Monday, May 20, 2019

Something to CRO about

Last Saturday was the annual CRO (Cave Rescue Organisation) challenge. there is a choice of two routes, a 12 miler or a marathon. As I am looking to get some long runs in, I signed up for the marathon, and so at 9.30 I was on the start line outside Clapham church.
The route starts off by going through two tunnels and up a long very stony path. However, after a couple of miles we were on the open fell and the running became much more enjoyable. The "we" being myself, Helen (one of my Thursday girls) and Rachel (who I hadn't met before and who is Helen's friend). After 6 miles we reached the summit of Ingleborough (2372ft)
and then came the bit I had been most worried about. Those of you familiar with the 3 Peaks route will be aware that just below the summit of Ingleborough there is a very steep climb: this was our way down!

Fortunately, I have got a lot better at descending and it wasn't too bad. The next bit was very enjoyable, going round the edge of Simon's Fell and Park Fell, past Alum Pot to road at Selside. The route then turned north again to meet up with the Pennine way near High Birkwith, before going down the PW to Horton in Ribblesdale. It was on this section that we were met by SWINW who had brought food but forgotten the tea! Never mind, we were going well and soon reached Horton.

The short road section seemed to affect us all and we found the climb up out of Horton quite tough, but were soon rewarded by a great descent through Thieves' Moss to Wharfe.

Now whoever selected the route must have a nasty streak in them, as we now had to descend to Austwick and then we faced a steep climb (at 25 miles) up to Norber. It really was a killer! However, from there it was down hill to the finish and some much needed tea and cake. Thanks to helen and Rachel for their company over what turned out to be 27+ miles and almost 4000ft of climbing.
Next year anyone?

Monday, May 13, 2019

This Is Not the End... is not even the beginning of the end; it is only the end of the beginning. Not, as you may be thinking, of my 'running' career, but of the ongoing - Saga of the Passes.

In 2017 we attempted all seven, but only managed four. In 2018 we ticked off a couple more, and last Saturday we mopped up the final two. So all that remains to do is the whole lot in one fell (good word) swoop.

Back to Saturday. Five of us:- TF, SN, YJ (not as originally posted), Steve and yours truly set off from Seatoller at the south end of Borrowdale aiming for Wasdale Head via Styhead. En route we passed through Seathwaite, soon after which this shot was taken clearly showing TF making good progress with her recently acquired walking poles:-

Then here we are on Stockley Bridge (minus photographer Steve):-

Then down to Wasdale Head:-

...where the suggestion that we call in at the Inn for refreshments fell on deaf ears, and we set about the long haul over Black Sail Pass and down to the head of the Ennerdale Valley, just upstream from the hut.

From there it was onto the rough plateau between Ennerdale and Honister via the Loft Beck Crossing, from where this picture may have been taken - is that the bulk of Pillar making up most of the background?

Then, as we start to lose height, Fleetwith Pike and Buttermere come into view. 

Then a gentle saunter down towards to slate mines:- admire the new sculptures:-

Then down the old drovers' road along the motor road back to Seatoller.

Apparently a good tough14 miles with over 3,000ft of climbing:-

Thank you John for chaufering the entire party, and to you all for your company, for bearing with me at my ever slowing rate of progress and for the various pictorial compilations included above.

June 21st 2020 sounds like a sensible date to take on the full seven - anybody?

Friday, May 10, 2019

My little do last night

A quick thank you to those who could come to my little do last night and apologies to those who I didn't invite. It was especially wonderful to see JTE and Joan who I had not seen for many months. I have chosen Bolton Mountain Rescue as one of my mayoral charities so would hope that during the coming year there will be an event that will attract you.

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Great Lakeland 3 Day 2019

This was the deferred entry from last year. It was use it or lose it.

The start location was Pooley Bridge. Well fancy that! No coincidence that when TLoB wanted company for a recce of his JNC a month or so back TF was more than happy to oblige!

I should point out that there are no prizes at stake for the GL3D, just the opportunity of 3 linear routes round the Lakes, with someone carting the the heavy stuff round for you. You have 3 routes of difficulty, Expert, Wainwright or Cafe.

First glance at the map on the Friday night and the first shocker, the overnight camp for day 1 and day 2 was in the same place. Apparently this had happened the previous year for the 20th anniversary event and had proved very popular.

2nd shocker, the Cafe class looked a little short compared to what I'd been doing recently, especially as having recently acquired pair of secret weapons. Yep, I've gone all European and got these

Distance FLZ Trekking Poles - Women'sDistance FLZ Trekking Poles - Women's
Purchased with my ultra event in mind (1st June 2019), I've had them since just before Easter. I've definitely got the hang of them on the ups, some downs they're a bit more of a hindrance, but on the whole I'm quite taken with them.

So back to which course to do. Expert - way to long, Cafe too short unless you added extra summits, so Wainwright it was.

Day 1
Start Pooley Bridge with a route that took you to the following summits Kidsty Pike, Stoney Cove Pike, Red Screes, Hart Crag and down into Patterdale with a finish in the Grisedale Valley 23.7m /5800ft 8:23hrs

Day 2

Start Patterdale and visits to the following summits Gavel Pike, Helvellyn, Stybarrow Dodd, Hart Side, Gowbarrow and Glenridding Dodd and back to Patterdale. 22.4m / 6500ft 8:42hrs

Day 3

Start Patterdale and visits to Place Fell, Brock Crag, Beda Head, Hallin Fell, Bonscale and back to Pooley Bridge 16.7m /4500ft 6:08hrs

It was a bit chilly, but fabulously clear views all three days. A couple of new paths (to me) discovered, in particular the descent down to Grisdale Tarn from St Sunday Crag, the run along Watermillock Common, and the trod to Brock Crag along west side of Angle Tarn. A couple I don't intend to repeat again any time soon, - Glenridding Dodd from the A592, or Bonscale fell from Howtown, proper sting in the tails!

First back on Wainwright did, 5:15hrs, 5:22hrs and 3:43hrs, last back did 10:03hrs, 11:41hrs and 7:29hrs all results can be found here


Thursday, May 02, 2019

The 'Seventh' Pass - 11th May '19

We now have four takers for this outing so, a car load. However, we can squeeze in a fifth participant providing they qualify as a 'little one'.

It would be good if a second car load could be recruited, we'd just need to agree a rendezvous in Borrowdale.