig see the post dated 13th Dec 2007.

Not an energetic outing, but a pleasant run with the well rested CW leading for most of the way. Good to see you out again, Colin, you can't keep a good man down. Not so sure about the hat.

Saw Mary W at the baths this morning, sporting a ten inch scar from her recent knee replacement. As ever, raring to go and full of derring do. You're a credit to the human race Mary.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Facebook/Twitter/Pathe News

Would someone like to put details of Coope's Dozen on the 28th on an appropriate social media site; unless that's not a good idea?

First MV65!

I was the first MV65 in the Chernobyl 10k at Preston, this Sunday just gone, but unfortunately:-

1. I was beaten by one John Mitchell MV70 of Blackburn Road Runners

2. I was also beaten by Norma Smith FV65 also of Blackburn RR

3. There were no other MV65s

I didn't wait around for the prizegiving, but if I had, and they offered me one, would I have had the gall to accept it?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This Week

UTUPing Thursday 19th and Saturday 21st.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Coope's Dozen

Our annual running of this local round will start from the top Rivington barn on Saturday 28th July at 9:00 a.m.

The round takes in Noon Hill, Rivington Pike, Two Lads, Whimberry Hill, Egg Hillock, Counting Hill, Winter Hill, Old Adam's Hill, Spitlers Edge, Great Hill, Round Loaf and Healey Nab. The distance is in the region of 18 miles.

Although folk are welcome to run at their own pace (it's not a race as such) we usually settle into a fast group and a slow group. The fast group is likely to finish inside four hours and the slow group should get round inside five. The individual men's record of 2:25:30 was set in April 2002 by Kev Gaskell, then aged 40. The ladies' record of 3:33 is held by Carolyn Wright.

Anyone not wanting to commit to the full distance could find it convenient to bale out either from Winter Hill or from Hordern Stoops. For those wanting to go the distance, we have an offer of food and drink at Hordern Stoops.

So come on folk, the weather's got time to improve by then; it would be good to field a slow group, a fast group and a "let's go for it" group.

Remember, it's not a race, it's just for fun and everyone's welcome.

Wasdale Fell Race – 14th July

Great conditions for the runners after an unpromising start, and not too bad for the spectators, although we could have done with a bit less bite in the wind on Sty Head.  Enjoyed the day immensely, made all the better for a nice coffee at the Wasdale Head Inn and the company of Edwin and Margaret.  More pics from the race at Out and About.  Good to see two or three Horwich runners get round, none of us knew their names and I didn’t manage to capture any faces.  But you may recognise a couple below.

Wasdale FR-559

Paul and FSS at the start

 Wasdale FR-118

The path up to Sty Head

The two images below were both taken from the race field – looing up at Scafell Pike, Mickledore and Scafell


Wasdale FR-533


Wasdale FR-167

and after ….

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bull Hill

Less scientific method:- TF will run 1:05 and I'll run 1:06.
Bull Hill

Predicted time for tonights race based on time for Aggies Staircase (see Radcliffe AC website calculator on Bull Hill info) is 1:10:57. Last ran in 2009 when time was 1:03:36 when I dead-heated with Albert's BH.

Be interesting to see how accurate it is. Always assuming I make it there in time!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Liverpool – Monday 9th July

Entertaining father-in-law – First up Liverpool Maritime Museum at Out and About





Remember this!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Week

Thursday 12th Bull Hill http://fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=1976

Friday 13th Black Horse at Limbrick - is anyone coming?

Saturday 14th UTUP

Sunday 15th Chernobyl 10k http://www.ukresults.net/12jul.html#chernobyl

Monday, July 09, 2012

A Bit Disappointed...

...with this photo; they are far more eyecatching in reality:-

Taken from the metalled part of the Pike Race route, on the left as you ascend.  Is it just me, or do we have a greater proprtion of white foxgloves in this area than is generally seen?

On another topic, thank you KLM, for your lucid explanation of the derivation, and common misuse of the "curate's egg" reference. Also, clever of you to manage to insert the word "curry" in the same paragraph as the word "egg".

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Well I survived, took all the mud in my short stride and like a seasoned pro, managed to smuggle in 2 bottles of wine, despite the bag search and frisking!

Me and Ruth in front of the Main Stage

A nice break from the racing, back to the hard grind next week.


Saturday, July 07, 2012

Saturday UTUP Following on behind Noah's floods

The Blog Fuhrer has decreed that I do this write up - no argument, just do it!

So what to put in a write up on a normal UTUP, with excellent weather and excellent company as usual.

