Sunday, November 18, 2018

To Be or Knott To Be

The Knott in this case being Arnside Knott which was the venue of an excellent fell race earlier today. It was 6 miles and about 1000ft of climbing, well marked and well marshalled, and at times offering some stunning views of the Lakes. And there was an interesting sting in the tail at the end.
It was my first race since June (Two Lads) and I found the start and the first hill quite tough. However, I eventually found my rhythm and had an enjoyable battle with two other runners, one from CLM who beat me and one from Howgills runners who didn't.
No results out yet so I don't know how near the back I was, but to be honest I don't care. It was a grand day out: good race, lovely weather and a pub lunch to finish off. Happy days.

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Ed the Unready said...

Good stuff Chris, not many of us still getting out there.