Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glorious Weekend Weather

Weather forecast lived up to expectations and resulted in an impromptu dash to the Lakes as FSS wanted to recce the scree descent off Fairfield for Mark’s Winter BG attempt in December.  Accepting the request to navigate a leg is something not taken lightly and when the contender states a preference for a specific route, that needs careful attention.  Just the excuse we needed to have a great day out over Fairfield, Helvellyn and the Dodds – as if one were needed. 

Coffa Pike (1 of 10)

Pausing at Lake Windermere on the way to Dunmail Rise

  Coffa Pike (2 of 10)

Fairfield from Seat Sandal

Coffa Pike (3 of 10)

Grisedale Tarn

Coffa Pike (4 of 10)

FSS contemplating the path up to Fairfield

Coffa Pike (5 of 10)

Looking across to Striding Edge from the approach to Helvellyn summit

Coffa Pike (6 of 10)

… and another one (click to enlarge to see the numbers traversing)

Coffa Pike (7 of 10)

Looking down on the final approach to Helvellyn summit – the orange netting is where a pitched path is being constructed

Coffa Pike (8 of 10)

The hoards on the summit of Helvellyn

Coffa Pike (9 of 10)

Looking back to Fairfield summit.  The scree descent where we were earlier in the day, can be seen clearly descending from the col to Grisedale Tarn (out of shot).   This has most likely been created by BG aspirants and their supporters over the last ten years or so.

Coffa Pike (10 of 10)

… and finally me trotting down Seat Sandal to Dunmail for a very welcome cup of coffee.  Fantastic day out on the fells amounting to little over 11.5 miles with 5,134ft of climbing.

UTUP Tuesday – weather permitting!


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