Thursday, August 23, 2012

Storms at Sea, Fylde Coast - Tuesday 14th August

Taken some time to get these sorted for one reason or another but hope you agree they are worth waiting for.  Not for the skill of the photographer, but just to be able to see what I think is an amazing natural event.  More, and as always, different pics here and on Fleetwood’s fascinating history.

Fylde Coast-120

Blackpool Tower from Bispham

Fylde Coast-121

Clouds beginning to gather offshore

Fylde Coast-144

The North Pier

Fylde Coast-145

Tide’s in

Fylde Coast-147

Patches of sunlight illuminate the sea in between the clouds

Fylde Coast-152

Fylde Coast-157

Storm building

Fylde Coast-172

but Black Coombe still in sunshine

Fylde Coast-183

Storm almost at the North Pier

Fylde Coast-190

and coming right at us – time to put the camera away……     and leg it!

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