Monday, April 03, 2017

An Interesting Morning

Friday was the Equinox do in the Black Horse, and as SWINW and I were visiting her sister we came along and had a very pleasant evening, with good food, good beer and good company (from which you may infer that t'Y wasn't there!).

The next morning just EtU and I turned up at UTUP to go running, (although YJ and the TF were off for a walk whilst recovering from illness and injuries). Now EtU and I are 135 between us and despite our blistering pace we were soon overtaken by two very nice young ladies who wanted to know how to get to the Pike. Being ever the gentleman, I volunteered to guide them and was rewarded by being cuddled and photographed on the summit. They were delighted to have run up it for the first time, so if you bump into Michelle and Charlotte on a Saturday morning, please say hello from me.

We then went to Two Lads and the Trespass Stone and started up the path to the mast. However, as we reached the shooting huts, EtU noticed that all was not as it should be - they had been knocked down! Now the shooting huts had been there as long as I could remember (mid 70s) and probably a lot longer than that. So the question is why? The threatened rain had now arrived and it was a bedraggled and slightly dispirited duo that ran up to the trig point and then down to George's Lane. A run along the lane was enlivened by seeing a raven perched on a pole but there will be no photographic evidence as it was too wet to take a picture. On to Ammunition Corner and back to the Barn. 8.65 miles and 1500ft of climbing - an interesting and enjoyable morning out

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