Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Equinox, Track, UTUPs and Joss

8th October is getting a bit past the Equinox but I usually tend to be busy on the correct weekend (although nothing planned as yet) and shall be moving into the next age category - which of course brings me onto the comment from NLN that I should be doing something following my GR10. Agreed maybe I should but my priority at the moment is my PGCE so will think about it once I'm a few weeks into my course. Whether I am quick enough (especially on the descents) to complete a Joss within 15 hours is another matter.
I am thinking that one year I should maybe do the GR10 again - but run it - 20 to 25 days may be sufficient if the logistics are right for a lightweight pack. I think it would have to be with someone as a pair (or maybe up to four). My knowledge of the route and accommodation options would certainly help make it more feasible.

Managed to get to the track for the first time since early in the year (maybe first time this year). Steve took a session of 5 x 1600 (5 x 2000 for the quickies). Quite enjoyed the times I was doing (6:30 to 40), especially as I don't seem to be any quicker on the fells.

May get out for Saturday morning although I'd like to find an LDWA challenge event to do and there is one on Sunday if not full already. As usual, don't wait but if I turn up, I turn up :-)

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