Monday, March 26, 2018

An excellent walk in the Yorkshire Dales with a nice brew to finish with

I thought for a change I would partake in one of  East Lancs LDWA group walks so, with an hour's less sleep due to the clock springing forward into Summer, I headed over to meet up with the rest of the group (15 of us in all) at the car park near TLOB's abode. The weather at last was good, plenty of sunshine and dry all day, albeit somewhat frosty at the start. The pace was good : over 18 miles including an ascent of Fountains Fell to give around 2600ft of climb in total, completed in under 7 hours including lunch stops etc. Alas, the brew failed to materialise as on returning to Settle and phoning him, the Lord of Brentford had failed to remember that he and his ladyship had a function to attend in Preston. I did managed to get a quick chat and photo as they set off in the finery to see their subjects. But no sign of their butler? Photo at the end.

A glorious lunchtime view of Pen-y-ghent 
Still plenty of now around - there was particularly tricky bit descending from Fountains Fell

Stainforth Scar
Clouds look ominous yet no drop of rain all day and plenty of sunshine
The Lord and Lady of Brentford looking resplendent on their way to mixing with the elite.


Ed the Unready said...

All these miles must be setting you up for a good season, Gordon. Doesn't seem as though 'next to nowt' training does you any harm.

t'Yorkshireman said...

Hi Ed, my mileage is significantly down despite starting to get some mileage in during March (115 compared with 136 last year and 190 in 2016). What is really down is Dec-Feb : 145 compared with 247 and 244, that equates to an average of only 11 miles per week.