Sunday, January 07, 2018

A bit of a different run today

So today I decided to pack all my textbooks away (metaphorically, as they're all online these days) and head to the hills to enjoy a bit of sunshine.

I thought I'd go and reccie a bit of Leg 2 of the Calderdale Way in preparation of my 50m Ultra in the summer. The route starts from Cragg Vale and heads past Withens Clough Reservoir and then down towards Mankinholes.

As on the previous reccies I'd decided to use my 20L OMM rucksack, seemed a bit 'over-kill' today for a planned 6m run, and given the frosty conditions and running alone I thought 'you never know'.

Well today was the 'you never know' day. On the drop down towards Mankinholes, I came across a group of 4 people, 2 sat down. It was quickly established that the 'casualty' had slipped on the icy path and gone over on her ankle. Her friend was sat down with her trying to keep her warm. Her mum had rung 999, but had found it difficult to describe where exactly they were other than 'up the hill from the pub' in Mankinholes.

So my emergency bivvy bag got to see the light of day for the first time since acquiring it 7-8yrs ago. It's one of these, and just about fits in the palm of your hand (5cm x 7cm), weighs nowt!

999 was phoned again to provide grid reference (964231), casualty got some Ibruprofen and general reassurance.

I was pretty relieved to hear the first set of sirens. I'd been there 45 mins at this point. It was chilly, but not as chilly as if you're lying immobilised on the ground.  From my advantage point on the hill I could see the first MRT vehicle pull up on the road at the start of the Calderdale Way path.

They arrived in separate groups and the final team on the hill consisted of 13 of them, plus 1 dog.

Real 'chuffed' to be told my GR was 'spot on'. I've always worried I'd get it wrong under pressure.

Bit of a report form CVSRT here

I've had word back from the casualty's Mum, the hospital confirmed she has a fractured ankle and is now awaiting an op.  


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Ed the Unready said...

Well done that lady! ...or rather well done no. 1063.
I always knew you'd come in useful one day.
So the MRTs are using ten figure GRs. One more place and they'll know not just where the injured party is, but where the injured part is.