Monday, July 17, 2017

Summer Outing Friday 4th August

I'm planning a summer outing for Friday 4th August with a little twist.

I have a few Wainwrights to tick off, namely Steel Knotts, Rest Dodd, The Nab and Brock Crags.

The starting point for the route will be at the pier in Glenridding. So perhaps the astute ones will realise that the little twist involves a trip on the Ullswater Steamer across to Howtown where we'll swap water for Fell and return to Glenridding via the aforementioned tops. The boat leaves at 9:45am (first one, cost £6:80) gets in Howtown about 10:20am and the Fell route is approx 12m, ft of climb will depend on route taken, but I'm guessing about 4-5hrs at a steady pace.

The definitive Fell route will depend on weather conditions on the day, ideally taking a higher route via Rampsgill Head and a little out'n'back to nab The Nab. Poorer conditions may dictate a drop to the valley from Steel Knotts. Last 1-2m may have to be along the road unless you fancy a swim back to the pier.

Expressions of interest will do for now, as firm numbers won't be required until nearer the time when weather conditions will be more certain.

EtU and TLoB have shown their hand, with EtU prepared to help with co-ordinating the car-share as I'm planning to stay up for the weekend and will be there early to get the tickets for the boat.

Will keep you posted for any further info

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Coope's Dozen Sat 29th July 2017

This year's round will be, as per established tradition, on the Saturday before the Borrowdale race; that is, on Saturday 29th July.

I will publicise this run on other forums, but please also publicise by word of mouth if you get the opportunity.

I have another running commitment later that day, so won't be doing much of the round, but I will be at the start to help get things under way.

There will be a small group of us 'running' a low key Dozen on Saturday 22nd July but the 29th will be the main event. Anyone planning to do both?

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Quarterly 'Do'

I have booked us into the Black Horse at Limbrick for a week on Friday - 21st of July.

That is just one calendar month after the due date.

I was asked how many of us will there be, and I had to say there'd be anything between 3 and 20. If you plan to come please let me know, then the pub can fine tune our seating arrangements.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Edinburgh Ironman 70.3 (= Half Ironman)

No, I have not suddenly become a triathlete  but thought it worthy to post up a link to my daughter Diane's posting of the Edinburgh Ironman 70.3 held last weekend. She originally entered the Ironman UK which will be held in these parts the weekend after next but decided that she wouldn't have the time for the training so switched to the easier option of half distance, or so she thought! Read on ...