Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Let's Do Something!

At the moment we have no upcoming 'expedition'.

Interest has recently been shown in the following:-

The Howgill 2,000 footers

The Yorkshire Three Peaks 


The Chipping Trigs

and there may be others.

Would anyone like to set the ball rolling with any of these, proposing a date or dates and canvassing interest?


TLoB said...

Do they have to be at weekends?

Ed the Unready said...

I think the only two of our motley crew that still work are TF and SN. TF books the odd Wednesday off, and SN is tied to school terms but during holidays frequently retreats to the Cartmel Peninsula for long periods. The best way to organise expeditions seems to for someone to appoint themself as event manager (for that one event) and then to propose a date or dates and see who shows an interest. Anyone who is interested but can't make the proposed date/s then chats to the organiser.

t'Yorkshireman said...

Excuse me but I do the odd bit of work - 5 days a week plus my tutoring! Weekends only for me. All look attractive - well they are generally in Yorkshire!