Well I suppose I can start with the "Curate's egg" as mention by EtU in response to my half hearted comment on how I was feeling.  Apparently he believes the quotation means like my mood it was good in parts.  Having 'Googled' the 'Curate's egg" this evening it would appear that EtU's view is a popular misconception of the true meaning from Du Maurier's cartoon in Punch magazine

"True Humility" cartoon, by George du Maurier, from Punch November 9, 1895. Scanned by Malcolm Farmer from the 1895 bound volume of Punch on 31 Aug 2004
Origin of phrase Curate's egg: The bishop says "I'm afraid you've got a bad egg, Mr Jones". Apparently trying to avoid offence or curry favor, the curate replies, "Oh, no, my Lord, I assure you that parts of it are excellent!"
(taken from en.wikipedia.org)

It refers to something which is obviously and essentially bad but which is willfully described euphemistically as being only partly so, its immaterial good features being given undue weight.[1] It is often used incorrectly in modern usage to denote something which has an even mix of good and bad qualities, the overall quality of which is thus not easily determinable.

So, that settles that little issue.  I should add that going on a run with EtU is always a learning experience to be cherished - enough brown nosing for now.

We were blessed today with the presence of LoB ( I think this is his correct abr.) who dictated the route we all took.  Joining us was T'YM and JtE, with the latter giving us permission to abandon him when he becomes too burdensome - as if?  So the route took us through the lower reaches of the park then a fairly direct route up t' Pike, EtU hanging back so he could impress us all with his double steps up to the tower.  Lovely view in the sunshine but hazy on the distant horizons.

Off to two lads; a chat with a couple of walkers and a play with their 6 month old lively springer spaniel (comparisons made with TYC made in his absence).  A slight split in the Peleton happened ( Yes it is 'Tour de France' season again- far more dramatic and colourful than "footy" or tennis.) T'YM and LoB whizzing off towards Trespass stone with the remaining 3 of us taking a more interesting route and somehow getting in front of the breakaway!

Here, sadly, T'YM left us whilst LoB did a little jig.  Along the road then up to the little resevoir where the conversation turned to EtU's dream of a all-terrain, unsanctioned, relay triathlon with imitation Olympic torch(?) with competitors being nominated for the various legs, which will be a nice surprise when they find out.

Up past the shooting hut to the fence just short of the mast road where JtE turns for home.  The remaining 3 of us take in the fresh air and sunshine to head furt summit.  With us having things to do when we get back to the world, we took the lazy option of the diagonal to the wooden bridge, Georges lane, diagonal again to the top car park and in.

A rather slow 14.57km in 2:47 with approx, 620m of ascent but the type of jaunt out that makes you happy to be alive.  With such company how can it ever be otherwise.  Sorry for the long winded text - just making up for the shortage of photos.


Friday, July 06, 2012

Not out for utup this weekend as I'm off to 'sunny' Scotland (fingers crossed) to attend 'T in the Park' (music festival). The one time I'm glad not to be camping!

Will be attending the 'do' on 13th July


Rain in Keswick – Sunday 1st July

After a full on day on the hills on Saturday, Sunday was a much more laid back affair – more pics at Out and About.

Lots of rain overnight gave Stockgyll Force a spectacular appearance and conditions made the Skiddaw race a bit of a challenge!


Stockgyll Force





Thursday, July 05, 2012

"Do" on the 13th

Grateful if I could have some idea of numbers for the Black Horse.

For those not familiar with the format, this is a quartly event, intended to celebrate the solstices and the equinoxes (Is there a more elegant plural of this? Perhaps not, box becomes boxes). We meet for an informal meal and drinks. Any time from 7:30 p.m (earlier if you want). Bring who you want and eat when you want (or just drink).

The Black Horse, situated at Limbrick on Long Lane, Chorley, is the unlucky hostelry on this occasion. PR6 9EE for satnavvers.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

This Week

UTUPing Thursday 5th and Saturday 7th.

Great Langdale - Saturday 30th June

Great weekend in the Lakes with the opportunity to share in a bit of Brian Layton’s ‘Joss’.  Lots more pics at Out and About


Rossett Gillupdated-4

Re-fuelling at Sty Head


Visitors, Lakes and Hols preclude UTUP-ing for next few Saturdays – hope to get back into it after that Smile


A Few Scottish Holiday Pictures



As wizened as I am you might say.



Loch Garten



Caledonian pine forest monster gnawing at tree



One for NLN: The Ben Nevis Inn



The Ben from the Caledonian Canal