Friday, September 10, 2010

Downhill Race ~ Last Night at 7:00!

Fifteen runners were lucky enough to enjoy last night's Downhill Race, thirteen Harriers and guests from Wigan and somewhere south of the Thames ~ possibly Brentford!

The weather was fine, almost too fine, in that the setting sun made focussing on the ground difficult for the long and boggy mile from the Stump to the Pike.

Michelle Sunter was set off first with me 30 seconds after.  Ungallantly I passed her part way to the Pike and managed to hold the lead until just after the Pike, which was ably marshalled by Vinnie Skelly.

Before hitting the tarmac in Horwich I was progressivly passed by twelve of the field, including EYJ and FSS.

Alastair Murray had the fastest time with 18:30, Albert was second in 19:02.  FSS was 9th in 24:53 with EYJ 11th in 26:30, I was 13th in 29:42, followed by Michelle and finally TLoB in 38:40. Wonder how t'Y would have done.

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