Monday, July 09, 2018

Coope's Dozen - 2018 - ???

The date for our annual 'mob' running of Coope's Dozen has, for a number of years now, been accepted as the Saturday one week before the Borrowdale Race. This year this gives us Saturday 28th July.

This post is merely to point out that access to that part of the route to he south of Hordern Stoops, that is, most of it, may still be prohibited, and to ask for suggestions as to what we do.

Some possibilities are could be:-

Forget about it for this year.

Wait until we are allowed access to the full route.

Just do the top five.

Do the top five plus Darwen Tower.

Grateful for suggestions.


TLoB said...

How about The Settle Six? About 14 miles with 2000ft of climbing

TLoB said...

Is there a decision?