Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Settle Seven Summits

A few weeks ago, the running of Coope's Dozen was in serious doubt because of access issues after the Winter Hill fire. I suggested a possible alternative (see Blog July 15th) and today the TF and I went out to reconnoitre it.

We went round clockwise taking in Giggleswick Scar, Pot Scar and Smearsett Scar and stopped for tea and buns at the café in Knight's Stainforth, where we were joined by SWINW. After this we detoured via Catrigg Force which was pretty spectacular after all the recent rain. and decided to add an extra summit to the original list, one that is known locally as Tit Hill (for reasons that are obvious when you see it). It is actually fairly insignificant, but we thought that EtU might appreciate it's inclusion.

We finished off by doing Warrendale Knotts, Sugar Loaf and High Hill, before returning to Settle for more tea. The total distance was exactly 14 miles with over 2500ft of ascent. It was a really good day out and I would like to add it to Coope's Dozen as an annual run for the WFDBWGUA group. My thanks to the TF for driving up here to keep me company.


Ed the Unready said...

If you're going to be rude about me, please don't do it in a sentence that includes a mis-used apostrophe.

Ed the Unready said...

Chris, in view of the diminishing numbers for our outings, it might be worth considering you establishing this tour locally, i.e. a set seven tops and a fixed date. Then each year you can remind the wfdbwgua squad of its approach and see who can make it.

TLoB said...

Surely the Settle Seven summits should stay on the second Saturday of September. Simples!

Ed the Unready said...

Yeah, but what if you lithp.