Monday, June 18, 2018

Last to First

I don't do many races these days but last Thursday I went back to Horwich to do the Two Lads fell race for the first time this century. I had tried to do it three years ago but someone had set light to the moor and the race was cancelled. Given the dry conditions, I did anxiously scan the moor for signs of smoke, but fortunately there weren't any.
Race HQ is now The Ale House (which I remember as The Brown Cow) and registration gave me the chance to catch up with some old friends and inspect the very impressive range of beers. The start of the race is fairly brutal; straight up Factory Hill, through Wilderswood and then up the moor to the pumping station. We then turned right and did a loop round past the top of the quarry and approached Two Lads from the back. I was struggling to see at this point - a combination of the low sun, sweat and contact lenses not being a good mixture. However, past the summit things improved, and I enjoyed the rest of the race despite some abuse from Mark Davies who was marshalling at the dog hotel, and then some more from Albert as I was catching Michelle just before the finish.
Back to the pub and time to sample the ales. I was then delighted and surprised to discover that I was 1st V65 and got a bottle of wine and a Walsh's voucher. Given that two races ago (Hodgson Brothers relay), I had been the slowest runner on my leg, this was unexpected. So a good race, a prize and ale at £2.40 a pint; what more could a man desire?

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