Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lakeland Classics Trophy Explained

Duddon Valley:

The following runners counted for the Horwich team:

Dave Milliken 174.29
Brendan Bolland 191.29
Dave Massey 198.42

The total time for these three runners is 564mins18secs

Calculation for points scored is as follows
1) Convert total time into seconds and divide by 3 to get an average time 33858/3 = 11286

2) Convert winning time into seconds = 9755 (Ian Holmes 162.35)

3) This meant that for their average time Horwich were 1531 seconds slower than the winning time (11286-9755=1531)

4) This is then expressed as a percentage of the winning time in the race to get the number of points so
1531/9755x100= 15.69 rounded up is 16% slower.
winning individual got 100pts, so 16% less = 84pts.

(The winning team average time worked out as 5% slower than winning individual, so thats why they got 95pts and not 100 as you would expect.)

For the team event (and like X-C leagues) it's not required that it's the same runners counting for the team, but would make it diffucult who to decide to give the prizes to at the end of the series. The counters for Horwich in the other races were as follows:

Ennerdale no team
Wasdale Brendan Bolland, Ricky Graham, Ian Charters 60pts
Borrowdale Huw Price, Richard Baker, Albert Sunter 54pts
3 Shires Brian Walton, Rob Green, Albert Sunter 73pts
Langdale Huw Price, Peter Walkington, Ian Charters 69pts

For the team event (like the individuals) it's a minimum of 2 superlongs out of three races, and it's the best points scored. So for Horwich the races that counted for total points were Duddon (84), Wasdale (60) and 3 Shires (73), giving a total of 217.

Is it getting any clearer?


Thanks for that Julie, and every credit for working it out yourself, we'll make an accountant of you yet! By the way, how did Salford do?

Julie went on to explain that by taking more than double the winner's time it would be possible to get not just "nil points" but negative points. Apparently my Duddon and Borrowdale efforts would have accumulated me the magnificent total of minus 20!


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F S Shuffler said...

An impressive piece of analysis and probably even more precise than the official calculations that use minutes (to 2 dps) rather than seconds.

Practice on negative points is inconsistent as negative points WERE awarded at Duddon, none were due at Ennerdale or Wasdale and only zeros were awarded at Borrowdale, Three Shires and Langdale even when negative points were due.