Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tonight’s Run on Winter Hill

Just EtU and me out tonight, although we did bump into EYJ and his daughter Linda at the top of the Ramp which was very nice.  Just got to the trig in time to capture the setting sun, having gone over Two Lads via Pike Cottage, above the quarries to Burnt Edge out to the Road – too tired to look this up on map so EtU will oblige I’m sure.  Then back up to Trig Point and over Two Lads to cars at Wilders Wood.

8.03m +1,407ft

 WH (1 of 7)  WH (3 of 7) WH (4 of 7) WH (5 of 7) WH (6 of 7)

WH (7 of 7)

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