Monday, August 04, 2014

Farleton Knott (Bofra race)

In my quest for an 'all round' shoe I have now come across these
The Salomon Fellraiser. I've got a pair of Salomon Speedcross 3's, and although I've found the grip on them good, some really good cushioning, the rise from forefoot to heel has been too much for my feet to cope with. After long runs in them I was developing early signs of the dreaded plantar fasciitis, due to the constant pounding my heels were getting. Essentially I run on the balls of my feet and my heels rarely come in to contact with the gound. In these shoes it felt like they were hitting the ground with every step. They've also developed a hole on one of the uppers already.
The Fellraiser seem a better prospect. Similar grip & cushioning, but a lot lower profile from toe to heel.
Their first proper test was yesterday at Farleton Knott. That's the big hill on the right just before Junction 36 of the M6. Race route for this Bofra race was to set off from a field at the foot of the hill, follow the path through the gorse and bracken around to the north side (reverse to Hutton Roof FR route) and then turn right and along to the cairn on the top, then drop straight down the scree (visible from M6) back to the path.
A short trip along the path, and then back up to the top again. Wander through the limestone, to eventually rejoin the contouring path again. Then back to the finish.
The weather was perfect - driving rain on/off just to make things nice and slippy. The steep grassy/scree slope tested them to the limit and although being a little cautious I was suitably impressed. Less impressed with my race time of 64mins, but can't have everything.
Their next outing will be a long one - The Tour of Bradwell on Saturday 9th. So this will test the cushioning out. I've also teamed them with a pair of 'drymax' socks which apparently all the ultrarunners swear by. Info on here I've got the 'Lite Trail' and 'Trail' 1/4 crew. I'll be taking both for next Saturday's run and will report back on how these go too.

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