Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Re-Union Saturday 17th April

 UTUP - followed by refreshments at the Bottom Barn - bring a friend.

No predetermined run route, and no need to run.

(for the uninitiated - UTUP = Usual Time, Usual Place = Bottom Barn 8:30 a.m)

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Howdy Strangers

 Hi, long time no speak!  I hope you are all well and managing to stay sane during the pandemic.

I just thought I would let you all know that Duncan and I are moving up to Scotland in the near future (no set date yet but our house is sold and the sale is moving very quickly).  

As most of you will know, it's something we've wanted to do for years now but, due to lack of jobs up there, have never been able to make the leap.  However, the pandemic has brought one silver lining to us in that we are now working permanently from home and have been told that we can continue to do this.  We'll be popping back now and again for work meetings and such so hopefully I'll still see you all from time to time.  I'll definitely be coming back for Pike Race every year (although not running it of course).  

We've not bought a house up there yet but have our eyes on a couple of lovely secluded cottages.  You'll all be welcome to stay over if ever you fancy running/walking in the Dumfries and Galloway area. 

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas if I don't see you beforehand!


Monday, November 09, 2020

The Settle Seven saga

The obvious date to run the Settle Seven Summits would have been September Seventh but as I was busy that day, I thought I would run it on the Second instead. Now people who know me are aware that the 2nd of September is not a good date for me and so perhaps I should have thought about that before setting off, but I figured that since the year didn't end in a 1, I would be ok.

I have run this route a few times and always clockwise, so I decided to go anti-clockwise for a change. I suppose it is the equivalent of doing Healey Nab first on Coope's Dozen which as far as I know has never been done. So first up the very steep ascent of High Hill, followed by the Sugar Loaf, Warrendale Knotts and Tit hill. Four down, three to go and as I had arranged to meet Anne for a cup of tea at the café, I was feeling quite relaxed as I started down the steep stony track by Catrigg Force. Here disaster struck: I was going quite fast (well what passes for fast nowadays) when I caught my foot on a stone and went flying. Unfortunately there was no grass or mud to cushion the blow and I did quite a lot of damage - some very nasty cuts to hands, arms and legs, and what turned out to be a bad sprain to my right wrist. With the help of a very kind walker I managed to get down to a road and thence to Airedale Hospital where x-rays confirmed nothing was broken. However, I had made quite a mess of myself and of course my back wasn't too happy, which in total meant six weeks of no running.

Fast forward to yesterday and I decided to finish off the route. This time I did not tempt fate and went clockwise to pick off the last three summits, Giggleswick Scar, Pott Scat and Smearsett Scar. In total it took me 67 days to run the 14 miles which must be some sort of record. However, it is a good route and I hope some of you will come and run it when we allowed to travel again. We will of course be going clockwise!

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Tri Winter Hill - 29th August 2020

 A larger than usual entry this year, probably a record; and, for the first time, including a relay team.

From the left - Liz, John K, Ed, Paul, Mary, Izzy, Martyn, John S and Bob. John S and Bob are my brothers and formed the relay team. John did all the running and Bob swam and cycled.

The morning was bright and a bit chilly.

We set off remarkably close to the planned start time, with Bob driving close to the swim site, having been banned from running, due to a new hip. Mary had probably been banned from running, having two new knees!

I very soon assumed my rightful position - way behind everyone else - which made it a bit difficult to put a comprehensive report together, but here goes:-

Martyn seems to have been first out of the water and started back to the main transition just 37 minutes after the gun. Then it was Paul, Izzy and Mary. However, Mary had lost sight of John and lost time peering into the distance for him, and then, with great relief, dragged him out of the water as he completed his return swim!

Then I think it was Liz, followed by (no wetsuit) Bob. Arriving res-side as most of the field was emerging from the water, I was already beginning to lose heart, and then, stripped for action I got both feet wet and, I'm ashamed to say, decided that enough was enough and awarded myself the white feather!

 I saw nothing after that, but Martyn's bike time of just over 44 minutes was probably the fastest of the day.

I've received lots of photos, too many to use in fact, so apologies if I haven't included your best one/s. Most are from the finish, but here's Paul, in full flight, 

John K soon after leaving Winter Hill Trig:-

John reports that the water temperature was 11 degrees, which according to BTA regs requires the wearing of wet suits, and is on the very margin of allowing the swim to take place at all!

And here's Paul (in best selfie mode) with the other two podium occupants - well done to all three, in fact to everybody, except me.

All the ladies seem to have enjoyed the event, or perhaps just enjoyed finishing:-

Liz - do you think she's happy?

Izzy - also happy!

And Mary, preparing for for a Riverdance audition!

We don't seem to have any piccies of the relay team, but this seems to be John S wondering where his cyclist has got to:-

Final times, as submitted:-

Martyn - 2:35

Paul - 2:45

Izzy - 2:52

Liz - 3:09

Mary - 3:12 (ish)

John K - 3:14

John S & Bob - 3:36

Ed - DNF

Well done everyone, and thank you for your support.

Just for completeness, the distant hill in the midst of the wind turbines was (and I suppose still is) Knowl Hill:- http://www.racemaps.org.uk/RTDEDay3.htm

Monday, August 24, 2020

Spooky Start to the Northern Five

It must have been four weeks to the minute since we lined up at the Top Barn to attempt the full Dozen when we lined up for this, the Northern 'Half'' and the heavens once again opened up in an identical downpour - does someone up there disapprove?

There were just eight of us this time, numbers depleted by holidays and at least one of our number saving herself for today's Horwich (no swim) Tri - is that still a Tri?

After waiting some time for the rain to abate - it didn't - we set off; Martyn and Izzy leading, Paul and his mates, Simon and No Kag Chris in hot pursuit with Gordon, Jim and yours truly trailing in their wake. Gordon and Jim had offered to keep me company at the rear and generously did so until we reached Spitlers Edge when I finally persuaded them to abandon me so Gordon could keep his appointment for a haircut, which he had optimistically made for 1:30.

I met them again at the stile below Great Hill as they headed for Round Loaf and I continued with my ascent.

No further news beyond that, other than to report that the M & I duo returned to the Barn in 2 hours 40, shortly followed by the P,S,C trio.

Gordon and Jim had to give Healey Nab a miss (hair appointment) but I staggered round the full set to arrive home just in time for tea. I was probably the only one who managed to finish in full sunshine - so the sun does shine on the righteous.

I'm told that rather than approach Old Adam's Hill in a north easterly direction, M & I carried on along Spitler's and then went due east - worth a try, as that should avoid what seems like several miles of knee high tussocks - we used to call them Turks' heads, but we're not allowed to any more.

A few piccies from Gordon:-

Great pictures Gordon, can't exactly place the two with Jim and me on, but Belmont reservoir is particularly good and from a viewpoint that few (apart from CDers) will have visited.

Thank you all - what next? - Tri Winter Hill next Saturday, email me on edswift@btinternet.com for details.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Half(ish) Coope's Dozen

 YJ and I (and possibly a few others) will set off from the Top Barn at 8:30 on Saturday 22nd August to visit the northern five of this round.

All welcome!

Tri Winter Hill

 This year's event will be held on Saturday 29th August, starting at 9:00 a.m from Horrocks Fold car park on Scout Road.

Email me on edswift@btinternet.com for details.

Thursday, August 06, 2020